My secret admire »DevAkshi« Episode 23

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Hi guys Rithika here
Thanks for comments and so sorry for late


Dev was sitting in the lawn area waiting for Sona to come

Dev: 3….2….1

Sona comes there

Sona : Dev ….

Dev gets happy But still acts as he’s still angry and turns towards her

Dev : y r u here huh!

Sona smiles seeing his anger and goes towards him

Sona : Dev u r angry on me?
She said sitting beside her

Dev : no y should I be angry on u Huh! Tell y
Sona : because I slapped u na
She said caressing his cheeks. He felt to laugh but Controls pressing his lips and acts angry

Dev : y r u bothering Leave it
Sona : Dev y r u behaving so rude I’m sorry na

She kisses his cheeks and he feels happy and smiles

Dev : (mind) Dev …angry.. angry ..angry

He reminisces himself to be angry and turns his face giving a fake glare to her she feels sad

Sona : Dev …My Obhodro ..listen na …

She said trying to cup his face But he moves away from her

Dev: I’m not any obhodro U leave from here
Sona : Dev sorry for slapping u but it doesn’t mean that I will let u speak about other girls no never if speak about any other girls na Then I will kill u

She said standing from the chair

Dev: (mind) Dev stop it’s too much if u don’t stop then she will get more angry on u

He looks at Sona whose back was facing him he smiles and goes towards her and hugs her from behind Placing his hand on her belly, She keeps pout, he smiles and places his chin on his shoulder

Dev: darling… U cooked maggie for me na
Sona :(pouts) yes but u don’t want to eat right
Dev: (smiles) which idiot told that I don’t want to eat maggie which is made my shona .. My darling my wild khargosh

Sona gets happy and turns

Sona: u will eat?
Dev: haan off course my wild khargosh

She gets happy and kisses his cheeks tightly he smiles and looks at her lovingly

Sona : (blushes) stop staring me
Dev: just one kiss that too on cheeks very bad huh! who will give Here

He said pointing his lips, She blushes

Sona : Dev shut up And come

She said holding his hand He smiles shaking his head. She dragged him inside the mansion

Asha was serving lunch in Vicky’s and Ayan’s plate just then DevAkshi come there hand in hand with a smile Asha gets confused yet happy to see them together

Sona : Dev come sit I will serve u Maggie

She said with a smile he nodes with a smiles and sits While Vicky looks confused

Vicky :(whispers) Dev what is this …..act angry …angry
Dev:(whispers) Vicky it’s too much dude Look how happy she is I don’t want to make her sad

He whispered looking at Sona lovingly and Vicky smiles seeing his love for Sona While Sona comes and severs maggie in Dev’s plate

Sona: have it Dev and let me know how it is

Dev :(smiles) okay

He nodes and takes a bite His face expression changed, Sona notices this

Sona : Dev what happen u didn’t like it

Dev looks at her sad face and smiles

Dev: no Sona it is tasty very tasty I loved it

Sona : u loved it Dev I’m so happy, Have more

She was about to keep maggie in his plate but he immediately kept his hand in between not letting her to do so while all look on confused

Dev : (tensely) no no no Sona it’s enough
Sona : (confused) what happen Dev u loved it na
Dev: haan I loved it Sona
Sona : then y aren’t u taking more

Dev looks at her sad face and shakes his head helplessly

Dev : acha u keep I will have it
Sona : I know u loved it

She happily keeps maggie in his plate he smiles seeing her happy and eats the maggie while Sona keeps staring him lovingly He feels her gaze and looks at her

Dev : y r u staring me
Sona : woh Dev let me taste as well (hits her head) See I cooked it but I only didn’t taste

Saying this she was about to take a spoon from Dev’s plate But Dev snatches it from her hand

Dev: no ….Sona let me have alone …it’s so tasty
Ayan : what tasty?? dude share with me

Dev glares at him angrily
Sona: Dev I just want to taste it a little not the whole plate
Dev : no …Sona …

His words left incomplete as she snatches spoon from his hand and eats the maggie Dev looks on shock and closed his eyes he runs from there….While Sona Start screaming
Asha, Vicky, Ayan look on shock

Sona : maaaa …water … Water ….ah!!!
Asha:(concerns) shona …what happen ..shona
Sona : ma water …ah… Water …
Asha: wait …Vicky water do ..

She said patting Sona’s back softly …while Vicky nodes and gives a glass full of water to her ….she takes it immediately and drinks in one go

Sona:(relief) haaaa
Asha : what happen …shona …. Suddenly kya hua tuje
Sona:ma in that maggie I put chilli powder I guess it was so spicy
Vicky: what??? mad girl.. Dev ate the maggi but….
Sona:(cuts off) oh god ma Dev …I forgot about him

She hits her head and runs from there immediately

Dev’s room

He was pacing here and there His face was turned red because of spices his eyes filled with water. Just the Sona comes there

Sona : Dev …

Dev turns hearing her voice And finds her standing with concern

Dev: (shakes his head) Sona …uh…uh…uh….aah … I mean….

She gets teary eyes seeing his conditions and goes towards him makes him sit on the bed and sits beside him

Sona : I’m sorry Dev because of me u had that
Dev: (interrupts) ssshhh .. Not because of u nothing happened because of my wild khargosh got that okay

He said shushing her lips and wiping her tears while she looks at him lovingly and nodes

Sona:acha …take this chocolate have it u will feel better

She said giving him a chocolate While he looks at the chocolate and her He thinks something and smiles naughtily

Dev:acha I will have it But in a different style He said unwrapping the chocolate cover while She opens her mouth to reply him but he keeps the chocolate in her mouth and pulls her closer to him by waist winking at her he immediately places his rough lips on her soft yet rosy lips …

She widens her eyes in shock … While he smiles and pulls her closer to him He puts his tongue into her mouth and explores each corner of her mouth he began to give open mouth kisses to her while Sona hands travels to his hairs … Caressing it and pressing him more on her ….she reciprocates the kiss with equal passion and love .he smiles b/w the kiss and caresses her sensuously yet passionately …she closes her eyes feeling his touch …their tongues intertwines tasting the sweet essence of each other’s mouth …. They falls on the bed still kissing with passion and love ….but soon the kiss was broken not because they wanted to do so …but coz they were out of oxygen (Credit to my friends)

Dev : how was my style

He said rubbing his nose on her cheeks she blushes and hides her face in his chest He smiles seeing her blush and hugs her tightly they stay in same position feeling each other warmth

Dev: Sona …

He said huskily moving her hairs from her back

Sona : hmmm
Dev: (smiles) I want to marry u ….I’m unable to control myself I want to make u mine forever and ever

He said hugging her more tightly while she blushes and kisses his chest he smiles

Sona: I’m always yours Dev
Dev: (smile) yeah darling I know but still ….

His words left incomplete … As they heard some sound from the hall …they looked on confused

Sona : (irritiated)what’s this noise Dev
Dev : (confused) don’t know. .. Let’s go and see

She nodes. Both leaves from there


Ayan : aahhh aunty bye …bye I will miss u all

He said hugging Ishwari

Ishwari: we will miss u too Ayan
Ayan:(wiping his tears) I know aunty …I know …..Eleeeeeeeeeeeeeee

He goes toward Elena and hugs her

Elena : don’t cry bhai …
Ayan: no ele let me cry aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Just then Asha and Vicky come there ….

Asha: Ishwari…which cow is crying here …

Ayan looks on shock

Ishwari : Asha ..woh Ayan was crying

Asha: what …Ayan …but y what happen …
Elena: woh Ayan bhai is leaving to his hometown now manvi aunty asked him to come
Vicky: wow …wat a great news

Elena glares at him angry while Ayan wipes his tears

Asha:(glares at him) chup kar Vicky…( to Ayan) aaa we will miss u Ayan beta
Ayan: I will miss u too aunty but jaana tho padega …mummy asked me to come …she wanna meet me …
Vicky : tho jaa na …y wasting time ..leave fast
Elena: lucky stop it
Ayan: no ele ..let it be … I’m going …

Just then DevAkhi comes there
And looks on confused seeing the scenario

Dev:( confused) what happen guys…. Y r u looking sad

Ayan looks at him runs towards him and hugs him

Ayan: mummy called me …I have to go … I will miss u dude
Dev: (release the hug) okay go …and stop this crying
Ayan: hmm accha bye …. (To Sona) bye Sona

Ayan takes his bag … All looks on sad … He was about to leave but turns

Ayan: but Dev if u eat pizza aur burger na keep it for me as well …when I will return na then I will have it

Dev: chi …get lost …u will never change

All laughs …

Ayan: hahaha okay bye …
All: bye

Ayan leaves from there

Ishwari: Asha ..ele kitna suna Suna hogaya hai na ghar …as Ayan left
Elena and Asha: haan

Dev looks at them and shakes his head

Dev: oh god mom he just now left from Here and u started creating a serial scene here …

Ishwari: arey o …
Elena: (interrupt) leave it mom .. bhai will never understand Comes let’s go
Ishwari: haan sahi kaha
Both leaves from there …

Asha : Vicky, Shona aao chale…
Sona:hmm okay …

Vicky nodes …Sona looks at Dev and smiles he smiles back and gives her a flying kiss unnoticed by anyone and she blushes Soon they leave from there


That’s it please give ur views
Sneak peek track is going to start in next epi
And ya forgive me for my mistakes as I typed in hurry and I have no idea what rubbish I typed so sorry

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  1. Richa144

    Nice one..loved soon

  2. awesome. post soon.

  3. Awesome episode dear but plzz post the next episode soon

  4. Akshita

    Hey rithika plzzz don’t start that sneak peak track yr????
    it’s a request yr
    I don’t have enough courage to read that part ???

    1. Rj12

      So sorry Akshi but I already thought the story further so that track is important

  5. V.V.harshita

    Sneak peak….no way ??????????????????????
    Plzs dude don’t do this …..I vil really strt crying….plzs
    Anyways awesome episode post soon

  6. Aarti32

    Aww..It was so cute!!
    But wats sneak peak track??

      1. Aarti32

        Nhiiiiii!! Main mar jaungi..Aisa mat karo????

    1. Rj12

      Hehehehehe but as I told it’s important for further story

  7. No sneak peak track i am warning you not to start it otherwise I will not read it nd you would loose many readers btw episode was awsum post soon

  8. Priya12

    Awesomeee dr,..
    Pls post asap

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