Spoilers 14th June 2019

Rajaa Beta:
Pankhudi decides to do Purva’s abortion and thinks Vedant will leave Purva for going against his decision. She thinks he will leave Purva. She tells Purva that she had thought enough and will do her tests. Purva thanks Pankhudi. Pankhudi says you are getting this done in a hurry and says you might repent later and back off. Purva is adamant to get the baby aborted and tells that her decision is final. Pankhudi does the preliminary tests before the operation. She is about to operate on Purva, but Vedant comes and stops her from taking the life of an innocent baby. Both Purva and Vedant get upset with each other. The family members figure out that Purva was pregnant before marriage. Dadi questions Vedant.

Main Bhi Ardhangini:
Chitra creates an illusion for Vaidehi. Vaidehi sees Anuradha hanged, Narayan killed and Madhav taking his last breath on her lap. She gets devastated to see their deaths. Chitra blames Vaidehi and says Madhav lost his life because of you. She says nobody can separate me from Madhav. Vaidehi cries being very scared. Madhav comes to know about Chitra. Vaidehi decides to leave the house silently.

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