Nimki Mukhiya 24th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Nimki faints

Nimki Mukhiya 24th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tettar says now a woman will shoot a man? Babbu says let it be. I could kill her. Babu says take her away from here. Ritu says why. Babbu says have you ever done anything? Babbu leaves. Tettar says Annaro was right too? She said your retirement time is here. She said Babbu will rule. You should tell people you saved Babu not Babbu saved himself. Babu comes back and says let’s call in people and tell them I won the case. Ritu says Tettar should tell it. Babu says I was ashamed. Tettar says they called you my son. Not your name. I can handle this. Babbu says okay.

Nimki is going somewhere. Mauha says don’t do to panchayat. What will people say. Nimki says I can’t stop living. Salman Rubina and Ismail come to meet her. Nimki says go to honeymoon. Salman says we read.. We wanted to ask if you are good? Nimi says don’t I look good? Nimki says get breakfast ready for them Mauha. Salman says no no we don’t need anything. Salman says don’t act Nimki. People are taking that you ruined your marriage. Salman says some people are saying you did this for money. Ismail says we want to tell people that you were right. Tune comes and says Jhariya is announcing outside.

They come out. Jhariya says truth won. Babbu is absolved from the case. Nimki is a liar but they are big people. They forgave Nimki. Nimki comes with a bat and starts beating him. All people from village beat jharya. Nimki faints. Everyone picks Nimki.

Tettar says to press Nimki caused us damage by this accusation. Annaro says we tried to make her feel hoe. But she was after money only. She was involved with Abhi. Babu says I tried fixing marriage. My mom taught me how to respect women. Sweeti says how low would you stoop. Jhariya comes in. HE says Nimki beat me. She hit me a lot.

Doctor checks Nimki. He gives her medicine. Nimki says I am fine. doctor says her BP is high. Ismail says we have to keep her away from people talking.

Precap-Abi says we will appeal in high court. Nimki says I wont. I will give him justice his way now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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