TwiNj TwinRaj Horror Ff Pyaar Ka Dard Hai (13~Drugged)

Flashback Continues:
Kunj answered the door and found no one, he looked outside left and right but there was no one out there. He closed the door and went back to his room. He saw Twinkle sitting deep in thoughts. “Who was it?” She asked as she saw him. “No one, you sleep,” he said and they slept again cuddling each other.


Once again Twinkle was awakened by someone banging their front door. This time she decided to go on her own. She sat up moving Kunj’s arm from her waist and pushed the duvet careful to not disturb his sleep.

She went out of the room and went downstairs and walked to the main door opening it. She saw a hooded man at the entrance. She panted heavily before asking anything. “Who are you? What do you want? Why are you troubling us at this hour of the night?” She asked him. He removed his hoodie revealing his burnt face and blood oozing out of his temple. “On the way back to home, my car met with an accident and my brother is nowhere to be seen, have you seen him?” He asked and she sighed. “How will I? It’s 3 in the morning, of course I would be sleeping, right? Go and seek help from police, please leave,” she said.

When she was about to shut the door, she saw more hooded men coming from behind carrying something really huge in their arms. She creased her eyebrows and gasped, as they came into the clearing and as the light fell on that something huge, she got shocked as it was Kunj. Then she realized that all this was a trap to distract her and then the men took away Kunj while she was busy in talking with this man with the burnt face.

“Kunj!” She screamed worriedly and took a step forward to approach Kunj but at that very moment, the man with burnt face wrapped his palm around her neck throttling her from behind. “Abey chal!” He said angrily.

Twinkle woke up from the bad dream covered in sweat and panted heavily. She lit the bedside lamp and got relieved seeing that Kunj was safe and was sleeping by her side. She smiled with tears in her eyes and caressed his hair and kissed his forehead and rested her cheek on her forehead hugging him. She slept cuddling to him closely.

Next day, she woke up and was sitting on the dining table thinking about the dream. Kunj came there with a tray having two coffee cups. He sat beside her and kept one of the cups in front of her, when he saw that she wasn’t paying attention, he pushed the cup towards her. She got out of her trance and took the cup and began to drink it carefully. “Twinkle, it’s too hot, at least wait for it to cool down,” he said and she kept it back on the table. He held her hands in both her hands.

“What is it that is troubling you?” He asked and she hugged him tightly. “I had a bad dream, I saw that in the middle of the night, someone bangs hard on the door and I go to answer the door. Then there’s a man with hoodie on his face and when I ask him why is he here, he removes his hoodie revealing his burnt face and blood oozing out of his temple, he says my car met with an accident, have you seen my brother. When I deny and was about to close the door, I saw that..,” her voice trailed off.

“That?” He asked stressing on the word. “That more hooded men come from behind and that they were carrying something really huge and when they came into clearing, I saw that it was you, then when I try to approach you, the man with burnt face throttled me,” she told him almost on the verge of crying. He broke the hug and tears rolled down her cheeks. “But I m here and nothing has happened to me,” he said and she shook her head. “This seemed so real, what if someone takes you away from me?” She asked.

“No one will do that, because I will get the posters everywhere on the streets, almost all over the city, that BEWARE OF THE LIONESS, then no one will dare coming here,” he said and she giggled and wiped her tears. “Okay so what were you saying about me? I m something very huge? Like what, baby? Tell tell?” He asked and she continued to giggle. “Umm, huge like some giant, right?” He asked seeing her quiet and she nodded still giggling. “Badmaash kaheen ki, jab dekho chirati rehti ho yaar, kabhi kehti ho 75kg ka daanav, kabhi kehti ho 5 foot 10 inch ke saand,” he said, she giggled, he shrugged and drank his coffee.

She too drank her coffee. That day, Kunj didn’t go to office because Twinkle was adamant about her dream and so she didn’t let him go. But Yuvi gave a surprise visit over there annoying both of them. As he came, Kunj invited him inside. “So are you ready? For the time travel?” Yuvraj asked and Kunj slapped his forehead. “But he doesn’t want to do, please don’t force him,” Twinkle said. “He said he wants to do it,” Yuvi argued back.

“Okay fine, if you’re insisting too much, then let’s do it,” Kunj said. “Can you get a cup of tea,” Yuvi said and he went and got the cup and kept in front of him. “It’s for you, I will mix this drug in the tea, and you’ll drink it, because after two hours it would be the eighteenth hour of the day and that’s when we’ll do it, and till then, it’s necessary for you to not to be in your senses,” he said, Kunj nodded and Twinkle looked on helplessly. Yuvi mixed the drug in the tea and gave it to Kunj, he drank it and then laid his head back on the couch opening and closing his eyes again and again, Twinkle supported his head by her shoulder and looked on worriedly.

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