TwiNj/TwinRaj Horror Ff: Pyaar Ka Dard Hai (1~Unknown Face)

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“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Twinkle, happy birthday to you, may you have many more, may you have many more, happy birthday dear Twinkle, happy birthday to you,” the crowd sang for a girl standing with the help of crutches in between the crowd wearing a birthday cap who was smiling while cutting the cake. She fed it to the woman standing beside her and then to the man on her left, they were her parents, Leela and Raminder. They fed her back wishing her many happy returns of the returns. Then she forwarded the slice towards the girl.

The girl pouted as she moved it to the boy standing beside her. “What Twinkle di? You tease me a lot, you always do this, you feed my daughter Anjor first and not me,” she said sadly, Twinkle giggled and then forwarded the slice to her but she looked away. “Aray baby doll, my Chakki, you know na that you’re my first priority,” Twinkle said to her little sister Chakor and she smiled and took a bite and fed it to her and hugged her. “Many happy returns of the day di,” Chakor said. “Thanks,” she replied as she gave her a gift. “Anjor’s gift.”

She said and gave another gift to her. “Oh thank you,” she said and smiled hugging her and Anjor. After sometime, she broke the hug. “I just hope you get a baby on this birthday,” Chakor said smilingly, Twinkle got tears in her eyes but maintained a smile. “Haha, naughty girl, you too,” she said and kissed her forehead. “I already have Anjor,” Chakor said and Anjor signed and Chakor repeated her actions. “Bring baby soon.” She giggled while Twinkle blushed. She hit her shoulder a little as they laughed and she walked away to Leela and Raminder. “Mom, dad,” she said and their attention diverted to her but she got quiet. “Yes?” Leela said. She didn’t say anything.

“Tell na beta,” Raminder said. Twinkle looked down and Leela looked at him and then back to her. “She’s asking for a gift I think,” she said and Raminder laughed. “Beta so what’s there to be shy about? Children never get old for parents, take,” Raminder said handing her a gift and she smiled. Leela too handed her a gift and she smiled and turned to go but was stopped by them, Raminder handed her keys. She looked at the keys and then at them. “What are these for?” She asked cluelessly. “These are the keys of the Royal Manor which is named as Yuvi-Twinkle Manor”

Leela told her and she widened her eyes. “Yuvi-Twinkle Manor? What is that? Is it named after me and Yuvraj?” She asked cluelessly. “We bought a mansion years ago which we thought to gift it to you on your 25th birthday and then when you got Yuvraj, so we joined his name with yours,” Raminder told her and smiled. “Oh but… Why?” Twinkle asked. “You wanted to start your own career somewhere abroad, right? So we thought that when you will go to Goa, you should live there,” Lerla replied and she became happy. “In Goa? It’s my favorite place, thank you Mom, thank you Dad, it’s the best gift ever,” she said and hugged both her parents happily. “I m going alone, I don’t want Yuvi to come with me,” she said and they agreed. Yuvi is Twinkle’s abusive husband, but she hides the truth from her parents.


Soon it was morning, Twinkle had booked a cab to go till airport, she bid everyone bye and soon she reached the airport. Soon the plane took off and it took her one hour to land in Goa.


The Uber car pulled up at the Yuvi-Twinkle Manor and Twinkle and the driver came out with her to help her with her luggage. They shifted her luggages inside and soon the Uber driver drove away. She had a tour of the house all by herself, perfect rooms, perfect interior, perfect everything. She smiled and settled on the couch putting away her crutches and opened her laptop, she signed into her account and video called Raminder. She received it after sometime. “Hello dad, I reached safely, and the house is really beautiful,” she said smiling at the webcam. He smiled back.

“I m glad you liked it,” he said. “I already knew he will like it,” Leela said. Twinkle giggled. “Mind reader,” he said and the trio giggled. “How’s my baby dolls?” Twinkle asked after a good laugh. “Yeah they’re fine, Chakor is making Anjor study,” Leela said. “Oh, then good luck to them,” she said and the video call ended.

Later the door bell rung at evening and she answered. As she opened the door, she was pushed on the floor harshly. “Aaahhh,” she screamed and looked at the entrance. It was Yuvi. “Why didn’t you tell me about coming here?” He asked.

“I wanted to explore on my own,” she said and he held her arm pulling her up, she clutched her collar trying to stand straight. “You deserve a punishment!” He said and bent down to pick her crutches and dragged her towards the store room and opened the door. “No please don’t do this to me Yuvraj, I beg you,” she said but her voice was going in deaf ears, he pushed her down the store room stairs and threw the crutches at her and closed the door with a bang. She tried to adjust to the darkness but couldn’t and went unconscious.


Twinkle was sleeping later at night, but she woke up because of intense thirst but to her bad luck, Yuvi felt no pity for her and she was still closed in the store room. She sat up rubbing her eyes and tried to get on her feet. She closed her eyes as the light of the store room switched on and she could hear someone coming down the stairs. “Yuvi,” she said trying to open her eyes. After sometime, she adjusted to the light and opened her eyes and saw a hand forwarded towards her. She looked up and seeing the unknown face, she screamed.

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