Dil Chahta Hai – Episode 9


Toshi:Ruhi,Raman is it compulsory to go?
Ramuhi:Maa….Don’t start with your rona dhona.
Toshi smiles
Mr.Bhalla:Both of u have a happy journey…..Have fun…Raman keep this money with you….for both of u.
Raman nods.

Raizada house.Aarav was staying there because the flight was early morning.
Ishu packed her stuffs and was ready….She saw Khushi talking to somebody seriously and didn’t disturb her.Arnav was keeping his things….Sorry Guys a mistake…Arnav was ordering Aarav to keep his things….Aarav does as he said.Arnav’s things were packed.Aarav smiles naughtily as he left the room…Arnav opens his cuboard and finds the things which he asked to pack….He gets angry and opens his suitcase only to find his torn clothes banyans and a few pyjamas……He takes that all and replaces it with his new dress….He keeps the diary too.Arnav goes down for dinner.

Arnav sees Nani,Ishu,Shalini,Aarav and Khushi there…..Khushi in a night dress.He surprisingly looks at Nani and Ishu.Ishu signs him to sit.Arnav sits…..A silence spread the area as Nani stares at Khushi who was on phone and didnt mind the people sitting there especially Nani.

Nani:I hope everybody know that I am the head of this family
All nods
Nani:And I also hope u all know some table manners.

Nani says this looking at Khushi.Nani looks at Khushi as if she is an infectious insect….With her dark brown eyes..With her eyebrows crossed.Khushi didn’t care….She looks up from the mobile and see everyone looking at Nani.Khushi looks on confused.Khushi takes a spoon to eat….She prays before eating which impress Nani…Nani gives an accepting smile which Ishu and Shalini understood.Shalini breathes relieved.
All eat food and go to sleep.

Early morning,

Ishu wakes up everyone and takes all to Subha’s room where Nani and Shalini were present.Gautham was asleep after a tiring journey with his friends.They takes blessings and leave.Ishu,Arnav and Aarav kiss Subha on cheeks….Khushi kneels down and take blessings from her.
Subha:U will always stay happy beta….And dont forget to come and meet me whenever you visit India
Khushi kiss on subha’s hand…Subha kiss her forehead.Khushi gets a call and excuses herself…All bid bye But Khushi was still on phone.The word which came from Khushi’s mouth….May be not a word it was just a sound ‘Han’…..She didnt smile.
Arnav:Ajeeb hai yaar (it’s strange)

In Airport,

Aarav joins with his friends in Airport…Arnav with his friends….Ruhi was surprised to find that she was the only girl in the band both Arnav’s and Aarav’s…The two teams selected from India for the Music Mania held in London….She was excited.
Raman:Ruhi….You can talk with Ishita…Arnav’s sister and Khushi Ishita’s new contract.
Ruhi nods.Raman introduce Ruhi to Ishita.Ishita holds Ruhi’s hand and says: I will be with you dont worry.Ruhi feels protected.
Ruhi:Hi myself Ruhanika.
Ishu:You study in my brothers college right.
Ruhi nods
Ishu:I have seen you quite a few times
Ruhi:Me too…..U like songs?
Ishu:Yah kind of
Ruhi smiles.
Ruhi to Khushi:Hi.
Khushi smiles back
Ruhi:Your name?
Ruhi:Such a loong name
Ishu smiles at her childishness.
Ishu:It’s a nice name right?
Ruhi nods
Ishu holds Ruhi’s hand….All board the flight.

Arnav,Aarav and Raman sat together….Ishu,Khushi and Ruhi infront of them.After sometime Ruhi shifted her place to Raman’s side where Arnav was sitting.Arnav sits beside Ishu. (Ishu and Raman sat in the middle)….Ruhi sleeps off Aarav admires her…Raman sees that and smiles naughtily

Aarav gets back his senses
Aarav:Yes Bhai
Raman:Let her sleep dont admire her like this
Aarav smiles shyly and embarrased
Aarav:I didn’t…
Raman:No explanations please I can understand.

Arnav to Ishu:Ishu…..Give me your phone
Arnav:For songs
Ishu:I don’t have any I think
Arnav:You have that old hits right.
Ishu:Yah may be
Arnav:I know you have give me!
Ishu:Ok dont be angry…Here (gives her phone)

He keeps an earpad on her ear and one on his.Khushi admires their bond.Arnav keeps his head on Ishu’s shoulders.
Khushi(to herself):I wish I had a brother like this.
Suddenly a person taps on her shoulders and it was Aarav..She smiles and looks outside.
Aarav:I am like a brother to you right?
Khushi nods
Aarav:Can u help me stich this button of my jacket
Khushi smiles and nods
Aarav gives her his jacket and a needle and wool which he had borrowed from somebody.
Khushi happily stich the button and gives it back to him.
Aarav:If I say to Ishu di she will scold me first and then only will help me.
Khushi smiles

Aarav:Thank you…..And who was the person whom you were talking to when we were coming to airport?
Khushi:My mom
She shows Garima’s photo in her phone.
Aarav:You are just like her.
Khushi smiles
Khushi:I love all the compliments I get related to my mother
Aarav:I also love my mom a loot
Khushi:My parents divorced when I was 15….From then I stay with my mom.
Aarav:I am sorry to hurt you
Khushi:No dear…I am over it.
Aarav smiles
Aarav:I liked talking to you.
Khushi smiles and says:Nobody usually likes talking to me.
Khushi sits back in her position.Aarav with a confused look sits back.

*This was a stupid epi….I know that….I wanted to show Ishru,Aarvshi,Ramru, Arnita bonding…Hope I did justice…From TMW its London masti

  1. nice episode loved ishita and arnav bond they are so cute aarav and khusi scene was cute and ruman also pls update soon

    1. Veronica

      Thanks yaar…I don’t usually update on sat and sundays.Sorry

  2. if you think this episode was stupid why you updated this…………………………………..but for me it’s superb one…….I like to read more stupid episodes like this…….

    1. Veronica

      Lmao ishan.Thanks yaar then I have a lot more stupid epi’s ????

  3. it’s awesome….superb bonds between all….

    1. Veronica

      Thabks Payal

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  5. Jasminerahul

    Loved ishru and aarav Kyushu scene.aarav admiring sleeping ruhi was romantic n raman”s comment was funny

    1. Veronica

      Thabks Jasmine

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