The Survivors (raglak and swaron) chapter 12

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Chapter 12
Sharon was staring Swayam who was sleeping. She knew it was not a peaceful sleep as he regularly got ‘past dreams’ as they termed them. Also his look was an uneasy one. She began thinking about their journey till that morning. Staring him through her bedroom window in childhood (he was her neighbour, remember). The awkward first convo where the words were not coming out of her mouth. Discovering being in the same section. Making all school projects with him. Really, he was the one because of whom sge didn’t like going out in vocations. Time spent eith him was always unforgetable. He was the one who always understood her situation, and was a nice listener and advisor too. He had helped her stand up against bullies when her friends had backed out. He was really the one for her. She frowned at him. She hadn’t told him everything. There was a day in the last year when they had shared every secret related to each other.
Sharon: Swayam, i kept a secret from you intentionally. I used to stare u from my bedroom window which exactly overlooked yours. It feel relaxed that all our secrets are no more secrets. (smiling)Even if you didn’t listened to it.
She looked at her watch. It was time to wake the others.
Swayam was dreaming about the water gushing in at that moment. He woke up. His sweat showed his discomfort.
Sharon: till where?

She knew he knew what she wanted.
Swayam: water gushing in.
Sharon: hmm, but the worst was after it. And the best after the worst.
Swayam smiled at her. He knew it was to lighten his mood. The truth was that the point where it came to be known as worst was the starting of best. Worst because surviving had become difficult and best because their relationship had started.
He looked at the two sleeping hikers and wondered how Sharon was tge first one to wake every morning. She didn’t knew that he knew but he knew that she kept staring him in his sleep. He also wondered that when they both used to wake early in morning to practice, then why he was late and not her.
Ragini and Lakashya were brought out of their dream world and the group continued to complete the journey left. *-**********
It was beginning of afternoon nd the sum was enjoying being overhead. It was few hours since the group had started.
Ragini: hey guys, what do you think is it?

She pointed towards what looked like cluster of cottages
Lakshya :maybe some other settlement similar to ours. Afterall, it is near the Food Supplier’s base.
Ragini:you mean the Post Sun Flares Coalition (PSFC) base.
Lakahya: yes
They were now standing in an entry path to the settlement.
Ragini: do u think it would be safe asking the residents for supplies.
Lakashya:(considering) maybe we should.
They entered and found that it smeeled of decayed material. They assumed it to be another target of bergs.Covering their nose, all moved in.
came a voice. They turned and were shocked.

Precap : new survivors.

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