Two selfish lovers – Ragsan (pt 30)

Let’s begin…

Ragini was taken to casualty

Laksh was tensed his sherwani was smeared with the red blood

Sanskar reach there when he sees Ragini was taking to operation theatre

He immediately ran to her

He held her hand :Ragini(hot tears rolls down his cheeks)

He was about to caress her hair when laksh pushed him away from Ragini

Laksh angrily:stay away from Ragini

Ragini was taken to operation theatre

Sanskar looks at the direction where Ragini was taken.
It was like his life was taken away from him
He just couldn’t realise what is happening in the surrounding, it was just like he have lost the ability to do anything.

Laksh angrily:it was all your plan.. Why did you do this?
He held sanskar’s collars

It was very very hard for laksh, everytime he lost her some or the other ways but this time he didn’t wanted to lose her. All his tensions and pain’s target was sanskar

Sanskar:Ragini.. My Ragini
He didn’t had anything in his mind other than Ragini and her condition pained him.

All this was seen by a pair of eyes!

Laksh was given to sign the terms & conditions of operation
After reading it, he was in dilemma
But still signs it and gives

Soon there comes the entire family

Dadi:what happened to my laado?
She cries
Sharmishta hugs her and consoles her, who is also having the tears in her eyes.

Shekar stood rocked, as he was guilty that he didn’t trust his daughter when she needed him the most and now he is feeling hurt as now he is in the verge of losing his daughter. Ragini is paying for his deeds. He even didn’t take the last words of his dead wife. Such a worst husband and a father he is!

Swara comes there running but she got ignored by everyone
She looks at laksh who is not in the verge to look at her

Sanskar was sitting in a corner
Where his friends move to him to console him

Aarav was silent, he didn’t expected something like this!

Few hours passed

Soon there comes a doctor

Laksh:how’s Ragini?

Doctor :nothing can be said now and i am sorry i can only give 30% of surety to her survival.

Laksh angrily:how can you say this doctor? How can you….

He was been interrupted

Sanskar:please doctor save my Ragini.

Doctor :we are trying

Sanskar fold his hand in front of him

Doctor:pray for her safety, aside this medicine there is one, pray to him!

Doctor leaves

Hot tears were rolling down his cheeks

When a nurse comes and handovers Ragini’s belongings to Pari

Pari took it, she was just like her sister. She remembered spending times with her.

Sanskar moves out.

Nikhil and aarav follows him:sanskar.. Sanskar where are you going?

Sanskar just leaves from there..

He recalls doctor’s words. He needed her very badly.
Even if she isn’t with him then also he won’t mind. He want her to be alive.
He wanted her to be safe!

Here doctor’s are trying hard to bring Ragini’s health on control but her body isn’t responding.

When sanskar was passing by.

“choose the right path, if you want to save your love”

Sanskar faces a man in white turban

Man:savithri had brought her husband from the death! Can’t you do that?

Sanskar was crying but after listening him, he wipes his tears:guide me baba i want to save my wife.

Man laughs:it’s not easy as you think…

Sanskar:i can give my life to her, i will do anything to save her

Man:then come with me

Here Ragini was breathing heavily

Doctor:if she didn’t come in control, it’s impossible to save her

He sees her blood pressure is getting down

He pricks her an injection.

Here man:doing this have faith in god and ask for your wife’s safety and remember once you start you can’t

There was the route which is filled with burning coals

Before placing his feet, he closes his eyes and he remembered Ragini

He places his feet

It burned but keeping his own physical pain aside he just prayed for Ragini’s safety

He started walk, he was about to stumble back but still he controlled himself. He was one side praying for to god to save his Ragini

On the other side Ragini’s condition was getting worsen

He reached middle

By now the burning coals had burned his thick layer of skin and entered the flesh which was intolerable for him but he wanted to do it for her. His love. His o2. Without her, his o2 how would he breath?

Here Ragini was kept in ventilator after the surgery but she has temporarily slipped into coma which may lead her to the death.

Doctors check the machine where the thin line starts pass

Here sanskar completes the task.
Tears were rolling down his cheeks

While the man:you have completed it

Here doctor comes out

All goes to him

Doctor smiles:patient is out of danger

All takes a sign of relief

Doctor:i have never witnessed such cases, it was totally a miracle

Here sanskar couldn’t walk further when he was about to fall

2 pair of hands have held him and they are none other than aarav and nikhil
They have witnessed all this

Aarav:i am sorry sanskar

Sanskar was all sweating and he takes a deep breath wincing in pain

Aarav:this is all because of me
They make him sit near by when

Sanskar pulls aarav into a hug:don’t ever say this, if Ragini is my life and my friends are the means of my living

Nikhil was seeing them overwhelmed when sanskar even pulls him into the hug.

Nikhil:good news, babhi is out of danger.

Sanskar smiles:she is safe?

Nikhil smiles and nods

Sanskar again to confirm:aarav my Ragini is safe?

Aarav nods:and it is because of only you

Sanskar:i want to see her now

Both nods and he was about to stand

He winces in pain

Nikhil:sanskar… Wait i will bring the car here

And then he brings the car

And here doctor:Ragini is kept in under observation you can only meet her after 5 hours

All accepts

Laksh was sitting there putting his head down

Ap sits next to him

Ap:laksh you need to take rest

Laksh:no maa…

But ap some how convinced him yo go home and get fresh and come later

And all maheshwari’s leaves from there

Shekar was thanking god for saving his daughter’s life

Swara:papa don’t worry Ragini….

Shekar:stay away from me and especially from my daughter.

He storms from there..

Tears rolls down her cheeks, she wipes it immediately.

Sanskar reach there with the support from his friends.

Dadi and sharmishta looks at his condition

Kavitha:sanskar you should aid your wound

Sanskar:Ragini is the aid to my every wound. I want to meet her

Sharmishta:Ragini is kept under observation. You can’t meet her now

Sanskar:but i want to meet her

Karan:sanskar we will talk to doctor, but before you should care for yourself. You should treat your wound

Sanskar nods in no

Aarav:ok you meet Ragini first. We will talk to doctor

At the another Doctor comes there

He sees sanskar feet burned

Doctor:you should treat this.

Sanskar:doctor i need to meet my wife please

Doctor smiles a bit seeing him:patient Ragini’s husband? I am your wife’s neurologist as the doctor have submitted her case to me

Sanskar nods, just then he remembers she is no more his wife!

Doctor sees aarav, aarav looks confused as he felt he saw him before too but where he didn’t knew it!

Doctor:see i don’t really have another option but one!

All looks at him

After some time Ragini is show
Where few needles and machines were pricked to her

Where sanskar was brought next to her bed after treating his feet.

He smiles seeing her

Sanskar:no matter how many times you want to free yourself from me, but i end up with you only!

He laughs a bit, as in the lift or in the journey or the marriage

Sanskar:i know you are listening to me and as always ignoring me. Just look at yourself how peacefully you are sleeping by removing my sleep. Pata hai pata hai mein tho selfish hoon aur mein tumhare laksh jaisa tho bilkul bhi nahi hoon(i know i know i am selfish and i am not like your laksh) but you have left a question in my mind when you wanted to…. (he remembered her confession) was it for me?

Ragini was not in consciousness

Sanskar:ok don’t say now but at least…

A nurse comes:this is ICU. here other patients are also sleeping.

Sanskar:huff.. Why it is like that?


Sanskar:when i talk to my o2 sab log tapak jaate hai


Sanskar smiles:my wife(pointing to Ragini)

Nurse smiles:ok talk as much you want but don’t disturb other patients

Sanskar nods like a kid
She goes

Sanskar:where i was? Oh oh i forgot!!
He tries to remember what was he asking her

Sanskar:leave it!! A good news for you i resigned the job of selfish and applied the job for Shareef(noble) Selfish Sanskar se Shareef Sanskar.

After few seconds

Sanskar:you know what i was always Shareef you know, i was always honest but you always took me wrong. I was always kind but you always found my kindness to be my crime. I always courageous and you can’t deny the fact too!

He raises his invisible collar

Sanskar:ab itna shareef banunga itna shareef banunga ki tum soch thi reh jaogi ki yeh chamathkar kaise ho gaya. But you have chose laksh over me. No problem. Because of you i have found faith in God. And i now trust the God that he won’t take you away from me!

He smiles tuning to her side

Sanskar:aur maano ki mujhe mauka mil gaya, iss baath ke liye..(and believe that i got a chance, for this thought..) no no i don’t want to be selfish again. Let’s hope for the best.

Nurse:now you should take rest. Have some slerp before your o2 wakes

Sanskar:i thought you to be a dumbo but you are intelligent

Nurse shocked:what?

Sanskar:shh.. Patients are sleeping here don’t disturb them

He covers the bed sheet over his face.

After sometime

A nurse covering the mask on her half of the face enters the ICU

The nurse who was present there took up the file and she turns to this nurse:please be here for 10 minutes. I would just submit this reports to doctors and come

While the other nurse nods

Nurse gets suspicious on her she turns:you…. Which block you are?

While other nurse starts to sweat:i.. I am new here, just.. Just joined!

Nurse nods and goes

While she moves to Ragini and removes her mask and is revealed to be SWARA

Swara herself:how can you sleep so peacefully taking away my happiness i thought today you would die at least but you again lived. But this time yoyr luck is not with you

She puts back the mask

And turns to her oxygen pipe and she turns the gate wall

Ragini couldn’t get the oxygen when she starts to breath heavily

Sanskar was sleeping as he was really tired.

Swara was not aware of sanskar’s presence in the Same ICU

Swara smiles evilly when Ragini was lacking for oxygen.

To be continued…

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