Tera Mera Saath Rahe 16th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Saksham and Chiragh try to hide Kesari

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Scene 1
Gopika comes to the store. Everyone hides the girl. They hid her in the box. Gopika says you all here? Munna says I was hurt. Gopika says so you all learned? She says let me take mangoes. Chiragh says let me get you some. Munna says here you go. Gopika says why are you all behaving so weird. She says Saksham maa ji called you. He says you go, I will come. She leaves. Saksham asks Chiragh to take Kesari to the guestroom.

Gopika says to Saksham and Gopika you both should think about taking the family forward now. Chiragh and Keshao hide Kesari in the closet. They say don’t come out. Aashi and Rajo come there. Saksham says to Nikhila you know what happened to you for a child. She says for past you shouldn’t ruin the present. Every couple is different. You’re not like your dad and you and Gopika love each other so much. Gopika says I am with Saksham, he’s not comfortable at the moment. Nikhila says this is my order. Aashi says aren’t they all always together these days? Chiragh says so are you you. She says we’ve to get the blanket. They open the closet but Kesari isn’t there. She hid under the bed. Aashi and Rajo leave. Aashi stops. Chiragh says this is enough. They leave. They give money to Kesari for hiding.

Scene 2
Chiragh tries to recall his past. He notes down all the girls he met 8 years ago. Saksham says I can’t recall any girl. Aashi comes. Chiragh hides his list. Rajo says to Munna are you mad at me? He says I am not. She says why do you have Jigar’s notebook. Gopika comes to Saksham. She says where are you lost? I thought you lost interest in me. He says that would be the last day of my life. Saksham thinks about Kesari. He hugs Gopika. Chiragh says I made the list. Keshap says I did too. Saksham says I have no list. I didn’t want to marry. Munna says my list is also very old. Keshap says one person is lying. They all fight with each other. Keshap looks at them. A woman looks at Kesari from the window. She says hi to her.

Scene 3
Ramila sees the show where the best MIL DIL couple will get 20 lacs. Ramila says how can I let 20 lacs go. they both think about it. Hitain says can I get tea? Tejal says let me make it. Ramila says no no it will ruin your makeup. Hitain says what? Ramila says we will win this MIL DIL award.

Saksham says how did she come out? What if someone saw her. Aashi comes and says saw what?

Episode neds

Precap-Kesari comes out. Rajo says I saw a child’s shadow.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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