Till you come back… (ISHQBAAZ) part 23

Chapter: 23

Hai all I know that I am delaying my posting a lot. I am very sorry for that. I am fine now and my hand is also fine. So, without any further delay let us start with the chapter. So, this is priya signed in. hope you like this part.

Finally, malika and dev decided to leave after Holi. And anika had recovered well and was all set to return back to OM on Holi day itself. Unlike other days kavya was all moody and why would she not because shivay had almost stopped coming to meet her from two to three days. Shivay was busy helping malika arranging the tickets and was also helping her for the presentation. While dev was also busy running here and there arranging things necessary things for anika and kavya. So, in short kavya was mad at all the people close to her. anika had a very tough time in convincing her but being shivay’s daughter she had to be very stubborn.
Dev seeing her sitting alone with her toys came to her and asked sitting in front of her.
De: so, what is kavya baby doing all alone here? And why are you not playing with your toys?
Kavya just gave an angry squeal and pushed his hands away from her shoulder. Dev was confused at this behaviour and was about to tell something but kavya just started throwing her toys at him. Dev though was getting hurt was trying to save himself. Anika came there on hearing sounds from hall to find dev is such a condition. She immediately came to kavya and tried holding her angry daughter but kavya was not at all stopping. Anika in between this asked dev.
A: dev tell me the truth what did you do? Did you hurt her?
De: arre here I am trying to save myself and you are questioning me. if possible stop your daughter.
A: now what should I do? I had a tough time in making her calm down and now you have again made her mad so bear the torture.
De: (finally holding kavya’s hand and making her stop) what has happened to you kavya why are you behaving like this?
A: haan now ask her and she will answer you… idiot? Anyways why should she be not angry on you. did you mind her from a few days… no right then she is right on her place and her anger is justified.
Saying so she took an angry kavya from there. Dev just sat there thinking of the happenings. In the mean-time shivay came there and saw dev sitting on the floor and came to him and tapped dev’s shoulder and but dev who was lost in his own thoughts didn’t mind the tapping and shrugged it off. Shivay finally getting irritated patting him harder called him.
S: dev…

De: (getting shocked and looking at him replied) haan… (scratching his ears) shivay why are you shouting? (standing up)
S: why am I shouting? Really dev what do you mean by why am I shouting? You idiot I was tapping you from a long time and you were just shrugging it off. Can you pardon to tell me what were you thinking soo deeply and that too sitting down over here like this?
De: (patting shivay’s hand) leave about me. you know what shivay I wish you all the best?
S: (getting confused) what do you mean?
De: well I am sorry to say shivay your daughter has gone mad.
S: very bad dev you are realizing it now. Very bad. Well after meeting kavya for the first time itself I understood that she is mad and you stayed with her for almost a year and you are realizing it now, arre dev she is anika’s daughter and she had to be mad of course. Well, where is she?
De: with her mumma. Why don’t you do one thing go and meet them?
Shivay nodded and left. While dev just smiled on shivay’s fate and left for room. Shivay came to kitchen and saw anika trying to came down kavya. He smiled and came to them and said.
S: so, what is happening between mom and daughter.
A: (looking at him and then giving a sweet smile she pulled him and made him stand in front of kavya and said in a mocking tone) you want to know what is happening right. now stand right there you will get to know what is happening all by yourself.
S: arre but…

A: (sighing in relief) no buts and ifs shivay I am fed up from handling this girl. Now handle her.
Shivay looked at kavya and she just turned her face away from him. He just gave an impossible look to anika and looked back at kavya. He then said holding kavya.
S: what happened princess why are you sitting like this so irritated?
Kavya just shrugged his hands off from her. Shivay tried holding kavya’s hand but kavya just angrily shrugged his hands away. Shivay just nodded in negative and then forcefully held her hand back while kavya just squealed angrily and started beating shivay’s hands. He tried relaxing kavya but she was not calming down. He looked at anika asked.
S: damn anika what have you done to her that she is not calming down.
A: (clapping hands) arre wah what a question what I have done that your daughter is not calming down? (slapping his head) mr. bagad billa you are at fault. Why didn’t you come to meet this girl?
S: oh, that’s the matter why she is mad like this?
Kavya was still beating him. Shivay picking her up said. While kavya just made angry sound, and tried getting off him.
S: I am sorry baby I was busy in helping malika as she is leaving tomorrow na… so, forgive me baby. I promise I will not repeat this mistake again. Please calm down.
Kavya who was listening to him all this while sat silently for a minute or two and then looked back at him and started clapping her hands happily. Shivay smiled on his success while anika just heaved a sigh of relief and said resting her back on the slab.
A: thank god finally she calmed down…
She took shivay’s hand and placed a bowl in shivay’s hand. He looked at her confused and asked.
S: what is this now?

A: now since you have calmed her down make her eat food. This is her food.
Saying so she left from there while shivay tried to stop her but his reflex action was too late. Shivay looked back at kavya who was squealing happily on her mumma’s win. Shivay said keeping the bowl and making kavya sit back on the slab said in a complaining tone.
S: arre yaar where am I stuck. First my wife has made me mad. (kavya who was listening to this started clapping her hands and shivay continued with a mocking tone) haan now you were the only one left to make fun of me… so, yaa laugh at me. (he looked at the food in the bowl and said in a fussy tone) eww what kind of food is this? Sticky… sticky and all.
Anika who was passing by heard this and said bringing shivay out of his trance and he looked in all the direction to view from where the sound was coming.
A: its sticky because its babies’ food and babies’ food is like this. (finding him looking here and there) now don’t waste your time by looking here and there. Now make her eat this food and make it fast we have to leave also.
Saying so she left from there and she nodded in the direction where he felt he heard the sound and obliged to what was said. After sometime dev and shivay kept the luggage in car and they all started off for OM. Kavya was all happy since she was travelling with her mumma and papa. She in her excitement was playing with the gear and anika was also getting really angry. She finally getting very angry said.
A: stop it kavya you are having many other things in car to play with. Why are you playing with this gear? Kavya just sit quietly.
Kavya just angrily squealed and looked at anika in anger and started beating anika. shivay getting irritated said in an irritated tone.
S: oh, stop it both of you. and anika leave her give her to me I will handle her.
A: (mocking him) oh, really shivay you will handle kavya. And who will drive this car?
S: (stopping the car in the middle he said) you get down the car.
A: (surprised) haan why should I get off the car? And what do you need me to do by getting off the car?
S: will you stop your questioning and get off the car… (she was about to question back but shivay said a bit sternly) now.
Anika stopped the mid-way and angrily giving kavya to him got off the car. Shivay too came out and threw the key to anika and anika looking at him said in a stammering.
A: do… don’t te… tell me tha… that u… you want… want me to dri… drive the ca… car.
S: you are a genius anika… now since you have the keys drive the car.
A: (saying so he sat in the car while anika coming to his window pane said) common shivay don’t try to act smart. You very well know that whenever I drive the car it meets with accident and still you want me to drive the car.
S: anika relax I am with you naa nothing will happen? You just drive the car.
A: shivay plz understand…
S: anika you have only two options either you drive the car else handle kavya and haan if in case you are ready to handle kavya then I don’t want any kind drama on the way.
A: it’s better to drive than handling this disaster. Shivay I am warning you again and the don’t blame me if something happens then.
Saying so she sat on the driving seat and started their journey back. Finally, they reached OM and malika, dev, ishana and omru were already standing there. They on seeing shivay getting off from the passenger seat with kavya looked at him amused. Rudy scratching his hair said.
R: o why is bhaiya coming out from passenger seat? And if he was not driving the car who was driving the car. Bhaiya tell something na my little brain is bursting.
O: shut up rudy I was with you naa how will I know who was driving the car.
I: but om rudy is correct if bhaiya and kaya are… toh that means anika didi was driving the car.
De: I think shivay has got mad that he made anika drive the car.

M: (slapping his head) idiot obviously shivay might have got frustrated by something that he made anika drive.
De: but he must at least think that whenever she drives…
M: (beating his head) arre yaar after all she must learn to drive na so shivay might have done this to teach her.
De: but malika kavya…
M: oh, fo dev they are safe and sound. And they have reached here. You are taking strain without any reason.
I: arre but why are you both fighting? Common yaar grow up both of you.
R: (scratching his hair) ishu bhabhi they are already grown up now where else do you want them to grow.
O: (beating him) idiot, she was telling them not to fight.
I: (mocking a smile) now if you all are done then lets welcome anika didi inside the house.
R: haan… haan finally my dabangg bhabhi is back.
Saying this they went near shivay and anika and saw them they were arguing and kavya was just bouncing her head from her mumma and papa and with a bewildered look. Anika saying in an annoyed tone.
A: happy now. Bagad billa kahin ke.

S: (irritated) you… anika how many times have I told you not to call me that?
A: then what else should I do. You stupid man the risk which you have taken might had led us into a serious problem.
S: anika what else should I had done you and kavya were eating my head. So, I had to take the risk.
O: (getting irritated) oh shut up you both. You both are having your own kid and still you are fighting like kids.
R: leave it na o… you know them very well. Anyways, billu and billi if you are done fighting then pardon to get inside the mansion.
A: (angrily giving the keys to rudy she went away telling) haan so who wants to stay with this bagad billa. I am leaving.
I: (trying to stop her) arre didi… (looking at everyone and then back at anika she gave a fed-up face and following anika) oh, jethaniji suno….
Ishana too went behind her. om took kavya from shivay and rudy and dev took anika’s luggage and went away. Malika and shivay too followed them. Anika was almost about to enter the house when she was stopped all of a sudden by dadi.
D: arre puttar you cannot enter like this. (and seeing ishana coming all huffing she said) arre ishana puttar why are you huffing like this as if you have come from a race.
I: woh dadi jethaniji was not listening and was coming here all angrily. So, I was just following her.
D: haan anyways… pinky do her welcome after all she is your DIL.
P: ji mummyji…

After pinky did anika’s welcome she was about to enter the house when she felt a slight jerk back and then loads of screams wishing happy Holi. And when she opened her eyes she saw all sort of colour on her dress and hands. All the youngsters had put colours on her and she was standing still getting over the things that had happened. All were smiling seeing anika’s condition and kavya just happily squealed on seeing her mumma like this. Anika just gave an angry glare back to her and this increased kavya’s happiness more.
While all this was happening all showered colours on kavya leaving her shocked. She looked at the colours on her and observing it nicely she looked at every corner of the room and then at shivay who was trying to control his smile. She gave an angry squeal to him and started pulling om’s hair. Anika overcoming the shock asked.
A: what was this?

R: (back hugging her) simple bhabhi… this is your first Holi after the accident. So, this is your grand welcome.
A: welcome arre you could have at least alerted me before putting the colours on me.
S: anika we had alerted you by pulling you back from stepping inside the house.
A: (mocking a smile back) really shivay you alerted me. then I should also wish you naa…
He looked at her confused and before he could react something else anika grabbed a whole lot of colours in her hand and put it all on shivay’s face leaving him shocked and the rest everyone laughing. After doing this anika pushing ishu away went inside the house leaving ishu too surprised.

So, done with this part. I hope that you will like this part. And the real reason for the delay in posting the chapter is I really don’t know where to lead this chapter further. Whenever I start to write new chapter I am left blank not knowing what to type further. This is the real reason and if you want to suggest me something then that thing is most welcome to do that. So, if you like this part then do comment. And this is priya signing off. Bye, and take care.

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