TYAAG (Episode 5) Aarav and Piya’s story

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Hi frnds so here is Episode 5

(Episode 5)

Its morning

(Piya’s home)

Piya is serving breakfast to everyone

n then she sits to have it

Piya: Maa, how r u feeling now

Mamta: Now I am OK beta, I didn’t ask u, how was the engagement

Maahi n Piya see each other

Piya hesitantly says

Piya: It was nice…

Mamta: I hope Ruhi didn’t mind because we didn’t came

Piya: no maa she didn’t mind, but she wants u n papa to come in wedding for sure

Mamta: Yess we will go for sure

Rishab: its love marriage na?

Before Piya can say anything Maahi says

Maahi: Ruhi di says it is but I don’t think so because who can love a girl like Maanvi, She looks like a vamp of some TV drama, I don’t think so that its love marriage

Piya gives Maahi an angry look

Maahi gives whatever look

Mamta: Why r u saying like this?? Something happened?

Piya: No maa nothing, ignore her n have breakfast, u know that she is like this only

Mamta: Hmm I know she is like this n she will always be like this, Maahi u shouldn’t judge the people

Maahi: Okk don’t start ur bhashan please, I have to go bye

Mamta: But u didn’t eat anything, first eat something

Maahi: No I eat enough, my frnd is waiting for me bye tc

Mamta: What to do with this girl

(Aarav’s home)

Aarav comes down

Jahnvi: Good u came, we have to go to the Maanvi’s home

Aarav: Why??

Jahnvi: Why means there is mehendi today

Aarav: So what I will do there

Jahnvi: why u don’t want to meet Maanvi?

Aarav: Yes I want to that’s why we decided to go to the dinner date today

Jahnvi: Ohh nice

Jahnvi: OK then we r going tc bye

Aarav: Bye tc

Jahnvi goes from there with Soni

Aarav gets a call from Ruhi

Aarav: Hello

Ruhi: Hello bhai, come to the terrace na

Aarav: Why??

Ruhi: weather is very good today, come

Aarav: OK coming

Aarav goes on terrace

Aarav comes beside Ruhi

Ruhi: See weather is so nice today na, I love this air

Aarav: yess, n u r enjoying well

Ruhi n Aarav smiles

Ruhi thinks something

Ruhi: Bhai, can I ask u something??

Aarav: Yes ask

Ruhi: Which thing did u like in Maanvi??

Aarav gets confuse

Aarav: What do u mean by this?

Ruhi: I mean, why u like Maanvi?

Aarav: I don’t like her

Ruhi gets confuse

Aarav: I love her

Ruhi: n she??

Aarav: Of course she also loves me

Ruhi: Ohh

Aarav: n answer of ur question is She is very responsible n also honest

Ruhi gets shock

Ruhi(thinks): Bhai thinks that she is very responsible even he seen her yesterday while doing irresponsible things

Aarav: What happened?

Ruhi: Nothing nothing, did she prove her love yet?

Aarav (thinks): Why Ruhi is asking me this type of questions

Aarav: What happened to u?

Ruhi: Nothing, why?

Aarav: Then why r u asking me this type of questions

Ruhi: I was just…..

Before she can say something

Aarav: Okk leave this topic, actually I have some work so I am going talk to u later till then enjoy this fresh air, bye tc

Ruhi smiles

Ruhi: okk bye tc

Aarav goes from there then Ruhi gets call from Piya

Ruhi: Hello

Piya: Hello, what r u doing?

Piya is talking to Ruhi while keeping the dresses in cupboard

Ruhi: Nothing just taking some fresh air

Piya: Ohh so u r on terrace

Ruhi: Yess, u say

before Piya could say something

Ruhi: Of course, doing some housework

Piya smiles

Piya: U should also do it

Ruhi: no baba no, u do it, don’t tell me

Piya: kaamchor

Ruhi laughs

Ruhi: so where is Maahi?

Piya: She has gone to her frnds home

Ruhi: U know what u should become like ur sis, yesterday u saw na how she taken stand for u

Piya: That wasn’t stand but disrespect, she shouldn’t talk to ur mom like this

Ruhi: She didn’t disrespect anyone, she didn’t said anything to my mom but Maanvi

Piya: But her way was wrong na

Ruhi: okkk u r right I am wrong, now leave this topic.

Ruhi: listen na, I was thinking that we should go out today

Piya: Where?

Ruhi: to restaurant

Piya: But I am not in the mood

Ruhi: ohh come on Piya, u always not in the mood, please yr

Piya thinks

Piya: Okk will go

Ruhi: Will go in night

Piya: What? in night, then I will not come

Ruhi; But why?

Piya: I don’t like to go out in night

Ruhi: Arree we r going to my fav restaurant n that restaurant looks so beautiful in night only, please come

Piya: OK but we will come back soon OK

Ruhi: OK

(Piya’s home)

Piya goes to her mom’s room

Mamta: Piya come

Piya goes n sits beside her mom

Piya: Maa actually I want permission for something

Mamta: Yess say

Piya: can I go out with Ruhi in night??

Mamta: OK go but come soon

Piya: U get agree for this so fast

Mamta smiles

Mamta: because my mood is good

Piya: Oh reason?

Mamta: Because I found a boy for u

Piya gets shock

then seeing her like this, Mamta starts laughing

Piya gets confuse

Mamta: Look at ur face

Piya: Why r u laughing?

Mamta: I was just joking

Piya gets relief then

Piya: maa u na…

Mamta: don’t worry I will not force u to get married, its ur life that’s why whenever u feel like u r ready for this then u can tell us

Piya smiles in surprise n hugs her mom

(Aarav’s home)

Jahnvi n soni come back from the Maanvi’s house

Soni: Sasu mom I don’t think so that was a mehendi ceremony

Jahnvi gets confuse

Jahnvi: what do u mean by this?

Soni: Did u look at Maanvi’s mehendi, she didn’t even fill her fingers, she applied very simple mehendi like this is not her wedding but someone Else

Jahnvi looks at her angrily

Soni scarily says

Soni: I have some work bye

Then Ruhi comes there in the hall

Jahnvi: Why u didn’t came with us?

Ruhi: I was busy

Jahnvi: oh was busy with Piya on the phone

Ruhi: Maa please don’t push her in this

Jahnvi: So what should I do, yesterday also u took her side leaving Maanvi n now u didn’t came with us because of her, why u r forgetting ur family for her

Ruhi: Maa its not true, yesterday Maanvi was wrong that’s why I taken Piya’s side

Jahnvi: Keep this in ur mind Ruhi that Maanvi is ur would be bhabhi, so don’t talk to her like that again for others.

Jahnvi goes from there

Ruhi feels sad

Its night

Ruhi n Piya comes to the restaurant n they sit

(Maanvi’s home)

When Maanvi leaves for the restaurant then only someone comes from behind n push her towards there

(In restaurant)

Ruhi orders Chinese food n then says

Ruhi: I want to go to the washroom, u sit here I will come

Piya: okk come fast

Ruhi: Okk

Then Aarav also comes to that restaurant

Camera get focuse on Aarav n Piya who is in the same restaurant

Screen freezes there…..

Precape: Aarav says sorry to Piya for his mom n Maanvi’s behaviour.

Thanks for reading…?

Bye tc

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  1. TSY

    Nice shot
    Ruhi is so good always stands for right
    Do aarav really love maanvi
    Why i m thinking that maanvi have a bf
    Anyways waiting for next

  2. Jasminerahul

    when aarav first said that he doesn’t like maanvi I thought its true.but sad that he said he loves her.is that maanvi’s real bf?soni says maanvi’s mehendi is not proper as if it’s somebody else’s wedding.so is maanvi planning for bride swap?wow aarav piya in the same restaurant

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