Forever and Always (Chapter 1)

Chapter-1 (Canteen Wala fun)

The guffawing continued for a while. Radhika saw Sam’s laugh tone down. Her expression became misty and coy. An audible sigh left her lips.

Ruby and Radhika exchanged looks. They knew why Sam’s laughtertoneddown.It’s because of the guy sauntering towards their table. His gentle smile pulled several dreamy heads of girls towards his way of walking.

The girls fanned themselves looking on demurely desperately vying forhis attention.

He was Arav Rai Rathore, big brother of Neil. He was the senior in college. He belonged to Finance department.

The hottest guy in college. Let’s justsay, he wasthe most eligible bachelor. He was tall.Six feet. He was really tall, dark and handsome. Rumor has it that he is to inherit the chain of hotels of all across inIndia from his father. Arav was going to be the next big CEO.

If Neil was a brat and Casanova, Arav was calm, cool and collected and a one woman guy. Yes, sadly he had a sweetheart. She was also very polished and lovely. It’s not like she was the devil. Sana, his girlfriend was a very sweet girl. She never would hurt a fly. Also super rich. She suited himreally well.

That’s what the problem was. He was already taken, but Sam liked him. Like really liked him.

Arav walked up to his brother. He took the water bottle offered by Ruby.

“So, how was the presentation?”She asked.

Arav gulped down the water, then he wiped off his mouth. He was wearing a gray blazer, white shirt and grey pants. The dress code for seminars. He loosened his tie feeling exhausted.

“It was good.”He replied, then grinned and slapped Neil’s back.

“Heard that you got burned by Saina. Real good,man.”He grinned more.

Neil scowled not liking it very much.

“How did the news travel so fast out of the canteen. It just happened minutes ago.”He mumbled annoyed, and stole a French fry from Ruby’s tray.

Arav smiled.

“It’s not you, it’s mostly your reputation which is really famous.”He drawled.

“Hey,Arav, you asked me to complete the assignment on Research Methodology, didn’t you?Here it is.”Sam asked sweetly, and she took out a booklet out of her fastrack college bag.
Arav looked surprised first then pleased. He took the booklet from her outstretched hand.

“Sam, you’re my man. Thank god, I needed it so much.”He sighed relieved.

He smiled wide at Sam, who in turn blushed ten shades.

Radhika and Ruby stared at the sweet exchange of words. Ruby was going to die of this much sweetness. Radhika in turn thought, Can Sam get anymore obvious with her feelings for Arav.

“How can I ever thank you, Sam. You’re my savior.”He praised some more and Sam blushed some more than previously.

Yeah, yeah, get a room you two, Ruby rolled her eyes.

“Hey, but I thought, you already had completed the assignment, didn’t you?”Neil asked frowning.

Arav turned his gaze to Neil.

“Oh, yeah that is mine. This one is for Sana.”He explained.

Holy crap. Crap and Crap. Did he make write the assignment by Sam to give it to his girlfriend? Like seriously?

Radhika cannot believe the guy. Ruby and her both saw Sam’s face whitened then she flinched as if someone slapped her, but she miraculously maintained that sweet smile still. Her expression pained Radhika.

“Hey, I have to leave for Business Law class, and guys you’re coming home at six, right? For the movie night? “Arav looked around at all of them.

“Don’t tell me you guys forgot?”He declared annoyed at the silence.

“No, we haven’t.”Radhika assured him and smiled.

Arav smiled back nodding his head.

“Good, I’m leaving for class now, but meet you guys in the evening.”He said that and left as he came.

Ruby and Radhika did not want to see Sam’s hurt face. Hence the awkward silence.

“I…I..I have to go to class too.”Sam whispered, got up and hurried away before Radhika could speak to her.

“What happened to her?”Neil wondered out loud.

Both of the girls settled their gaze at him. He was stuffing his mouth with a large size cheeseburger. Bits of it were attached to the corner of his lips.

Their gazes turned disgusted. What is wrong he asks? Really? He was as clueless as his brother.

Radhika exchanged a look with Ruby which said ‘Guys are hopeless’.

Neil stole a French fry from Ruby’s plate. She caught his hand in a firm grip and hissed.

“I’ll rip off your arm if you do that again.”She glared at him.

Just when she hissed at him and held his arm in a firm grip, Ruby saw from over his shoulder a girl walk over to their table. The girl gave a disdainful glance at her and then slid her hand on Neil’s shoulder. Her delicate fingernails moving up and down.

“Just heard that you broke up with Saina?”

Neil looked all over down at the girl and gave her a rakish smile.

“Yes.”He drawled lazily.

“Oh, poor you.”The girl cooed and Ruby wanted to gag.

Then the girl leaned and whispered into his ears.

“You still have my number right, Call me.”She straightened up, smiled demurely and cat walked away.

Neil leaned his head to the right side and kept looking at the girl’s swaying hips.

He shook his head, smiling to himself and cast his glance around.

“What?”He asked.

“You really are a pig.”Ruby said disgusted.

Neil grinned and leaned closer. His face inches away from hers. His smile vanished as he looked at her full luscious lips. His breath fell on hers.

“If you think I’m a pig, then you wouldn’t hold my hand so closer to your heart. I can hear it beating fast.”He whispered huskily.

Frankly, bizzarely, Neil’s heart beat raced too along with hers. He could feel her warmth spreading from his hand which lay over her heart. The warmth spread into his blood. Heated it. His nostrils flared again but not with anger but pure desire.

Lavender. The smellshe has.Dammit, he can’t pull away now, can he. He needed to smell more. That sweet meadowy breeze.

blo*dy hell, he was becoming poetic. She has a small mole. Right at the corner of her upper lip. How will it feel if he can touch it. She would rip your arm off if you play such antics, he thought wryly.

He then slid his heated eyes to hers. Cute as hell. Small buttoned nose and dark funk on her forehead was cute as hell. Her eyes hazel brown stared at him surprised than widened. God, she was not cute. She was blo*dy adorable. She didn’t need at all themake up. Not really, he thought. His thumb ran over her wrist vein. Feeling it beat. Feeling her. Absorbing her. Feeling her take over his senses.

“Sweet, god, it’s like watching an R-rated scene.”A highly affected voice of Radhika jumped the two apart.

“Is my presence that unforgettable, guys, that you two are almost PDAing right in front of me. In front of the wholecanteen. In the middle of the day. Does not feel good with my ego guys. Get a room. Jeeeez!”Radhika mumbled sarcastically.

Ruby avoided her gaze.

“You’re out of your mind.”She cleared her throat still looking away.

Neil laughed uncomfortably avoiding Radhika’s eyes too.

“You’re crazy. Me. With her.”He laughed again. “Everyone will think that I’m kissing a boy. It would tarnish my goodreputation.”He replied hastily.

He still was feeling strange. What just happened, how can he get affected by Ruby. The tomboy Ruby. She wasn’t his type. He went for beautiful girls but not for someone like her. She wasn’t even pretty. He kept telling the lie continually to himself.

Radhika gave both of them a look. If Arav was unaware ofSam’s affection and Sam doesn’t know yet the intensity of her feeling towards him, then these two would win an Oscar for avoiding completelythe attraction for each other. Hopeless fools.


Credit to: kfar

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