Rangrezz (RagSan ff) Pt 9

Let’s begin…

Both Ragsan reach Maheshwari mansion

Ragini gets down and he held her wrist and goes along with her

A man:bhaiyya ji.. Bhabhi ji’s father…..

Ragini immediately :where is my papa?

Sanskar:don’t worry Ragini.. Take Ragini in and i will look after this matter.

Ragini:no my..

Sanskar interrupts:i told you right!

He sends her in

Sanskar moves in his bullet

After he left a car comes

Here Ragini enters the mansion being reluctant

When dp shouts:stop there!

Ragini gets scared by his shout

Dp:after scrambling everything, how dare you to enter my mansion?

Ragini don’t know how to react but she was too scared to react still

Dp:you will get the punishment for your deeds!

“deeds” which deeds he is talking about? She is been punished for what?

He moves to her

Ragini feels some vibes as she felt someone close to her needs her

She turns immediately where she witnessed the shock of her life

Her father in a very vulnerable condition, he was lying with the pool of blood

Ragini immediately ran towards him:papa!!

She kneels to him and places his head on her lap:papa

She pats him with the hope that he will wake but it was too late.

Ragini hugs him and cries loudly screaming for her dad to react to calls

Dp laughs

He takes the rod and aimed to hit on her head

Sushaan who came after making ruhi sleep was shocked to witness the scene

He immediately ran to stop him but he was late to realise that dp have already hit her head.

The sudden hit on her head was intolerable for her. Her tear filled eyes turned red and she closed her eyes where the tears roll down her cheeks

Dp was about to hit her again when sushaan held his hand and angrily pushes him

Sushaan was blank. Why is he doing this now?

Ragini still had controlled herself as her father mattered mattered her more than hr physical pain. She hugged her father tightly.

When shekar breathed heavily
He hardly opened his eyes

Here Sanskar reached an isolated place

Sanskar looks around, where no one was present!

But soon the lines of cars comes and rotates around him

And balwan gets down the car

Balwan:maara ajith wa ki aisi haalath karne walon ke katthe hi nahi chodna se(i won’t live the one who is behind my ajith’s condition)

Sanskar was bored and imitating him:agar maare haath ajith wa lag gaya hota tho woh aspathal nahi seedhe ooppar ka ticket wa liya hota! Woh bhi narak ke haan!

(if i got ajith in my hands instead of hospital he would have directly took the ticket Of hell)

Balwan angrily:now don’t talk nonsense to save yourself, anyways i won’t spare you!

Sanskar:nonsense!! Truth is bitter but i am really regretting that who is the person who have left thaara ajith wa that easily. I would have showed him hell in the world at least. Never mind it will sooner or longer definitely would happen.

Balwan:if you were not behind this then who is behind…

Sanskar:oh… Now enough of your drama where is my sasur and saala

Balwan laughs once after listening him

Here shekar gets up with the hard steps

Sushaan:Ragini ji aap apne papa ko leke bhaagiye yahan se

When Dp pressed sushaan’s neck in the other hand

Dp’s mens were about to attack on Ragini because of dp’s order’s

When shekar comes in middle

Ragini widens her eyes in shock

And shekar:Ragini run from here beta!

He stops every goons who were reaching near his daughter

Shekar :Ragini run

And when in front of her only a goon stabs on his chest!
And she couldn’t do anything to save her father, such a helpless and a worst daughter she is that today she is reason behind his death

She was in the shock…

Shekar falls on his knees:go….

He breaths his last!

Ragini moves back

Sushaan with all his courage pushes dp and takes the rod and was about hit him. He closes his eyes.

He hits the goon who was moving to attack ragini

Sushaan:Ragini ji run…

Ragini who was still in shock starts to run

And here sanskar:what you did with them?

Balwan:till now you would have lost everything!
He laughs evilly

Balwan :sasur ki badi chinta hai thanne, le tujhe mein wahi pahunchata hoon

He takes out his gun and was about to aim sanskar

But he sees Akshay in his place

Balwan moves back being scared

Balwan:you are alive!

Sanskar was having lots of question in his mind:first it was Akshay’s return and secondly he is feared for unknown as he is feeling something is definitely wrong.

He sees akshay, who has stood in front of him as a shield!

To be continued…

So what next?

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