Ladies Special 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Amar Amazed To Hear Bindu’s Decision

Ladies Special 10th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meghna insists Mandar to tell what people are badmouthing about her. He says let it go. She insists again. He goes into flashback where his fiend asks where he will celebrate his next ganapati festival, in which high rise building he is shifting. Next, Mandar goes to buy vegetables. Neighbor ladies ask why Meghna did not come to buy vegetables, she has gone heady after becoming rich. Out of flashbach, Meghna fumes that they should speak to her directly instead of backbiting. Jyoti sees her son playing with Sachin and Swapna, they telling they learnt a lot of new games during their school trip, son says even he wants to learn games and go on trip. She walks towards them to take son in when her husband Ram walks out and asks her to give him breakfast soon as Meghna Madam is getting late. Jyoti says let her bring back son home. He scolds not to break their friendship like she did with Jyoti and says he is out of jail because of Meghna madam, she should remember it. Jyoti feels sad thinking that she worked hard and tried to gather money to get Ram’s bail, but Meghna bailed him out before that and made her villain in her husband’s eyes.

Amar sleeping on couch sees family murmuring and says he is awake and they can speak loudly. Mota pappa informs that he is searching boy for Bindu and wants Amar to register her name in matrimonial website, he has even asked his community people to find a suitable match for Bindu. Amar is shocked to hear that and taking Bindu to a room asks how can she get married to a stranger, he is marrying Kangana as he loves her. Bindu says after he marries Kangana, she also should move on. Mota pappa hearing their conversation walks in and asks if their discussion is finished, let him register Bindu’s name in matrimonial website. Amar feels disturbed and says he will also try to find a best match for Bindu. Bindu packs her clothes and says soon she has to leave this house and her name will change From Bindu Dr. Amar back to Bindu Parekh. Amar feels jealous.

At Prarthana’s house, Rachna gets afraid seeing Viraaj’s mother’s face pack applied face. Mother shows tantrums as usual. Prarthana gets news paper and reading news about Viraj going bankrupt after his father’s death and losing Parimal industries hides news papers so that family does not read it and get disturbed, blames herself for Viraaj’s condition. Punith jokes and lightens her mood. After sometime, Viraaj’s mother finds newspaper and loudly reads news. Family feels sad for Viraaj.

Meghna continues her argument with Mandar. Ram enters and discusses about new contract. Mandar asks which contract. Ram taunts the one which they snatched from Mandar’s company bidding low. Meghna asks Ram to be specific. Mandar says his company is very big and they don’t mind losing small orders. Once Ram leaves, Meghna yells at Mandar as usual and he reverts back.

Precap: School interviewer taunts Meghna that if she did not get a call from school, then she should have understood that her children did not get admission. Meghna angrily tells Mandar that she wants Swapna Garments to be a big company and get her children’s admission in international school.

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