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Climate is beautiful. its summer months everyone are busy in their works. Now lets to a building where its written “KS ENTERPRISES”. Yeh you all guessed it write it belongs to kunj. youngest bussiness man of the world. hes very famous for his rude and arrogance. but no one knows his vulgar state hidden in his heart.

lets move inside the building. everyone are in hustle seems like their boss going to come. lets see

person 1:-fast every thing must be ready boss will be here anytime.

person 2:- aman relax everything is ready all set for the meeting. it will be grand success see.(so 1st person is aman you all an asume yuvi in this character)

A:-arjun thanks. he’s particular about his work. any mistake all gone due to his anger

(in mean time they here horn sound )

Arjun:-boss is here

after about 5 mins a handsome man in his 30s enters the hall all girls drool at him but he’s least bothered about it. all employs wish him. he wish back and move towards a cabin. he enter in cabin and sit on his chair. lets see who is. table is shown where CEO “KUNJ SARNA” IS written. now his face is shown (you all are right he’s our sidhant )

Image result for sidhant guptaalong with him enters aman with some files in his hand

A:-kunj here the schedule of todays meeting. it starts at 11.

K:-ok fine i will check keep on table and aman plz bring a cup coffee. st……..cut by aman

A:-aa i know strong bru coffee full twinkle type

hearing twinkle name kunj eyes gets teary

A:- ((in mind) god what i have done. changing topic ) kunj you check these files i will be back

he goes out of the cabin. kunj engaged in thinking




it was one of the summer months. everyone are busy in there works some going to their jobs come enjoying weather.


K:-alisha(one of the employer) is everything done. i dont want any mistake this time. this event should be grand success.

alisha:-sir everything is almost done final setting should be done

K:-ok i want to see come with me

A:- but sir cuts her

k:-i said come with me.    Aman you also come with me. lets go for the venue i want to see the arrangements.

three goes to the venue

k:-alisha this you called as finished see this showing the hall. we have only 2 hours left for the event to start but see nothing is done properly. aman what i have to do now see this lazy head showing alisha

alisha:- sir im not event planner to do i alloted planners for this work. if they wont complete what i have to do?

aman:- alisha plz go from here dont spoil your day by standing in front of him

she left from there angry on kunj for scolding her in front of everyone

k:- aman plz do anything this event. i cant loose this.

aman:- kunj relax i know one famous event planner of newyork. she simply perfect.

K:-then what are you waiting for call her. we dont have enough time.

aman call the event planner phn convo

aman:-hello is this (any guess………………. i’ll tell ) twinkle taneja

p:- yes plz how can i help you?

aman:- i’m aman rohan friend

T:-aman, how are you ?

A:-i’m fine actually i wont your help. we organised an event but arrangements are not yet done and event starts in 2 hours. plz help us

T:-how can i in this short time

A:-twinkle plz everything is ready. but not arranged plz help us

T:-ok ill try to complete. if in case i may not complete dont blame me

A:-ya done plz come to xyz venue

xyz venue

A:-hey twinkle. thanks for coming

T:-its ok what i have to do the deigns and staff.

A:- yes everyone are here


she talks to the staff and completes the unfinished work

K:- wow work done awsome, see the time jst in one hour she finished im imperssed

A:- wow the great kunj sarna who never sees any girl is impressed by her.

K:- nonsense, jst want to know her who helped in this event i lost hope.

A:- relax come i’ll introduce her

aman searching for her

A:- god where is she for the 1st time kunj asked about a girl but she not finding man

he sees her near food stuff

A:- twinkle

T:- yaa work done now relax

A:- yes thank you come my boss wants to meet you

they both go where kunj is before

A:-now where is he god. twinkle be here i’ll bring him

he again goes in search of him finally he see kunj and bring to the place but shocked

A:-god now where is she gone?

suddenly his phone rings flashing twinkle

A:-lifts call twinkle where are you im waiting

T:-sorry yar argent work have to go im going

A:- but i told you to meet my boss

T:- next time plz forgive me. rohan called me argent work bye

cuts the call

A:-kunj better luck next time

K:- what?

A:- she has important work so she went

K:- o no problem i’ll meet her next time

event goes well its grand success.

K:- if she would not have helped it wont be grand success. thankyou who ever you are.

both goes to their home


aman knocks door bring kunj to present world

A:-kunj where are you lost. i’m calling you from past 5mins

K:-nothing jst thinking about something

A:- ok here’s your coffee. and clients will be here in 2hrs. i’m  going have to check finally

K:- ok

aman goes from there

K:-how beautiful those days were.she helped me some must with out knowing anything about me. but i miss her a lot. if i would’nt have done that mistake now she would have been here with me.i wish i would get those days back

episode ends here on kunj painful face


hows the story. i hope you all like this. all thanks for your response in previous chapter. and sorry for the mistakes if any no proof reading. and many thanks for kiya dii im writing this as a inspiration from her. plz share your review

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  2. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Wow amazing dear…
    What kunj have done… that twinkle left him..
    Eagerly waiting for next one

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  5. Sirishasadhu

    Can anyone plz help me in cover pic actually I don’t know photo editing

  6. TSY

    Nice shot
    Curious to know about the past
    So plz post soon

  7. Woww..
    Thank you for the early update..
    Nice screenplay dear.. ?????
    Lots of love ?❤❤❤❤❤❤

  8. Vibhu

    Seems interesting!
    Curious to know about twinj past!
    Keep writing girl

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