Beyhadh : Love heals every wound FF Part 4

Sufi tries to find Ayaan but in vain. She scolds Payal for the misunderstanding.
Sufi : because of you I had to hit that poor guy, he was so innocent

Sharma house
Ayaan : bhai, what happened? why did you call me,
Arjun : yes, I thought we should go out for dinner today, Maya gave me big responsibility, my first solo shoot come lets have brother’s day out
Ayaan : no bhai, family day out, you promised me something
Arjun : okay fine, tell her to get ready,
Ayaan : you tell her
Arjun : wait, what happened to your cheek (show me)
Ayaan remembers Sufi’s slap hardly
Arjun ; did you get beaten by girl of what, tell me what’s that scar
Ayaan ; nothing bro, come on do you think any girl would dare that
Arjun : don’t fool me, tell me honestly what happened
Ayaan reveals everything to Arjun who laughs at him.
Ayaan : bhai, stop laughing at me, that girl literally slapped me for no reason
Arjun : you think I trust you on that, by the way how was she looking
Ayaan : can’t describe bro, those eyes like bright sunshine, but I will also settle scores
Arjun : shut up, don’t do anything stupid or else you will land up in big trouble
Saanjh : I will also join dinner
Arjun : yea sure, only you were missing here
Saanjh : how rude, you forgot us because of your solo shoot
Arjun : I hope that model turns out to be good tomorrow
Saanjh : arjun, go tell aunty about our dinner plan and your solo shoot
Arjun : shorty, but
Saanjh ; I said go come on

Arjun goes to kitchen seeing his mother doing some work.
Arjun : umm (Stammers)
Vandana (quite surprised with Arjun talking to her) : are you trying to say something, don’t be shy I am like your mother
Arjun : I was thinking to take everybody for dinner, do you want to join
Vandana : you will take everybody but asking me
Arjun : I got first solo shoot from tomorrow won’t you join in my success
Ayan and Saanjh hears from other room and gets happy. Vandana agrees to go with Arjun for dinner. The family goes out for dinner when Ayaan tells them about his show
Ayaan : bro. after two days I have show in college, I have been selected to play the band isn’t that amazing
Saanjh : why don’t you become singer instead of being just drummer
Vandana : its high time you get serious Ayaan before anybody else comes and give you reality check
Saanjh : aunty is right, no decent girl will come to you

Arjun : let him live freely for few days, Ayaan you enjoy your life
Saanjh : fine, spoil him but mark my words one day you will regret badly on this
Arjun : don’t bore shorty
Ayaan : you all have to come on the show all right
Arjun : I don’t think I would get leave, that grumpy boss will not give me day off but will see it later okay, best of luck
Ayaan : thank you bro, more than my band I hope the girl turns out to be good dancer, I heard she was from London and then did last year in our college
Arjun : you didn’t eat anything? you didn’t like the food (asks Vandana)
Vandana : you know I can’t eat too much, but good choice, I like it
Arjun smiles hearing her opinion. The trio goes for walk after dropping Vandana at home as she was tired from whole day.
Saanjh : I must say dinner was fabulous, best food of my life
Arjun : Thanks to me (praises himself)
Ayan : wow I bro I didn’t knew that you are so smart
Saanjh : wow, shooting star look there
Arjun : what nonsense, you guys are crazy
Saanjh : fine, you both leave but today I will ask something very important
Arjun : don’t bore god with your talks
Saanjh closes eyes and wishes for Arjun’s good and success.

Next day Arjun is taking pictures of the model but gets annoyed with the poses
Arjun : Natasha, show some attitude, why are you so cool
Natasha : How much attitude, if I do that then what will people say this girl is full of arrogance
Arjun : okay fine, lets take some break and come back again
Maya listens everything and sends everything out of room.
Maya ; wait, I want to ask something before I show you anything
Natasha : yes ma’am
Maya : this concept is about passion, what is that according to you
Natasha : it depends on each persons’ view
Maya : and what does your view say on it
Natasha ; it is something that interests you and you can feel relax
Maya : wrong
Natasha : sorry?
Maya : passion is something you dwell deeply in, you cannot form passion till you dive into that, you cannot see anything else, it should take over your mind and heart
Natasha is overwhelmed hearing it. Maya shows the most sensual poses to the model. Arjun unknowingly clicks the pictures and looks at her with attraction. He hides when Maya is done doing the poses and leaves the room.

College campus
Rohan : Ayan, I heard that you were slapped by a girl the other day
Ayaan ; don’t even remind me, I feel like (gets angry) forget it
Rohan : I didn’t knew you were coward
Ayaan : what do you mean? I am scared of her because she is girl
Rohan : of course, if you have guts try to woo her
Ayaan : what nonsense, do you think she is that type
Rohan ; then prove it, wanna bet?
Ayaan : sure, you just wait and watch how I woo this girl and make her pay for that slap
Rohan : all the best

Sufi sees Ayaan practicing band and goes to apologize him
Ayaan : you (puts hand on hie cheek)
Sufi ; no, I came here to say sorry, actually it was misunderstanding the other day
Ayaan : only sorry is not enough Ms
Sufi : excuse me? (with attitude)
Ayaan : how about a coffee day with me, you tell me about yours I will tell about mine
Sufi : fine but let me warn you that don’t try to flirt with me, you don’t know me yet
Ayaan : thats why I want to know you
Sufi : okay lets go but what about your practice
Ayaan : don’t worry I will do that later
Both of them goes at cafe
Sufi : by the way I am Sufi Oberoi
Ayaan : Ayaan (shakes is hand) quite unique name na, I am from very rich family (does his collar)
Sufi : yea I can see that, so what do you do apart from this band stuff
Ayaan :: I am still trying to pursue something in music but my brother he does not want me to work you know how it happens in rich families

Law office
Saanjh : Excuse me Sir, you called me
Malkani : yea come sit, I heard from Maya ma’am that you did doing wonderful job on her legal work
Saanjh : thank you Sir
Malkani : we got a new case here, you might have heard about Mr Oberoi
Saanjh : I think so, that famous legal advisor, I heard lot about him
Malkani : yea but unfortunately he died 22 years ago, his son has become world’s most renowned business man, his dad made a colony years ago and today due to some rival issues it is going to be demolished
Saanjh : okay so what do you want me to do
Malkani : I want you to meet him and discuss with the matter with him personally
Saanjh : alright sir, but how do I meet him
Malkani : he is out of country right now for business trip but he will be returning soon, before he comes I want you to go through this file and understand the case very carefully
Saanjh : sure sir I will go through this and then talk with him
Malkani : and remember this case is very important for you, its not like Maya’s
Saanjh : don’t worry Sir,I will handle it very carefully
Malkani : you can go
Saanjh ; thank you Sir (leaves the cabin)
Arjun is about to leave from office when he clashes on Maya.
Arjun : I am so sorry I didn’t see you
Maya : Its okay, how is the shoot going, you know tomorrow is the conference, I hope everything is perfect I don’t like any type of irresponsibility
Arjun : don’t worry Maya tomorrow will be the best event of your life I promise
Maya : Good luck, remember show me your presentation before you present that in conference
Arjun : sure, I will

Later Arjun shares his happiness with Saanjh of doing solo shoot.
Arjun : that model was not proper, I don’t know from where Maya brought her
Saanjh : really? but don’t mess up anything this time
Arjun : don’t worry there is nothing in this world that I cannot do
Ashwin comes to Maya’s house sneakingly when she is in washroom.
Janvi : how many times I told you not to meet me, stay away from us, there is no place for you in this house nor our lives
Ashwin : Janvi, why don’t you understand that I realized my mistake
Janvi : get out of here before I call the guards to throw you out (pushes him hardly on floor and closes door on his face)
Ashwin : I will see you both of you mother-daughter duo (says revengefully)

Sharma house
Arjun invites Vandana for the event along with Saanjh and Ayaan
Vandana : you really want me to come
Arjun : all this years you were yearning to see me successful, will you not see that with your eyes
Vandana : if that is the case then I will definitely come
Arjun : I am going to sleep, I have to wake up early for work
Vandana : okay good night
Ayaan : mom, what am I seeing this days, are you also noticing that
Vandana : shut up Ayan (twists his ears) look now your brother is working hard you should focus on your career, till how long I will handle both of you
Ayaan : don’t worry somebody will come soon to handle me (reminisces Sufi)
Next day on presentation, Maya is shocked to see her picture instead of the model.
Maya : Arjun, what the hell is this? you didn’t bother to ask my permission
Arjun : I am sorry ma’am but I could not resist myself taking those pictures, I mean Natasha was still not able to show that passion and aggression you had
Maya : you know I can sack you for this deed but I won’t do that
Arjun : thank you for that
Maya : be ready by 4 sharp and reach the venue early, you may leave thank you
Arjun : thanks

The scene shifts on the college when everybody is ready for the youth festival.
Payal : welcome everybody to our youth festival, as always lot of different colleges take part on this amazing competition, so I would like to present you the first band from Xaviers college
The lights turn off and curtains are raised. Ayaan and his band group starts their drum when Sufi starts the dance.

Na Peela Na Neela Na Kala Na Gora
Abhi Hai Dupatta Mera Kora Kora
Mera Mann Dole Mera Tann Dole
Mera Tann Dole Mera Mann Dole
Agar Kare Dil Tera Agar Kare Dil Tera Oh Agar Kare Dil Tera

Aa Rang De Dupatta Mera Aa Rang De Dupatta Mera
Mera Mann Dole Mera Tann Dole

Na Peela Na Neela Na Kala Na Gora
Abhi Hai Dupatta Mera Kora Kora
Na Peela Na Neela Na Kala Na Gora
Abhi Hai Dupatta Mera Kora Kora
Kiske Aashiq Dekho Log Hazar Hai
Ispe Jeene Marne Ko Tayaar Hai
Aur Koyi Le Jaaye Baad Mein Tu Pachtaye
Abhi To Sare Bebus Laachaar Hai
Agar Kare Dil Tera Agar Kare Dil Tera Oh Agar Kare Dil Tera
Aa Rang De Dupatta Mera Aa Rang De Dupatta Mera
Mera Mann Dole Mera Tann Dole
Mera Tann Dole Mera Mann Dole
Agar Kare Dil Tera Agar Kare Dil Tera Oh Agar Kare Dil Tera
Aa Rang De Dupatta Mera Aa Rang De Dupatta Mera

Everybody applauds for the amazing performance including Ayaan who is charmed by Sufi. On the other side Fashion and City company prepares for the event lavishly. Arjun gets worried as he does not have appropriate clothes for the event. Maya sends the tuxedo for him to wear at the function.
Saanjh : wow, your boss cares way too much for you not bad
Arjun : there is nothing sort of like that, she is just my boss okay
Saanjh : well we will see that, get ready we are getting late

Precap : Sufi is mocked by the college due to prank played by Ayaan. Arjun starts getting attracted to Maya.

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