The episode starts with all smiling. Arshi hug anjali and kushi gives prasad to them. Here shyam comes outside jail and smiles saying its been 2 yrs and kushiji i still love u and now more to have u and laughs and ofcourse ranisaiba ur money also. Here sheetal also comes out of jail and says asr iam gonna kill u and ur dirty village wife. I want ur money. Sheetal is angry on police officer then shyam sees her saying asr? Why would she hate my enemy? He says have to follow this lady to reach him and should also make friendship and smiles. Scene shifts to arnav asking so dr, where r u going to live? He says ha that i have to think. Anjali says choteh shall we invite him home? Arshi gets sure di. No need to ask. They smile. Akash says di lets leave payal here all say why? Akash says coz she doesn’t love me. She never cried for me this much. Kushi laughs. All laugh. Payal beats akash saying i will really stay here. Akash says then i too should come and stay here. Arnav says me too coz kushi will come here for her sister. All laugh. Dadi says shall we leave? All say yes. They leave in the car. Arjun says 1 min. They go inside orphanage. Arjun hands anjali a cute baby. Arjun, aarav, anjali start playing with the baby. Kushi catches arnav’s hand and says lets unite arjun and di. He says kushi but she says iam with u arnavji rabbave… Plays.

Precap: sharon is angry on kushi. Shyam smiles saying dusra nishana. Arshi is playing dandiya. Rabbave… Plays.

Bi drs. Do leave ur cmnts down.

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love u drs.

Credit to: Sindhu

  1. oh god… this much enemies of arshi……and all at the same time….specially devil shyam.

  2. Very cute and short update…Nice episode. So many villains omg, how ArShi defeat them? Very curious to know next episodes..Please update soon..Eagerly waiting…Love you loads and very very tight hug

  3. interesting tomboy

  4. Umm very well Dr……

  5. its me sona…lots of enemies for arshi..OMG

  6. Could u pls help me to watch the online episode….pls give me the link address….

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