Two states , meeting of hearts (manan ): chapter2

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Hello guys thanks for all your comments keep supporting friends.

So here the chapter2

Evening in chennai

Everyone in murthi mansion planning a surprise for shruthi , amms , chacha, chachi and Nandu bought surprise gifts for shruthi

Chachi : Nandu shruthi will like our arrangements na??

Nandu: of course chachi she will definitely love those and all these were done by her sister ..

Chacha:yes Nandu beta she will like it

Amms: Nandu go and Call her if she started listening songs na she don’t know what is happening around and u both get ready soon and come down beta..

Nandu: OK amms

In Nandu and shruthi’s room

Nandu: sweety get ready come down quick amms calling u

Shruthi: dii let me listen songs for some more time pls

Nandu: no dear today songs are enough
(Saying this nandhini pulled her head phones)

Shruthi: diii!

Nandu: what dii? Go and get ready

Shruthi: okk..

Both nandhini and Shruthi got ready as amms said they wear long salwar kameez

Nandhini was wearing a red color anarkali salwar and wear same color kundan jewels and done light makeup she was so beautiful

Shruthi was wearing a white and gold color combination anarkali and same color long jhumka nd did light make up she was looking cute.
Both of them came down
Everyone wished congrats to shruthi

Amms: see how beautiful my both granddaughters , no one should cast evil eyes on them
(Saying she kept her kajal behind ears of both)

Nandu and shruthi got blessings frm amms, chacha and chachi

Nandu: shruthi see na wht I have bought for you (saying this nandhini opened a box and gave to shruthi there was a beautiful pendant in butterfly shape wth stones and a platinum chain connected wth it)

Shruthi: wow dii its awesome this was the best love u so much diii (saying this she hugged her sister )

Amms: shruthi beta here is ur present from my side (amms gave shruthi a big gift back , shruthi got it excitedly and opened it there was a beautiful violin inside the box she was very happy)

Shruthi: thank u so much amms this was superb my fav instrument

Chacha : here my gift ( saying this chacha gave her a watch box , she opened it and there was a butterfly shaped watch wth stones in dial and it was in silver color)

Shruthi: thank u so much chacha its so cute

Chachi: arey shruthi u forgot me here yours.
( chachi gave her a small jewel box , there was a gold bracelet wth butterflies hanging in it)

Shruthi: chachi this s so pretty thank u

Nandu: shruthi y u like butterflies this much , u like all things which are in butterfly structure?

Shruthi: dii u also fascinated by fireflies na like tht I by butterflies

Nandu: I fascinated to fireflies bcoz they celebrate true love but y u like butterflies

Shruthi: dii butterflies are my inspiration u know a girl should be like a butterfly , must be pretty nd cute to watch but hard nd difficult to catch…

Nandu: wow my little sister grown this much

Shruthi: dii ( saying this she started to chase Nandu ,both were running all over the mansion)

Amms: arey beta both of u stop na

(But they dint listen they were running allover, at that time aryaman entered the house but both Nandu and shruthi dint watched him , shruthi was chasing Nandu that time aryaman came in middle and shruthi and aryaman dashed she was about to fall when aryaman hold her she closed her eyes due to fear but aryaman was watching her cute face lovingly at that time nandhini saw them shruthi then stood saying thanks to aryaman)

Nandu: shruthi are u OK

Shruthi:yes dii completely fine, by the way thanks to aryaman he holded me

Aryaman : no formalities yaar I’m ur friend na

Shruthi: yup when u came ??

Aryaman: now only guys

Nandu: aryaman you also got results na wht percentage u got??

Shruthi: ill say dii , he got 88%

Nandu: how do u knw??

Shruthi: bcoz I know his register number and dob so I checked in internet

Nandu: hmm so both come all are waiting for us in dining

Shruthi: OK let’s go aryaman?

Aryaman: sure shruthi

(All were sitting in dining table , shruthi sat in middle of aryaman and Nandu, all were having dinner whole aryaman was Continuously staring at her, after some chit chats aryaman went to his home)

( all went to their rooms, Nandu nd shruthi got Changed in their night dresses and went to sleep saying good night to each other)

In malhotra mansion

Manik: roshan how was your college today

Roshan: its awesome bhai, and the classes was also good except some boring

Manik: oh so my bro liked our college

Roshan : obviously bhai

Manik: OK roshan let’s have dinner

Roshan: yes bhai

(Both manik and roshan had their dinner)

Manik: roshan sleep soon and wakeup early OK tomorrow u have special classes right.

Roshan: OK bhai Good night!!

Manik: Good night

(Both went to their respective rooms, roshan called his friend ameer)

Roshan: hello buddy tomorrow have special classes of raghav sir so come soon to college

Ameer: OK bro I’ll come now let me sleep

Roshan: OK Good night

Ameer: Good night (in a sleepy tone)

(At the same time manik also made a group call to fav 5 and after some chit chats they went to sleep)

At morning sunrise is seen

Nandu and shruthi got up and got ready nandu was wearing a light yellow short kurti and blue jeggins , shruthi was wearing a blue top and black jeans)

They both came down and said good morning to everyone, but chacha, chachi, amms looked so worried

Nandu: what happened chacha why u all looked worried

Chacha: Nandu beta I got transfer to Mumbai we are leaving to Mumbai in 2days

Nandu and shruthi said what at chorus and they were shocked to listen it

To be continued …….,….

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