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I am new here , as if now I’m just only the initial episodes of Kundali Bhagya , I loved Rishabh character & I have become his fan Enough of my bak bak let’s go into the story

 So this story is all about how our Rishabh Luthra finds his life & life partner after facing a big failure in his love life

The story in my imagination it will start after preeta save her Mom a person will help her , soon she will expose Sherlin & Prithvi , Rishabh will try to propose her but before that Karan will propose & Rishabh will hide his happiness for Karan , Kareena will create some problems for their love  but Rishabh will oppose her in that problems he will leave India on helplessness , his real journey for love & life will begin from there


Rishabh – no I’m not going to marry in my life time , I don’t hate girls but I hate the constitution of marriage

Dadi – arey beta if one girl is wrong it’s not that all girl is like that

Rishabh – No dadi I’m not interested I’ll live my life without any support & partner


Rishabh – I realised today that no single person cannot live without a life partner ,

Nakshu I love you , will you bear me for entire life

Nakshatra – yes buddhu & hugs him


A voice – Rishabh you have destroyed my life for your family I’ll not leave you be ready to face me


Will Rishabh able to protect his family secretly even though he is not with them???
Or will he come out infront them to save them ???

  1. Milly

    Intresting , i wish preeta marry rishab

    1. Astmasiddika

      Thanks for ur support , you will soon get to know

  2. Jasminerahul

    I am surprised that you are writing a kdb ff.sad that rishab left the it janani iyer who is nakshu?is that sherlyn prithvi who are going to destroy the luthra family?

  3. Astmasiddika

    Hi Jasmine
    Yeah just thought to write , yes it is Janani Iyer, nakshu is Nick name of nakshatra , you will get to know soon , it’s will be revealed ma thanks for your immense love & support

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