Kaisa yeh ishq hai (Ragsan ff) Pt 18 by Aliya

Let’s begin…

“Chance”he is asking for the chance which she don’t want to give. He is begging for the last chance which especially she doesn’t want to give him.

Even there is a mistake of her too, when he mention about he loved a girl, she didn’t took it seriously. She just let it go and married this man who just didn’t wanted to love her back!

Is there any point of giving him a chance or not giving him a chance? But before that why did he change all of a sudden? Why now?

Did swara rejected him again that he came back to her having no other choices? She really wanted to know about it!!

Because she don’t want herself to be proved fool again. she really don’t want to!

Ragini:what about your love for Swara then?

He was quite for some minutes

Ragini looks for the valid reply

Sanskar:for that you need to know the whole thing what i and swara had spoke. I don’t want to hide anymore things


Sanskar just wanted to move from there as Swara really didn’t mattered to him now. He wanted to move to Ragini and console her. He even didn’t had a urge to have a glance at this lady who is standing some steps away, who was once his love and for whom he wasted his 3 years of life by spoiling the relations around him.


Sanskar looks at her

she was lacking the words

Sanskar:don’t say anything swara, for whatever reason you have left me it doesn’t matter to me anymore. Yes, i loved you for 4 damn years and stayed with your memories for 3 damn years. It’s.. It was.. It was all a past and a closed chapter for me from now. Because just a moment ago, i realised what is Ragini’s place at my life, that i couldn’t realise till now. Just a moment ago i realised the importance of my wife in my life. Finally i realised… (taking a deep breath) this day is never your mistake swara but it’s the result of my deeds the way i treated my wife just because living in my past. If it was months ago may be i would have asked you why have you left me and with the love i had for you, the broken heart which i gone through i would have asked for it i would have questioned you but now i don’t have anything to ask (he smiles a bit) and this is because Ragini have changed me.

He smiles remembering all Ragini’s antics.

Swara:i am happy for you sanskar and losing Ragini would be your biggest mistake of your life. I am so happy that you love Ragini so much

Sanskar:LOVE, it’s something more than it. But i don’t know whether this is called but i feel it’s something more than it. An unnamed feeling.

Sanskar was about to move from there


He turns

Swara:forgetting everything let’s be friends..

Sanskar:no we are meant only to be strangers. Mein nahi chahta kabhi bhi ya kahin bhi ya phir kisi bhi din past ke wajah se present aur future kharab ho. Ek baar jo hua hai usse mein dubaara daurana nahin  chahta hoon

(some or the other day because of the past i won’t like to spoil the present and future.once it happened but i don’t want to repeat)

Swara smiles and nods.

He just moves away while swara enters her home.

While Ragini and krish passes by from there.

Sanskar was sitting outside as now he was feeling light!
This day was one of the most important day in his life.

The guy who never wanted to come out of his past has chose present over the past when the past was very near him. He just ditched it for present or better to say for Ragini

He sees krish and Ragini going

He smiles

Flashback ends

Ragini was all in tears, she couldn’t believe it at all.
Somewhere she was happy but her inner self isn’t ready to believe him

She was in the dilemma where she was in the biggest confusion!

Sanskar:one last chance Ragini!

Ragini:i need an hour

Sanskar nods

After sometime

Ragini was at the top floor of the apartment on the terrace

All his words were ringing in her ears

She calls her mother

Janki:Ragini why didn’t you come, your brothers were so excited and now they are sad


Janki:what happened?

Ragini:i am confused

Janki laughs a bit:tell me when you were not confused?

Ragini:it’s something different from all things.. It’s above all

Janki:if you feel by saying it you may get suggestions then you may go on but if you find yourself confident to face the confusion then take as much time you want but take the right decision.

Ragini thinks for someone she don’t want to share and tense her mom but she felt light with her words.

Later she was roaming here and there

Adi comes there:Raago?!

Ragini turns to him

Adi:why did you call me all of a sudden…?any problem?

Ragini:adi bhaiyya because you are the only person who know my every problems

Later they were sitting together

Ragini:i am ain’t understanding bhaiyya

Adi:you have chose a very wrong person for advice Raago. I am single still i don’t have a pit of idea. I don’t want my guess work to ruin your life

Ragini:but still..

Adi:you should ask your mom

Ragini:i don’t want to tell all this to her and i don’t want to give her tension

Adi:i am really sorry i can’t really help you

Later it was almost 3 hours after she met sanskar

She comes back to the flat

When sanskar opens the door

Ragini enters the home…

Sanskar waits for her reply

Ragini:you need chance right, i gave you the one!

Sanskar smiles for a moment

Ragini:but for some days

He looks at her confused

Ragini:i don’t trust you and i don’t have hope on you too. But still i am giving you a chance if in these days if you are able to prove that you can be my husband (after a long pause) if i feel the relation is weak then no point of continuing this relation. I hope you won’t have any problem with this!

She moves to her room but turns:and i haven’t forgave you yet!

She moves in her room

Sanskar smiles a bit as he got the chance!

It starts again… The new beginning….

To be continued…

So what do you think about Ragini’s decision?

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