TWO HEART BEATS (chapter 7)

The episode starts with honey..she calls sujatha and says our plan is failed..then she gets shocked..and asks her to meet in the park..the honey says ok.o will reach there..sanju watches all these and thinks mom kis se bhaat karti hai??? i have to follow her and i have to find my moms truth..after that sujatha starts going to meet honey and sanju secretly follows her…and then she waits for honey…then sanju hides behind of the tree..then honey also reaches there..then sanju gets shocked to see her with her mom…then she hugs sujatha and says iam really mother in law..(sanju again shocked and says why honey is calling my mom as mother in law??? ..and what is the relation between them??? )..then honey says with tears mother in law please tell me ..what should i do now??..then sanju comes infront of them (sujatha and honey) then they gets shocked to see sanju..then he asks sujatha – who is she mom???.what is the relation ship between you and honey ???..then sujatha says no sanju we jst met here ??..then he says stop it mom..why are you hiding truth??.i was followed you from home and i know you waited here for i have know your truth..first i thought you,dad,me and samar are my family but who is this honey??.what is the relation between you both??.please tell me mom i will not say this anyone please mom..then sujatha says ok sanju today i will tell you about my truth..not only dad,you,and samar..but also i have dad,mom,one bro,bhabi… parents loves me a lot..and my bro is my best friend..when i was studying bsc i loved your dad and i hide this from my family…one day they asked me about my marriage with some other guy..then i didn’t agree for it..then they asked me why.then i said i love another person..then they asked who is he??..then shared them about your dad then they didn’t agree for it..and they fixed my marriage with another person.i cant marry him..then my tries to help me..but our dad didn’t listen it..and said this is final..on the day of my marriage..i married your dad secretly..then my dad gets angry on me and said dont come to this house again and then all are laughed at them..then my mom and dad makes sucide..and they died..then my bro thought that said its all because me (sujatha)..then he said dont see my face again..and he gets angry day by day…this is my past… honey is my bro’s daughter..after honey’s birth her mom also expired..then sanju asks honey how do you know about my moms past???.then she replies that one day i was searching for my books then i read my fathers diary..and also i saw mother in law pics in store room..but i dont where is she?? then i searched in facebook and all other social network sites then i got mother in laws number…then i called her..

precap – sanju asks honey do you know about me???.then honey says yes.. then sanju asks then why did you proposed me??

update credit to – pragna

sorry for spelling mistakes friends.i hope you like it..always iam thinking about this serial..what i have to write today,how they will receive it, ..etc..etc..

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  1. What is this precap…… i cant understand…..

    1. in the previous chapter.honey proposed sanju..but she know sanju is her mother in laws son..(its a honey and sujathas plan)..sorry now i cant say nyt i will explain it

  2. Nice. Bt i can’ understand why honey is calling sujatha mother in law. If sujatha is honey’s dad’s sister, then as per relation honey should call her bua[in hindi] bt why mother in law. Plz reveal whose earing was that.

    1. sorry i dont know what to say mother in law in hindi..thats why i written it as mother in law..from tomorrow i will change it..and ok i will reveal about earing also..

    2. Mother in law means saas in hindi & the daughter in law(bahu) can also call her maa(mother).

    3. ok thanq aparna

  3. sorry its very short..

  4. Luv this storyline
    srsly pragu u r rocking

    1. thanq dia

  5. Heyyy Pragna…. Dude what a story!!!! I Think Sujata has a soft corner for Honey… And Maybe Honey also said her about her feelings and Maybe Sujata accepted her as her daughter in law…. I think so… But whatever I think, our Pragna is much more talented than me… She will turn up the story with super imagination…Right???

    1. haha..not more than you dr

  6. Hi pragna, very cute and adorable story. Means sanju and honey are cousins, so how can she propose him? In Muslims religion, it happens but looks like this story doesn’t have muslim background. Please clarify, I’m confused…Eagerly waiting for the next episode…love you loads and very very tight hug

    1. i was confused dr..i will happen in hindu religion also..i mean sujatha and surya are siblings..sujatha is honey’s sas (bua) sanju is honey’s they can marry each other

    2. Pragna u r again confusing us. Sanju is sujatha’s son & honey’s cousin. He is not honey’s jiju bt his brother. How can honey marry sanju?

  7. Nice episode pragna. .. wat about tat ear ring. ..whose ear ring was tat… continue soon. ..

    1. ok aaradhana

    1. thanx dr

  8. pragu its me sona..i too confused why honey calls sujatha mother in law??? may br u r hiding something na 😀

    1. yes i will reveal it..and nice name dr.

    2. and i dont know what to say mother in law in hindi..

  9. Wow interesting

    1. thanq riya

  10. Pragna u r again confusing us. Sanju is sujatha’s son & honey’s cousin. He is not honey’s jiju bt his brother. How can honey marry sanju?

  11. hi pragna.. good job! !!
    so honey and sanju are cousin…. I hope honey’s father shouldn’t against to his daughters love….
    precap is also interesting. but sanju’s questions are much more confusing. plsss next episode update soon dear, can’t wait for it !!! I eager to read their convo.
    keep continue, love you dear ♥

  12. Mother in law is saas.
    Daughter in law is bahu.
    Father’s sister is bua

  13. again i changed my name dr..anyways thnx…now i got it..why u wrote mother in law…dr its a south indian matter..north indians can’t understand that..better u write means father’s sis..jiju means Akka’s husband dr…

  14. Wow story is heading wit ful of suspense evry day …. Hey pragu in ur previous reply to Roma u said sanju is honey’s jiju …. It’s confusing and wrong relation Dr …
    Coz jiju means sister’s husband….
    Thn how sanju becomes jiju for honey ??
    U PLZ clarify this Hindi relatives name with richa … Coz evn I am not sure abt it. …
    But Jst I think tht jiju is wrong or may B ur story is so …
    Anything but ur story is interesting….

    1. ok dr.i will ask richu

  15. I reallly like ir storry a lot

    But I find d names relly funny ………
    Lyk honey bunny sanju

    1. these are south indian names

    2. zayn…in south india these name r common dr..especialy sanju and honey

      where r u frm zayn…ur name is superb

  16. Diiii..epi ws soo nyc..raki g uncadaniki di..

  17. omg…sorry.i confused you all.but south indians will marry like that…and i dont know about north indian relationships..can any one tell me..what can i do now????..

  18. if it is wrong relation..then how can i continue this story ????..anyone tell me please..

  19. pragu…jiju means akka’s husband…i knw what u want to say..sujatha is honey’s atha and sanju is her bawa..

    1. yes dr.but they cant understant it..

  20. hi pragya .first of all luv u to dear……………… and……………. the story is going great so far………… i luv reading ur’s and richu’s updates………………….keep writing dear and take care………………… 🙂

    1. thanq krishy

  21. please tell me guys.what should i do now???..can i continue this story or not????

    1. Continue ur story pragna. .. update d nxt episode soon. ..

    2. u contineu dr…i will tell them what u r trying to say..

      jo v yaha north indians hai unke lie…

      ap sab zee tv ke QUBOOL HAI to dekha hoga..usme Ayan or Humaira ka relation jo b tha vohi relation hai sanju or honey ka bhi…south india me bua ki beti/bete se ya mama ki beti/bete se shadi kar sakte hai…

      i hope sab ke samjh me aa gaya hoga 🙂

    3. Thx a lot Ruby, didn’t know about south Indian religion…sorry, that’s why got confused….now I totally understand that in south Indian culture marriage between cousins is allowed…
      @pragna please continue the story, it is really nice…

  22. Cont. ur story. I m not south indian so became confused abt the relation. Bt recently watched a telgu movie (100% love) so understood tht this relation can happen and plz don’t stop writing.

  23. U cntinue dr we will understand honey sujata and sanyu’s relation day by day…. Goood going dear…. Keep it up:-D

  24. yes pragna plsss continue our “2 heart beats”

  25. @aaradhana @ruby @ roma @aparna @arvi @ zara
    thanq fnds..from today i will continue my story

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