Parineeti 16th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Pari gets stuck in the bank

Parineeti 16th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The Guru Beeji runs from the bank. Pari thinks to go behind her but stops herself. Pari is in the bank when Neeti calls her and says Sanju has been very sweet with her. She says I think I am in love with him but I can’t confess it. Pari says you shouldn’t be shy if he takes care of you and makes you happy. You should express your feelings to him.

The drunk goons enter the bank to rob it. they scatter around and shout for everyone to sit down. They take everyone hostage.

Vicky hdoes a deal and gets money from the buyer. Mandeep sees that and thinks to get it from him. Vicky says I think we should keep this money in the bank.

Neeti calls Rajeev and asks how much does he love her? Rajeev smiles and is about to reply but see Pari coming to him. He leaves from there and whispers to her that he loves her unconditionally. Neeti smiles and says you are romantic.

Rajeev comes to Pari and finds her crying. He asks what happened? Pari gets emotional and says I miss my father, you also never came to pick me. She says I had to bear a lot as my father was my support system and he left us also. Rajeev thinks she won’t stop crying if I don’t console her. He asks her to stop crying and says I will take care of you but you have to control your feelings. Pari nods.

The drunk goons cover the cameras in the bank and start collecting money. A security guard tries to stop them but they shoot him. Pari and Rajeev find the goons in the bank and hide from there. Rajeev goes out to call the police. Pari saves the Guru Beeji.

The drunk goon asks the bank manager to give them the safe key otherwise they won’t spare him. The manager Mukesh says I don’t have a key. The drunk goon says do you want to die? All hostages are scared. The goon says I will kill you, Mukesh cries and pleads for his life. He gives them the key. The goon asks him to sit back down. Monty is hiding from them and tries to run away. Another goon goes to get the jewelry from lockers. A goon gets the news that another branch is sending gold here. The goon asks the manager Mukesh if more gold is coming? Why didn’t you tell me? Do you want to die? I will take the gold and kill you also.

Pari is standing alone, Beeji tells her that when I met her for the first time, I felt that his soul is black and there is something else between you both. I can’t call it love but it’s a connection which is tied to someone else. That connection can break your relationship with him.

PRECAP – Pari records a video in the bank and tells Neeti that are stuck in the bank and have been held hostage. Please save me. Neeti is stunned and says don’t worry, I am coming to save you Pari.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. For writer of this serial, are you idiot or crazy? Whatever you are showing is bullshit and crap? How many money Terrorists gave you to show this? In Punjab, there are only Sikh Terrorists who had done these type of things in the past so correct your serial, Idiot. Or you may be sponsor of AAP, funded by Khalistanis.

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