Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 16th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Ahilya brings Renuka to the darbar

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 16th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bhola saying Renuka doesn’t want to go without Ahilya. He tells her everything and cries. Ahilya cries. Malhar says yesterday the darbar was called off because Kailash wasn’t here, today the matter is something else, I have invited these pandits here, darbar can’t be dismissed. Kailash says Renuka told fake stories to Ahilya and defamed me, I want to file a case on Renuka. Gangoba says Renuka doesn’t know the problem coming on her if she doesn’t come to the darbar. Tukoji says she is really scared, she won’t come without Ahilya. Ahilya asks Gautama to let her go to the darbar. Gautama says I won’t say anything. She asks Ahilya’s mum to explain her.

Ahilya tries hard to convince them. She says what can be bigger gift for my child than justice. Dwarka smiles and says no one can win over Ahilya in talks, what can we do, let her go. Ahilya is leaving. Her mum comes in front and stops her. Ahilya’s mum doesn’t let her go. Gunu ji says Renuka has no proof against Kailash, she didn’t come here, there is no case in such a situation, I request you to take the decision in Kailash’s favor. Malhar says before deciding, do anyone has to say something. Khanderao says we can’t do injustice, its imp to listen to both the parties, I think if Renuka couldn’t come today then… Ahilya comes and says Renuka has come to the darbar.

FB shows …Ahilya saying you all want me to have food, fine, I will have it, but Bhola will have the food with me. Bhola refuses to have food leaving Renuka in tension. Ahilya says a little kid has this sense, how can I eat then, will it not be good if I go and help Renuka, won’t her blessings be good for my baby. Gautama asks Ahilya’s mum to open the door and let Ahilya go. FB ends. Renuka comes there. Malhar smiles seeing Ahilya. Ahilya takes permission to start the case. Khanderao says we can now start this case. He asks Gunu ji to present the case. Gunu ji says we have no witness that Renuka was tortured, Renuka has one aim, to get a share in the property, she has no right on the property, she is a widow and doesn’t have any child, she was living on Kailash’s pity, after defaming him, now he has no duty towards her.

Ahilya says you said it right, its not imp that we always take the decision by mind, sometimes we can think by heart and decide, especially when its about a husband and a wife, if a husband dies, then the wife has no rights on the house, why, we humans make the law, so we humans can change it also, right Gunu ji.

Khanderao asks how is this possible that we change the old rules for one person. Malhar says yes, it’s a long process to make a law, laws can’t be made or changed in one day, what’s your proposal. Ahilya says I understand, I m not demanding to make a new law, many solutions are written in Shastras for a couple to get children, one solution is adoption. Everyone looks on. Ahilya says a childless couple can adopt a child to take care of their property and heirship, why can’t a widow adopt a child, if Renuka adopts the child, then the child will get the rights which her own child will have. Renuka smiles. Pandits ask how can this happen. Ahilya asks why can’t it happen, there are many such examples in royal families, the difference is, a widow is doing this. He asks how can a widow do it, we can’t permit this. Gunu ji thinks its good, pandits are getting angry on her again, Malhar will think many times before angering them. Ahilya says we all respect you, pandit ji, I have one request, Renuka’s husband is no more, but Kailash is there, his family will have the heir, but there are many such families where the heir won’t be there, what will happen. Pandit says I also have one son, he stays ill, he doesn’t have a child, you are right, we also worry the same. Malhar smiles.

A couple comes to the darbar and asks for their nephew, Bhola. Ahilya is shocked.

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  1. I do not understand why widows are treated so badly . Why is it the same people who worship goddes Durga, Kali and the other deities treat living breathing females ie widows like outcast ? Females bring life into the world should we as a society not protect them !

  2. simply dragging and prolonging episodes without developing new story. now comparable with saas-bahu serial

  3. This is 18th century. Women were treated badly everywhere not just in India. In Europe all elite women had to have protection of father or husband or brother to survive. Or they were thrown out. That’s why Jane Eyre was so groundbreaking in 19th century. For the first time a woman with well to do relatives who abandoned her took up a job to support herself. Ahilya is ahead of her time all over the world.

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