Kumkum Bhagya – Accept Me (Part-6)

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The episode starts with abhi driving in the car pragya is totally ignoring him and is busy in some files he looks at her then stops the car on the side and grab the papers them puts them on the back sit saying ;no office does not mean take your work every where with u she just ignores him and start searching some thing in her bag .Abhi then takes the bag and does the same as with the file saying; no distraction talk to me. No reply he starts back the car and drive to the mall he parks the car then get down turns around and opens pragya’s door saying;shall we. abhi in his mind thinks (half an hour ago she was all over me now she do not even say i word ).pragya gets down and hold his hand . Abhi is shocked by this action but still feel comfortable with her holding him. they get into a dress shop where he choose some clothes for pragya and tries to give them to her but she refuses and choose some herself and gets into the changing after some time she has not yet come out abhi start saying from the door;honey come and show how you look people start gathering around and also start saying miss come and show your husband na come and show him do not be shy.she slowly opens the door and gets out looking at every one like ok you won

abhi ; looking good but not yet what i want go try this(handing a dress to here she cannot refuse because of the people around she takes it goes in and comes back in few minute in a knee long spread dress just looking simple and beautiful)

abhi; that is it lets go and pay for it .

pragya; wait let me change back to my clothes

abhi; no need to just grab them and lets go (he hold her hand after she had taken her clothes a moves towards the counter) they get to the counter pay for the dress and storms out

abhi ;now shoes

pragya; no no not changing shoes.

abhi ;as u wish soon u will be beging for low shoes once i make u run

pragya;is that so we shall see then pragya’s phone starts ringing she looks for it then realises abhi still has it and is pretending not to here it ring

pragya get hyper and shouts ;abhi my phone

abhi; what your phone

pragya;it is ringing and is my mom that is calling.

abhi ;how do you know

pragya ; that is her special ring tone

abhi handing the phone to her say ; and do i have a special ring tone

pragya ignores him a just answers the phone;ha ma bolo

sarla; can you free yourself now and call abhi so that u both go shopping for engagement dresses

pragya; why this early

sarla ; you engagement date have been fixed the best day is in two day

pragya; and why must we go shopping you know i always wanted to make unique engagement dresses for me and my fiance

sarla; but pragya there is no time

pragya; ma i can do it i already had the designs i have been working on them for the past few weeks please maa

sarla; ok but start today

pragya; starting now ma ( she hangs up and runs back to abhi grabs his hand and is pulling him to the car being happy and excited she opens the door of the car and gets in ask abhi tho start the car )

pragya; take me to your house now ( abhi still astonished by the speed at which she was running on heels just nods in a yes )in the car pragya takes her phone and calls her PA suraya

Pragya; suraya please can you go to the storage room and check if we still have pale pink tissue and also make a list of all other colors we have and send it to me asap
suraya; yes madam
pragya; thanks bye

bye now the have reached abhis home she just jumps down waits for abhi then grab his hand and pulls him inside once in the living room the fine divya there she goes and get blessing then ask abhi where is his room he directs her she runs up and gets in before abhi could say anything

divya asks abhi what is going on abhi just raise his shoulders in an i donot know way

in abhis room pragyais in the the dressing room she says blue blue he like blue i have the perfect designs for that color then she comes back down start searching for some thing from her bag she takes out a tablet switchs and give it to abhi saying ;choose a design you like there then take a measuring tape and starts taking his measures abhi looks at designs and love more than one he has a hard time choosing and the fact that pragya does not stop touching does not help him focus to make a choice abhi is holding the tablet with his two hand in front of him all of a sudden pragya passe under his hand and fill the gap between him and the tablet she is so into her work that she do no notice how close she is to him . he can feel every of her air movements his mom looks at him like hmmmmm how close and he feel a little bite shy looks at pragya who is busy taking measurs of his chest then she say to him open you arms i need accurate and precise measures which he does stiil looking at a very busy pragya .then screen freeze on this sweet moment.

precap; pragya realises the closeness and looks at abhi in the eyes they have an eyelock that is broken by divyas coughing

sorry for the late update and bigger sorry to those who will read this boring story thaks for you comment thanks to all the silent reader bye and i hope u enjoy it

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