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Hello everyone!
Wooooh gosh all your overwhelming response for the musical ? mash up was great and unexpected guys. Thank you ? to everyone for such a great support and I am thank full to those even who didn’t liked and genuinely kept their point of view and I too agree with them and will try to improve myself. And to all the readers and writers I have a request please don’t compare your ff’s with mine because I fell that every writer has his or her own originality which makes their writing different but the story and their creation never loses its charm. So pls no comparison especially to all the writers out their. I love ❤ all of you and what ever you guys write so pls no looking back or feeling bad about your writing as we all are learners and learning is always a two way process. Moreover no one is perfect, neither me nor you. So just let our thoughts flow in the way they do.
Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls don’t feel bad and get sad ? guys pls.


Shivaay is going to his room and Anika is coming from other direction but today bot have their eyes ? open and can see each other both cross each other giving a glare as if once they get a chance they will kill the other one.
Shivaay sees a servant on the way and asks him to get a towel for him but just than dadi calls the servant so Anika asks him to give towel to Shivaay and she will go to dadi but servant asks her other way round and pleads her as Anika can’t refuse so she agrees and takes the towel and goes towards Shivaay’s room but something strikes her head.

After five minutes Anika knocks at Shivaay’s room.
Rudy opens the door and asks her to come in before she could say anything he goes to the direction where everyone else is standing , it’s a big balcony cum opening to the back yard.
Shivaay sees her and begins his question answer session.
Shivaay: What are you doing here?
Anika: WO Mai sirf towel daina aaiyi thi.
(Actually I just came to give towel.)
Saying this she gives the towel to him.
Sanskar from back: Hi ? , I am Sanskar Maheshwari.
Anika with a smile ? replies: Hello.
Shivaay: You are done , you may leave now.
Sanskar: Stop being so rude man. Hey leave him he is like this only. (He says to Anika)
Anika: WO toh hai aur yeh mujhse baihtaar aur koon samajh sakta hai.
(Well that’s true and who else can know this better than me.)
She says it with a sarcasm clearly visible in her voice.
Om: Sanskar she is our event manager cum friend Anika and Anika these all are Shivaay’s college time friends.
They have a chit chat for a while ? and then Anika leaves.
Sanskar: Shivaay what happened to you?
Shivaay: Nothing.
Sanskar: Come on dude you can share it with me after all we are best friends man.
Shivaay: Their is nothing to tell.
Sanskar: Ok fine don’t say. But tell me one thing is this love ❤ marriage ? of yours.
Viren: Have you lost it Sanky, love and Shivaay don’t only look good together.
Sanskar: Ya true but I don’t think that Shivaay will do arrange marriage. So what sort of weeding is this.
Rudy: Sanky Bhaiya it’s marriage of a withdrawer with her ATM account or of a Reiki centre with a business man.
Shivaay: Shut up ! Rudra.
All laugh at what Rudy said
Laksh: So tell na Shivaay Bhaiya why are you marrying Tia.
Shivaay: We share good understanding.
RK: Bro after weeding no understanding can help a husband, after marriage all women become same. They just can’t let us live our lives peacefully.
Saying this Sanskar, Laksh, Viren and RK sit on stairs one above the other by keeping hand on their cheek and resting other on their lap like a statue as if they are thinking ? something very deeply.
Shivaay hits them on their head and says
Shivaay : Stop your nautanki. (drama)

All come out of their traces and
Laksh: Seriously bhai you are just getting married because you both have understanding between you guys.
Bhai humans have good understanding with dogs also so shall we get married to them.
Rudy laughs on Laksh’s this comment and both share a hi-fi.
Shivaay: Stop talking nonsense. We both are compatible for each other.
They all give each other “is he serious man. ” wala look.
RK: Bro but their should be some valid reason to get married with some one.
Shivaay: RK don’t you find this reason enough.
Sanskar now trying ? to make him understand
Sanskar: Shivaay we all know how strong you are and I also know that you hardly share your problems with anyone, dude maybe whatever we say about our wives but the truth is they are the one to support us through all our ups and downs.
They may throw tantrums at times but they are the most amazing people we have in our lives. They care like a mother, irritate like brothers, tease like sisters, be besides you all the time to share your problems like a friend ,safe guard you like a father and finally love you as a lover. They make our monotonous life beauty and sparkling . They are people whom we can never understand it’s not because they are complicating or confusing, but it’s because they always think from their heart ♥ which we men can never do . They have solution of every problem but even if they don’t have a solution they don’t back of rather they create ways for us to come out of our problems. What I think is you need a life partner who not only understands you but can also share your problems and if you’re the Great Wall Of Shivaay then she should be the support of the great wall. What’s say guys.
RK: Right man ? they are our biggest strengths . We truly have no meaning of our lives without them.
Lucky: Raggu (Ragini) may be very irritating at times but that’s the thing I love about her because she knows how to make me smile ? in hardest of times and worst of the situations. She has solution of my every problem and she knows how to soothe me . She is the best.

Viren: Same goes with Jivika at times without knowing my problem even she tends to have a solution for it.
Shivaay: Ok fine guys stop being over emotional.
Rudra: Bhaiya you even made me emotional.
Saying this he goes and hugs Sanskar.
Sanskar: It’s ok bro control yourself man.
Sanskar says patting Rudra’s back and making him away.
Shivaay looks at Om who is lost somewhere else . Shivaay goes to him and keeps his hand on Om’s shoulder and says
Shivaay: Om what happened?
Om: Is love seriously so beautiful I mean something so precious that you simply don’t want to lose it.
Shivaay: Look Om all these emotions makes a person week.
Sanskar: No Shivaay love ❤ is really beautiful and it doesn’t makes us week and if love gives strength to be together with each other than it also gives strength to be away BUT only if it’s for the happiness of the one whom you love ❤ .
Shivaay: Ok love guru.
(He says sarcastically joining his hands.)
Now I will leave if your gyan is over.
All give him ‘yeh nahi suddhra ga’ wala look. And with this Shivaay leaves.

All the girls are sitting and doing their own work like Riddhima is reading a book, Tia is in front of the mirror, Swara, Ragini, Malika and Jivika are gossiping, while Ishu is in washroom and Soums is eating and hearing music ?. When Priyanka brings Anika in. Ani sees the room and all greet her and the chit chat session begins.
Ishu while coming out notices Ani and says
Ishu: Ani di where were you.
Ani: Kuch nahi bass Vo baggad billa ko towel daina gayi thi.
(Nowhere I had just gone to give towel to that wild cat (indicating Shivaay))
As soon as she says this she bites her tongue ? as she realised Tia is also there.
Tia: Baggad billa (wild cat) whose that?
Anika: No one I just said it like that only.
Tia : Ohhh

After a while


The shout was so loud that all the girls go to boys room and knock the door.
Rudra opens the door.
Priyanka: What happened .
Rudra: Don’t know Shivaay Bhaiya shouted and now he is not opening the washroom door.
Om: Shivaay are you coming out or shall I break the door.
As Om was about to break the door , Shivaay comes out. And now
Not one but many voices could be heard now and after a while all those voices bursted into fits of laughter ???????.
Om : Haaaaa yeh kya Hua Shivaay.
(Haaa what happened Shivaay.)
Shivaay: Stop it Om.
Sanskar: Haahaaa Par yeh sab kaisa hua kuch toh Bata yaar.
(Haahaaa But how did this happen pls tell na man.)
Shivaay: Guys it’s not funny ? so pls stop laughing ?.
he said this in a serious tone and everyone sensing the seriousness stoped laughing ? but someone couldn’t and that was none other than our great “”ANIKA””
Anika : Haaahaa Mr. Tadibaaz ka popot Ho Gaya.
Listening to this all again burst into laughter. Something clicks to Shivaay’s mind and he moves to Anika and holds her hand and drags her to a corner. Anika who didn’t expect this stops laughing ? and looks at him with her raised eye brows in an arrogant questioning way and then looks at her arm which is held by Shivaay. Shivaay realises that and takes his hand off and composes himself and all who were laughing ? now were trying to control themselves.
Shivaay in his regular attitude says
Shivaay: How dare you Anika?
Anika: Yeh kya dare dare laga rakhi hai aapna aur Maina kya kiya hai.
(Now what’s this dare and all and more over what have I done now.)
Shivaay : You have only put the ink in my towel and it resulted in this.
He says Last words pointing towards his face.

Actually Anika had put some blue ink in Shivaay’s favourite blue towel which resulted in his face getting completely blue due to that ink.

Anika: Wow ? what a guess Mr. Oberoi, aapna sahi kha raha hai yeh Saab Maina kiya hai, kunki Mai aapni baizati itni aasani Sai nahi bhool ti.
(Wow ? what a guess Mr. Oberoi, you know you are absolutely right. But you know why I did this, I did this because I didn’t forget my insult.)
Shivaay: Oh really, you know what I can’t expect anything else from a cheap girl ? like you.
On hearing this Anika takes the jar filled with water which was kept at a side and throws it on Shivaay.
All who were busy in themselves controlling their laughter, hearing the splash sound look at the direction where Shivaay and Anika are standing. They all again start laughing ? at Shivaay’s conditions.
Shivaay leaves the place boiling in anger.
And rest continue laughing ?.

After a while and playing an entire world war 3 & making of puppy ? faces Shivaay agreed to accompany them.
Anika: Let’s play ? Antakshri.
All in chorus: No.
Swara: Let’s play ? truth and dare.
Shivaay: Shona tuna Puri zindagi ek hi game khailna Ki kasam khai hai kya.
(Shona have you sworn to play a single game in your life.)
Ishu: Ok guys I have an idea.
Every one: Say.
Ishu: Let’s discuss love stories.
All Shivaay’s friends and Rudra: Ok
Ishu: Yours.

All Shivaay’s friends : Nooooo.
Ishu : Relax guys, ok Malika di you tell us how Arnav jiju proposed to you.
Malika : Arnav Singh Raizada worlds most famous arrogant man’s proposal was the most stupidest one and very unromantic.
Soums: Why?
Malika continued: After working in his office for approximately seven months, he asked me to accompany him on a dinner.
All girls super excitedly and in a teasing manner: DINNER DATE haan not bad.
Malika: No.
All girls : Then what.
Malika: Business meeting dinner ?. Well actually that was an excuse to convince me.
All girls in a chorus: Awwwwww shoo sweet. Then what.
Malika continued: Then after the world’s most awkward dinner ? he took me to the beach and began to pour his heart out.

Arnav while walking ? on the sand bare foot ? extends his hand forward to Malika. She holds his hand and they entwine their fingers and Arnav begins to say
Arnav: Seven years , it took me seven years for being ASR from Arnav but till date no one mark my words no one made me feel so amazing as you did , past seven months with you were the most beautiful one, I just want my, sorry ,I mean our life to be more beautiful than anything else in this world.
He leaves her hand and comes in front of her and forwards his hand and continues
Arnav: Hold this hand Malika and not only for now but for ever, will you marry me.
After sometime Malika holds his hand and then hugs him and says
Malika: I love you ? Arnav.
Arnav reciprocates and says
Arnav: I love ❤ you too.
FB ends

Malika: Bas phir kya tha Maina dadi ji ko aaka batya aur uno neh hamari shaadi karwa di.
(Then what I told everything to dadi and she got us married.)
Arnav from back : The most un romantic proposal haaan.
Malika bites her tongue ? and says
Malika: Sorry, but it’s true na.
Arnav: May be but even after two years of our marriage ? you still remember it so clearly isn’t it.
He says keeping his chin on her shoulder
Malika: Obviously after all that was the best day of my life.
All smiled at the couple ? and disturbed the moment by coughing repeatedly.
Although Shivaay was not in good terms with Arnav yet he was happy ? that Arnav loved Malika sooo much.
Soums: Ok now Jevika di your turn.
Jevika : Our families knew each other from long time so one day Viren ji’s family ? bought marriage ? proposal and I said yes.
All together: That’s all.
Jevika while blushing a bit says : Yes.
Ishu: Ok now tell us how he proposed to you.
After a lot of no and all finally Jevika agrees when Viren asked her to say through his eyes ?.
Jevika: After two weeks of our marriage we went to Goa. Over their on one night ? he took me to beach where he had set up a romantic dinner ? date and he proposed me their that’s it guys.
Rudy: Ok now next hmmmm Ragini Bhabhi you go.
Ragini she glares at Laksh in anger and says
Ragini: My love ❤ story is too boring as my beloved husband didn’t propose to me rather I proposed him.
All together: WWWWHHHHAAAATTTT??????

The Mysterious girl ? reaches Mumbai.
She is seen sitting in a big hotel when her PA gives her the phone.
Caller: They are coming ma’am.
Lady: Ok.
She cuts the call and a perfect smirk ? can be seen on her face.

Two handsome boys are seen standing at the terminal waiting for the announcement.
Boy2 to Boy1: Bro I am desperately waiting to meet those three devils after so long.
Boy1: I know that bro.
They hear the announcement and move towards their flight ✈.

Love ❤ story of Swasan and Raglak.
Attack on some one.

Who are the two handsome boys???????
How did Ragini propose to Laksh????????
Who gets attacked??????????

Keep guessing……………………………..

Lot’s of love ❤ and good wishes.
Keep smiling ?
Stay tuned
& For now
Signing off

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    Good one yaar. Loved ta mashup a lot

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you ? dear

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    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you ? dear and I will post next asap

  3. It was awsome….’Bhai humans have good understanding with dogs also so shall we get married to them’-super dialogue so funny….. And the dialogue sanskar say about wifes was also suuuppppeeerrrr.Totally I love it a lot and shivika was rocking. The two boys may be the childhood or best friends of anishmya

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you ? dear and about the two boys you will have to wait till the reach India?? ? ? ??

  4. Anjaly

    awesome episode.keep going angel.

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you ? for your support beautiful.
      Love ❤ you dear

  5. Priyali

    Niceeeee….. Shivika, I would also like to thank you for such encouraging words on my ff…. it really means a lot…

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you ? dear
      And I hope so ? that you may change your decision but as I had already said I will ? support your every decision dear

  6. wow!!!! the mashup is awesome. Plz post asap

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you ? Luna and I will post asap dear

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  8. Razna

    suuuppprrrrr shivika…..reallly nice….loved their chit chat about love…..whaiting for that 2 dashing guys……update the next one fastlyyyyyy

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you ? Razna di and you will need to wait for the revelation of the boys till they don’t land in India because till then even I can’t do anything ???

  9. Awesome

  10. Samm

    i’m so sorry i haven’t been able to login before but this was fab yaara 🙂

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you ? Samm and its ok and I am glad that you commented

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  12. Shivika

    Wow……amzing ……..shivika gr8…….y u always leave me with my questioning face around……but i like it a lot……dear post nxt one asap

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you ? sooooooo much I don’t know ? why but I some how always end up giving suspense dear.??

  13. SURBHI

    ufff this was again spectacular one dear and Anika rocks seriously she is superb yr hahahhaha i mean first that bagad billla then that ink lol it was something which i imagined and i am still laughing just imagine shivay’s expression there lol hahahahahahahha it was truly amazing keep going with these kinds of balanced updates which have emotions as well as comedy loved it

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thankuuuuuuuuu soooooo much di and I will ? try my best to keep the balance nahi toh aap Ho na kya tension hai.
      ??? ? ? ???

  14. Manasvi

    I loved the whole episode dii..
    You gave a perfect spaceto every couple…
    And i loved sanskar’s dialogue.. It was the most sweet dialogue any one cn say for his life partner..
    Episode was too cute..
    Loved it..

    And coming to the guess work;
    I m very bad at guessing..
    But I m getting a feeling that one from the boys was Karan…

    Btw love you..
    Post soon dii..
    Take care…
    Keep smiling☺

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Ok you must remember once when I made a guess in your ff you said our thoughts match a lot and trust me today I totally agree with you dear.
      And thankuuuuu for liking it and VARUN KAPOOR special was specially for you and one of my other reader cum my di as you two had wished for him and he being my favy I decided to write a super cool ? part for him.
      So here it goes.
      Thank you ? Sweetie pie
      Love ❤ you loads sisoo
      Keep smiling ? and
      Take care ? of yourself dare

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