loving again (twinj ff) part 20

Part 20

“it took you, long Son!!” Uma teased her suddenly happy son.

His face was beaming after so long and it wasn’t a big thing to get an idea of what could have been the reason for this.

This kind of lit face was only because of a certain thing and she could not wait to hear about it but she had to wait till the two themselves thought to open up to her.

“We were on the terrace.” he replied closing the door and not looking behind.

“WE?…. she wanted him to define the WE but then thought to let it the way.

“shit”… he swore as soon as he understood a big blunder he made.

“i meant me and Kavya… he certainly was making a fool of himself.

“yeah who else son?” Uma agreed.

“your flight is around 11 Son !! right?” she confirmed to change the topic and let her poor son breath.

“yeah Bebe, I’ll leave by 9.” he answered laying down the now sleeping girl.“don’t rush, there is nothing I came with so no need to pack or ready anything.”

“Okay son,” mother herself was happy with the happenings of the day.


“he has suffered a lot, it is about the time he gets some happiness.” her heart told her creasing brows.

“but I am not ready for this new relationship.” she said to herself as she watered the colocasia leaves. “the same house would sound different to me”

“so what, he should leave the house?” her brain retorted back.

“Nooo, I didn’t mean that. What I mean is it would be different to start the life with him in the same place and the same environment.” her hesitations were visible again.

“there is no choice anyway…” her determination was constantly being challenged.

She had to talk with someone about it … maybe her mother!

Walking to another plant she looked up to the bunch of fireflies still hanging out on the terrace attached to different plants and creepers on the terrace.


“Hey Man, so you are reaching soon!” it was a text from Paul asking about his whereabouts.

“Yeah, taking the flight.” he was typing it away when he found someone’s steps coming to his room.

And followed by a knock the person opened the door…

She stood there in drenched bottoms… confusion spread over her face, with no color at all she asked the permission to sit.

“you know I wanted to discuss something… its something I should have thought prior but all this happened suddenly.” her words were hesitating as her posture.

“what is it Twinkle?” you look nervous and are you… alright?” he asked coming closer to her but she took a step back.

“Yeah, I am good.” the gesture was strange but she could not stand beside him… not now.

“Okay, I’ll come later to talk about it.” in no moment she turned and was already leaving the room.

“Hey, hey… he rushed in front of her and in the process with some unknown happening to both of them she hit her toe to the corner table and mishap came with no warning…

“shhhhhhh, she hissed in pain jumping on her place and he took a step back seeing the pain he caused unintentionally.

“i am so sorry Twinkle.. I didn’t intend- he was cut off.

“shut up… will you please shut up…” she was annoyed now.

Holding her toe she sat on the chair offered to her just a few moments back and waited for the pain to subside.

The moments went in silence and it was broken with the ping of his WhatsApp messenger. She opened her fist holding her toe and saw the stained gauge.

“Don’t move, let me help you.” he walked to grab the medical box.

“i’ll manage… she said standing up when he spoke.

“at least let me grab the flight peacefully,” he commented in a hope she would let him help her.

“you are already going to grab the flight peacefully.” she taunted him and he was surprised of this behavior.

What happened to her, do the accepted proposals have such kind of after treatment?” he mused silently grabbing the medical kit.

“i was just telling let me help you. I caused this injury to you so…” he said pulling out the old gauze from the injury.

“i am sorry for I shouted suddenly, I was just ..

“injured and upset.” he completed without looking up.

“after you came back I thought to talk with someone but no one came in my mind… and then I thought I should talk with you.” she continued.

“what was it? He asked cleaning the injury.

“can we stay somewhere else after you know… she hesitated.

“after the marriage…he looked up and she looked away nodding a yes.

“does it matter to you?” he asked

“what do you mean… off course Yes, otherwise I didn’t have brought this thing.” she replied in haste.

“no I thought it was because of some stupid society and all.” He completed with a ghost of a smile playing on his lips.

“you never answered my question…” she reminded him.

“Ummm, now I am getting my termination in a few months and I have no choice to stop it…but I’ll see,” he told thoughtfully as he rolled the gauge roll.

“it was an idiotic wish of mine, leave it…Anyways I didn’t think about Bebe and Kavya.” she sounded embarrassed and in the jest, she pulled her feet only to be stopped by him.

“what are you doing Crazy woman?” he shrieked on her movements.

“Sorry, “ she apologized again, it was totally a day of surprises.

The following moments passed in silence one more time and after he was done he sat in front of her and spoke.

“i understand there are a lot of things which would hurt us.. and maybe more than me it would be you who has to suffer but believe me though I never stopped loving you I will also suffer every day with his memories everywhere in this house,” he said earnestly in a straight voice.

She kept herself strong in many moments but today she was exhausted and as he mentioned Yuvi her eyes moistened and in no time big drops started wetting her already wet cloths.

“hey, stop…I didn’t mean… he made a fool of himself one more time.

“Forgive me for this… but you need it,” he said suddenly and standing on his feet pulled her to him.

As soon as she was engulfed in that strange embrace, she had no idea why but she felt calm… she was going to hate herself for it but she needed this assuring hug that she was not alone in this.

She didn’t know when and she didn’t know how but somewhere she has already started seeing a future with him and though this hug was incomplete the proximity eased her creased brows.


Hello everyone, are we already stepping closer?? Consoling the person comes with a piece of baggage you unintentionally put on your love.

I am not saying it is bad, it causes wonders to the relationship and looks like the same is happening here.

Tell me how you like the part…

With love Morusya.

  1. Amazing episode dear twinj scene is too cute please post soon

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      thank you so much Pooja… contemplting on the next chapter.

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  5. Wow wonderful episode dear..
    Finally they are speaking to eachother rather than their self talks …
    The moments between them are really adorable..
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    1. Morusya51

      yes even i am happy to see they are speaking to each other, each chapter is a task to shape, i keep thinking for hours how to shape this thing and then finally you guys like it ,i can’t tell how happy i get.
      more of them are coming in the next part dear..

  6. TwiNjFanForever

    Yes, it does! The story is absolutely beautiful and I like the fact that it is moving at a good pace with each character being given importance.

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      thank you , thank you, thank you a ton love… i can’t tell you how happy i get seeing the new people commenting.
      i am feeling gratitude for you guys loved it

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      thank you so much, dear, i am so so so happy today because of these many comments and all comments saying they loved it.. touch wood.
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