Twisted Fate Of The Empire – Chapter 6

Chapter 6 To Task

Palace Garden , Mithila

Both Ram and Sita are lost in each other. The chirping birds and blooming flowers pause a bit to take a look at this couple who have found each other and themselves at the moment. The air is still and none of them speak a word but their eyes share stories with each other. The beautiful moment is broken by the hitting sunlight. Ram and Sita jitter and get to reality.

Ram: Greetings to Princess Sita
Sita: Happy to meet you Prince of Ayodhya
Ram: Im coming from your brother Prince Aditya. He has sent a mess through me. But before that I would like to share something with you
Sita: Please proceed
Ram tells the happenings in Jalandhar palace and about Bharat going to Mahishmati and Varun getting back to Aditya with the message
Sita: Im stunned to know about your presence of mind. You have done something very good.
Ram: Princess Im completing the job given to me by Prince Aditya here. Bharat will hopefully meet the king today and deliver the message to him
Saying this he gives the roll he brought from Aditya to Sita

The note
Dear Sita, this is from me Aditya. If you are reading this then Ram has successfully reached you. Sita rumours of me marrying Nandhini are spreading like wildfire. I know that you dont believe them but still I promise you that Nandhini is our enemy if I catch her Ill kill her and not marry her. Nandhini is roaming somewhere and I guess she is somehow responsible for this rumour. I want you to search for her with your sources too. And Ram can be trusted for anywork. You asked for someone to help you with certain things and Ram is the one who can help you in this situation.Take care of everyone.

Sita: Ram if you dont mind can you help me with one thing
Ram: Anything for you princess
Sita: I know that you want to get back with Bharat and help Prince Aditya against the Kaurav brothers but I want you to go to Lanka and bring Arjun here. The struggle against Kauravs will not be that easy and having the youngest prince over there it is not possible to claim the throne for the king.
Ram: Claim the throne for the king?
Sita: Pithaji is the name sake king. His health is worsening and Kauravs are taking advantage of that. You yourself saw that they were making plans to make Ashwathama the king. In addition to it Im also afraid like everyone regarding the shooting star, with Arjun far away even with King Krishna with him my heart is not accepting something.
Ram: Ill go to Lanka and bring Prince Arjun here. Its my promise to you
Just then Draupadi runs to them with something in her hand
Draupadi: Didi…Didi…I brought it
Sita gets the token from Draupadi and gives it to Ram
Sita: Prince Ram this is a sign from me. When you meet Arjun please give it to him.
She gets a parchment and writes something in it , rolls it and gives it to Ram
Sita: Prince Ram this is a message to Arjun. Please bring him here
Ram: Princess Sita Ill definitely give all my efforts to bring Prince Arjun to Mithila
Sita: Not to Mithila, please bring him to Mahishmati. Me and Draupadi will be leaving to Mahishmati after your departure
Draupadi: Didi you didn’t tell me about this
Sita: Just now I decided about it Panchali. After what Prince Ram said us being there with Pithaji will be the best. Ill meet prince Bharat if he is there when I reach and tell him about your voyage
Ram: Thanks to you Princess. When do I start for Lanka?
Sita: Prince Ram you cant go straight away by telling that you are going to bring Arjun here. Kauravas soldiers are spying everywhere and they wont like Arjun’s entry here. So I request you to go under the pretext of getting some rare medicines for Pithaji. You can go to Anga from here. There King Karna’s wife Urvi will be sending food supplies to Lanka through boat via Rameshwar. That will be the easiest way to reach Lanka. And as you are coming from bhaiya King Karna will definitely know you and it will be easy for you
Ram: Ill definitely do as you say.
Draupadi: Didi we should inform King Karna about his arrival
Sita: Yes Panchali, Ill do that immediately. Prince Ram Ill arrange for you to take rest and then you can leave tomorrow morning
Ram: But Princess Sita this matter is urgent. Ill leave now
Sita: But you are travelling a lot and you have a long journey ahead
Ram: But my mind and body are fit to travel. Its not advisable to delay these matters. If I start now Ill reach Anga in two nights and one day.
Sita: But…
Ram: All I ask is a new horse to travel. Ill leave after I eat my breakfast at the commune food area
Draupadi: Why are you eating there. Prince of Ayodhya can dine with us for breakfast hena didi?
Sita: Panchali is right…please have breakfast here in the palace
Ram agrees and follows them inside to the palace. The scene freezes

Krishna is inside the temple worshiping God Ramanathan. As the pooja is over Krishna walks out of the temple and suddenly a group of people surround him
A man in the crowd: King Krishna what are we hearing
Krishna: What is the matter ?
A woman: Oh King we heard that the Kaurav brothers are not providing food for the army in Lanka
Man: Is it true? Is our sena starving there?
Krishna smiles and: Do you people trust Arjun?
Woman: What question is this Krishna? He is our beloved Prince and how can we not trust him?
Krishna: If you trust him then you need not worry about the sena over there. Arjun will not his fellow warriors starve. We are making all the necessary arrangements to keep everyone healthy and fit
Man: Will this war end or not?
Krishna: This war will definitely end and our sena will come back victoriously
Woman: Why didn’t Prince Arjun come with you?
Krishna: Mathaji When Arjun left for war he promised that he will step back on this land with victory and with the war going on he cant come back.
Man: He will be back soon right?
Krishna: I promise that your beloved Arjun will be back very soon. Now If you permit Ill take your leave. I have to perform certain duties here
The crowd silently walks away. Krishna leaves for his work. The scene freezes

Kekaya , afternoon
Varun reaches Kekaya after a tiring journey. He goes to palace guard and shows the emblem of Mahishmati. The guard bows and allows him inside. Varun walks into the palace of the princess.
Maid: Who are you?
Varun: Im Varundev from Prince Aditya. Im here to meet the princess
Maid: Walk inside. Princess will meet you in the chamber
Varun gets in and seats himself in the chair. His eyes scan the interiors when foot steps are heard. Varun sits upright as his eyes fall on Princess Devsena
Varun: Greetings Princess Devsena
Devsena: Who are you?
Varun: Princess Im Varundev from the Aarya Clan. Currently Im under the service of Prince Aditya
Devsena: What job do you have here now?
Varun is struggling to gather words as his heart beat races on seeing Princess Devsena. Before he could talk Jodha enters
Jodha: Varun…so soon? Where is Prince Ram?
Varun remembers Ram’s caution to him
Varun: Princess…Ram has gone to Mithila to meet princess Sita for an important work. And For me..actually Prince Aditya sent a message for me to get back to Indraprastha
Jodha: Any problem?
Varun: Nothing to worry Princess Jodha. It’s something regarding the capturing of Nandhini
Devsena: Jijaji is calling you for that?
Varun: That was mentioned in the message. Princess Jodha Im here to collect message from you to the Prince and regarding the king , we met the Duryodhan at Jalandhar and he said that the king is stable.
Jodha: Im always praying God for his health. Hope he recovers soon.
Varun: He will definitely. And the message..sorry to urge but you know Prince Aditya well…if I don’t reach in time…
Jodha: Ill get the message
Jodha takes a paper roll and gives it to Varun. He blinks in surprise
Devsena: From the day you and Prince Ram came didi wrote more than 100 messages and threw them offf this is the last one
Jodha (blushes):Keep quiet Deva
Varun: Ill give it to Prince Aditya. Princess I would like to take your leave now
Jodha: You can rest and leave
Varun: Princess Jodha your hospitality is commendable but now I have to leave but don’t worry if not as the Princess of Kekaya but as the consort of our Beloved Prince you will have to bear with us for your entire life and feed us often so Ill take your leave now
Varun leaves for Indraprastha. The scene freezes

Next Chapter : A hair breadth escape

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