TwiNj TwinRaj Horror Ff Pyaar Ka Dard Hai (15~He Is Dead)

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Flashback Continues:
Yuvi waited for Kunj to leave and entered the house secretly as he saw him exit his house. He saw a breathtaking view in front of him. Twinkle was sitting with his back towards him, her hair were in front of her left shoulder, her back was partially bare. He smiled looking at her lustfully and went towards her ever so slowly. While she was lost while playing the piano, he went and bent towards her. “Today I want to teach you a new tune Tweety,” he said and she smiled. “Why not?” She said and the man entwined his fingers with hers and nuzzled in her hair, she noticed something awkward and turned and seeing Yuvi, she jerked.

She looked at him fearfully. “What the hell are you doing here? You’re just a boss of my husband, be away from me,” she shouted angrily. “Don’t know why, but since I have seen you, don’t know what has happened to me, I just want to come closer and closer and closer to you darling Twinkle also known as Tweety,” he said and she stood up moving backwards. “You don’t have any right to call me Tweety, only my dear husband has it!” She shouted. He sat on the couch pulling her on his lap. “Leave!” She shouted and stood up, he too stood up and pulled her again.

“Your husband is gone out from some work,” he said with a smirk and began to near her. “No! Don’t you dare to come closer to me!” She shouted and then fell on the floor while walking backwards. “You’re mine Tweety,” he said seductively and kept his foot on her foot, she screamed with pain. He got on top of her and she struggled to make him leave and finally managed to push him and stood up. “Just leave!” She shouted and began to go but he held her wrists and pulled her back. She struggled and he tried to take her to the room.

Kunj came there and seeing the scenario of Yuvi forcing Twinkle, he got shocked. “Twinkle!” He screamed in worry and rushed to her but Yuvi pushed him on the wall, he got hurt and fell on the floor. Yuvi pushed Twinkle and her head banged with the table and she went unconscious. Yuvi turned to Kunj and smirked and made unconscious Twinkle stand. “Don’t you dare Yuvraaj!” Kunj shouted. Yuvi held the back of her head and pushed her on the wall and she fell on the floor with her head bleeding heavily. “Oh Teri! Pagal hai Kya!”

Kunj shouted. “Pagalpana tumne abhi mera dekha kahan hai?” Yuvi said and fractured Twinkle’s leg breaking it. Kunj went unconscious seeing the torture. Twinkle was admitted to hospital, Yuvi made someone do such a black magic on Kunj that his body would be alive, his heart beat would be proper and he would even breathe but his soul would be separated from his body and he would roam like a lost soul, he hid her body in the basement of store room. Then his soul was captivated in the Yuvi-Twinkle Manor which was actually named as Twinkle-Kunj Manor in which Twinkle came to live without informing Yuvi as he knew the secret and didn’t wanted her to reach it.

Fb ends.

“What? So much happened with you? He tried experimenting time travel on you?” She asked and lowered on the floor cryingly. Kunj sat in front of her and wiped her tears. “For the last time Twinkle, tolerate it only for today, after that he won’t be there,” he said and she looked at him pitifully. “I m scared, if I lose you forever, then this Yamraaj Yuvi, don’t know what will he do,” she said crying hysterically.

“I m not going anywhere, I m coming back to you, baby, now stop crying and give your so called husband his tea,” he said and she kept crying looking down. ” Haathon Ki Lakeeren Aaj Kal Le Rahi Hai Karwaten, O..Meri Zindagi Mein Tum Ho Aa Rahe, Sun Raha Hoon Aahate Aahate..Tere Gaalon Ka Main Colour Soniye.. Soniye..Tere Gaalon Ka Main Colour Soniye, Gale Ka Tere Main Necklace Ho Gaya, Tune Khayalo Ko Jo Choo Liya, Haye Neendon Ka Aana Jaana Less Ho Gaya, O Mar Gaye Yaar Deewane, O Tere Lover Purane, O Die Heart Fan Tere Hain Tuhi Kadar Na Jaane, O Mar Gaye Yaar Deewane, O Tere Lover Purane, O Die Heart Fan Tere Hain, Tuhi Kadar Na Jaane,” he sung in her ears slowly and she laughed.

Finally she smiled, he helped her to her feet and gestured her to go and give the tea to Yuvi. She went unwillingly.


There was only fifteen minutes left before 12 and for the full moon to appear. That night, Twinkle drugged Yuvi and took him to their room. He pinned her to the wall and kissed her lips, she struggled and pushed him away furiously.

“How dare you?” She asked and he came closer again. “I m your husband, don’t forget that,” he said and she fumed. “You are not my husband, you killed my husband,” she said angrily and he laughed. “Yes, actually I m his killer, but not really, his soul is separated while he still has a heartbeat, and if today I make you mine on this full moon night then he won’t be able to return back,” he said drunkily and then nuzzled in her neck. “Nooooo, noooo, please no,” she begged and struggled but he held her wrists to the wall.

She pushed him and he held her wrists pulling her forward. She let her feet getting dragged against the floor which resulted her in getting on one knee near his feet. He took advantage of this and wrapped his arm around her neck and made her stand and pushed her on the bed. She saw Kunj from the corner of her eye. “Sorry Twinkle but today my power won’t work, I m weak today,” he said. “Nooooo!” Twinkle screamed as he came on top of her. “Don’t do this, whatever you do, neither my heart can be yours nor my body can be yours,” she said. Kunj tried touching Yuvi and to his luck, he could touch her. He held his neck and pulled him up in the air. Yuvi got short on breathe and he left him remembering that he should be killed only by Twinkle that too accidentally.

Yuvi got up and again came on top of her and continued to kiss her neck. Kunj tried using his power but in vain. Twinkle looked to her right and saw a lamp at the bedside table. She looked at Yuvi and then at the lamp. “Sorry Yuvraaj, but looks like you will die by my hands today, it is written in your fate,” she whispered and picked the lamp and hit him on his head, he startled and she pushed him away which resulted in him falling on the floor. He stood up and looked at her and walked stumbling towards her. Blood rained down from his head.

She looked at him whimpering badly. He came from her side and then fell on her as life drained out of him. She screamed cryingly and pushed him away. Once again he fell on the floor, this time like a dead leaf. She sat up and got off the bed and went towards Yuvi’s body kneeling in front of him. Hesitantly, she let her hand towards his nose checking his breath but found none. She checked his pulse which was also none. She pressed her ear against his chest to hear his heartbeat, it was also none. “He’s dead,” she said to Kunj. He came to her as she stood up and tried locking his hands with hers but this time he couldn’t touch her. He looked at her sadly.

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  1. TwiNjFanForever

    Bastard Uv!
    But Why Kunj couldn’t touch her???!

    1. Salley145

      Because this is the night when she has to protect herself on her own..

  2. Nice episode dear
    So yvui is I think dead
    But then why twinj could not be together..
    I am a bit confused now..
    Curious to read your next post ..
    Please post soon

  3. Amazing episode dear please post soon

  4. Awesome episode dear post soon

  5. Awesome episode dear post soon

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  7. Mind-blowing chapter but why twinj not together please post soon

  8. Muhammad Murtajiz

    This uv ??????
    Just hope twinj Unite soon ????
    Posts soon

  9. nice epi
    post next soooon

  10. Me_rp_27

    Epi is awesome…..??
    This uv’s character just getting on my nerves…??.
    Hope twinj are united soon…???
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      Next one is posted

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