Patiala Babes 23rd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita gets her first pay cheque!

Patiala Babes 23rd May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita and Minnie get surprisingly happy hearing it’s 11 lakh rupees cheque. Minnie snatches cheque away from Hanuman. Babita says she will see first and runs behind Minnie to catch her. In that, Babita almost bumps into Hanuman and they have eyelock. Minnie tells Babita she will give her cheque after she gives her shagun gift. Babita asks what she wants. Minnie says that smile on her face should always be there. Babita finally gets cheque in her hands. She opens with eyes closed and then slowly reads it. Both hug each other and are very happy. They go to God with the cheque. Hanuman watches them.

Meeta’s parents are disturbed recalling Babita’s words. Her father apologizes to Ashok’s parents and says they all can see how disaster this marriage is going to be. He will take

Meeta back with him. Just then Ashok and Meeta enter with garlands. Ashok declares that they got married in court. Now their family members won’t have to be embarrassed about anything or explain anything to anyone. Biji objects why they married like this when they had agreed. Ashok puts blame on Meeta saying she was not believing he would marry her. Meeta’s father gets angry on Ashok. Lovely speaks in Ashok’s favour, but Papaji shuts her up and apologizes to Meeta’s father. Biji advices they should at least get them married religiously with close family members. Lovely taunts and Meeta goes in her room.

Babita and Minnie are still lookig at cheque. They can’t believe they got such a huge amount. Minnie says it’s Babita’s 1 month of hard work. Babita tells her she helped her equally. Babita says cheque might be 11 lakh, but that includes 7 lakh of expense, 2.5 loans. So they only have 1.5 lakh left and they have to share it between Nayeem Bi, Kammo, Madhu, Hanuman, Lala, and them. They will get 45000 rupees in end. Minnie says for start, it’s not bad. Babita says she never imagined she would earn 45000 in one month. Minnie asks why she wanst to return loan so soon. They might be short of funds then. Babita says that’s right, but she doesn’t want to take Khatri’s help. She is tired of getting cheated. They can borrow money on credit.

Khatri is at Hanuman’s home. Babita and Minnie expose him in front of everyone. He says it might have been mistake. Hanuman says not mistake, he purposely created fake bills. Babita says she kept copies of every single bill. She asks him by cheating her, he didn’t think that Kammo won’t get any money either for all the hard work she did. Madhu asks Kammo how her husband can do that. Hanuman reveals that Kartar is also involved. He then asks Babita to file an FIR against Khatri, so he speaks all truth. Khatri says it’s just a small mistake and tells Babita hopes she understands. She says she understands everything. Crime is done by him and Kartar, but their wives will get punished as it’s their names in all papers. For that reason, she won’t file any FIR. She returns Khatri’s loan money and contract termination letter to him. Kammo and Madhu tell her not to do that. She says she’s breaking partnership, but they can still work for her. Khatri accuses Babita for making plan and trapping him. She says if he wanted, he could have been loyal and earn profits. But instead he got greedy and this is the result of that. Khatri warns her that she won’t be able to survive in market. Minnie says they are Patiala Babes. They can survive anything.

Precap: Babita gives Hanuman’s share to him saying if he had anything for Minnie, then it was understandable. He feels bad saying she made him stranger. Later, Nayeem Bi goes to him and asks he started liking Babita, right?

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Why update is so late . It has been a whole day then the update has been provided. Please try to be bit earlier as you do for other shows.

    1. Ya, very true. If the update is before the episode comes on SonyLiv, it will be more helpful.

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