Patiala Babes 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita’s Jealousy?

Patiala Babes 10th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Minnie brings confused Mita home. Babita looks at her angrily. Nayeem Bi/NB asks her to lie down Mita on cot and asks what happened to her. Minnie explains that she saw Mita confused on road and people gathered around her, so she brought her home, if she did right. Babita says she did right, how can anyone be left outside like this. Mita wakes up. NB asks what had happened to her. She says she did not eat anything since morning. NB scolds how can she leave home under scorching sun hungry and asks her to show her pulse. Mita hesitates. NB insists and checking her wrist pulse forcefully asks if she is pregnant. Babita and Minnie are amazed hearing that. Babita panics and tells NB that she does not care as she has divorced Ashok and does not care if Ashok is becoming father again. Minnie also panics in front of Mickey that she is 17 years old already and how can she get a sibling, how awkward people will feel, grandparents would be feeling happy though as they will get a new grandchild to play. Mickey asks if she is upset as she is getting sibling at this age or her parents will get new grandchild and her significance will be less. Nayeem also confronts Babita and asks if she is jealous as Ashok is happy and moved on. Babita continues her stance that she does not care. Minnie also continues her stance.

Ashok verbally blasts Mita for going to Babita’s house and shouts why did she fall down in front of Hanuman Singh/HS’ house. Mita says she fell unconscious and instead of getting worried for his wife, he is shouting at her. Biji walks in with Lovely and says Lovely has brought something for Mita. Lovely offers dalia/porridge to Mita and says she has added badam in it. Mita says she is allergic to badam. Lovely starts yelling at her. Mita says she is really allergic to badam and walks away even when Ashok tries to stop her. Lovely yells at Biji that she was good to Mita on Biji’s insistence, now she will not keep quiet. Biji scolds her that they both are at loggerheads and cannot reconcile. Lovely continues yelling.

HS returns at night and searches utensils. NB asks what is he searching. He says Babita gave him strawberry milkshake and he thought she would have kept some like Imarati used to when he used to return from duty. NB says he should not expect it from Babita and not try to find love in her as Imarati was a plain paper in which he filled his love the way he liked, but Babita’s page has already been filled, she still is stuck in her past in a way of jealous or trying to win her race; she may accept his love to run away from her past, but he may apply ointment to a wound and leave it unhealed deep within, so he should give Babita some time and let time heal everything. He asks how does she know about his feelings for Babita. She says she saw him growing since childhood and cannot see his broken heart and teary eyes, so he should not try to find love in Babita. HS with emotional teary eyes nods yes.

Babita works silently. Minnie ask why is she silent. Babita asks why she is silent while she used to gossip a lot, asks how is Preet’s fracture and how is Mickey, Makhan. Minnnie says what a weird name Makhan is, his mother must not be loving him, so she kept Makhan. Babita says all mothers love their kids and cannot think bad for them. Minnie lying on her lap emotionally asks even if child hurts mother, she knows she should not have brought Mita home. Babita says she did right and even she should have done same. Minnie says she saw distress on her face and asks to chilll, she is not so great like people think, good she is not, else life would have been boring. She continues.. and Babita laughing says she is nautanki/dramebaz.

Precap: Babita burns her hand while cooking, HS holsds it and blows air, then gets conscious and leaves it. Babita feels awkward.

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  1. Wife's Rights Given to Mistress

    It’s not that Babita is jealous of Ashok and Mita, she is hurt and angry that her rights went to another woman.

    But that is now water under the bridge.

    Please understand, Babita would rather die than unite with Ashok … even if he says he is a changed man and his whole family pleads along with him – especially after the scene he made in court

    Clearly Babita has healing to do, and it takes time. Her mind can realize that Ashok is a devil, even to his mistress-turned-wife. But her heart cannot get over the hopes and dreams she had living happily with Ashok.

    Once she is over that trauma, then it is time for Hanuman to propose. Can be weeks, or even years.

  2. babita and hanuman nice pair and to continue the plot the show’s script is doing good

  3. Perminder Virk

    Wow. Babita is jealous. I always knew it that She wants to go back to Ashok. Which world is She living in. Did she not expect them to get married and have kids. After all they were living together for 10 Years in London. Ashok changed after he came to India. I am sure that if he behaved like this with her in London. She would have long left him. Why the jealous tantrums from her and the looks that She was giving Mini was horrible and stupid. The news of the poor baby not even born yet was not taken well. This is why she behaves and acts proud and brave whenever She see Ashok to remind him of what he has left and thinks that he is miserable and will come back to her and ask for forgiveness and She will accept him back. She is still stuck in the mindset of typical Indian women mindset to forgive and take him back.
    Everyone and Babita blames Mita for breaking up her Marriage but She is equally to blame for it as well as there was something missing in her perfect marriage for Ashok to look elsewhere for Love.

    Mini again was looking at the whole picture not logically but from her Babes point if view. So many questions and answers she wanted from Mickey. Baby are born after many years gap even in Marriages so why the drama if what will people say. The question is will she accept the baby or reject her sibling for her Babes sake.
    None of them had a proper Husband /wife or Father/Daughter relationship. So why the dramas everytime they see Mita.

    Nayeem be took care of everyone today. Loved her time with HS and how she explained to him that the time is not right to express his Love as Babita is still in love with her past and better to leave it instead of going towards it and getting hurt yet again.

    Ashok as usual is selfish and Mita gives it back to him. Lovely tries to be good but than goes back to her selfish taunting nature. Does She not understand food allergies at all. Its little wonder that Mita is stressed in this toxic Khuranas house.

    Star of the show today without any doubt was Nayeem bi. I think apart from HS and Lally everyone makes fun of her including Babita and Mini, who for being a so called bright child is very rude to Nayeem bi at times and Babita does not stop her.

  4. 100% true….you said…
    Friends Iam not here new…..but I am not seeing…episodes…after when babita was Humiliated by Ashok at Court…and babita suffers…difficulty and *moron Minnie solds her Scooty only in 200 rupees… . bcz many nonsense was happening from bigning ….in this Series….so I stop watching this…Finally
    I can’t explain this series writers / makers are making very poor and low type serial…??
    Anyways; sometimes I read here….just…
    and I hears that Mita is pregnant, I know that Mita is not bad..from hearts..and bcz she loves Ashok and her mother father not supporting for this, its very good range of this series..she Mita was already known that Ashok is married…than she was loving Ashok….
    Anyways now she is feeling guilty after Ashok &babita’s diorce..Its ok..for her..but now its not good for babita that she feels jelious from Mita -Ashok….Why not babita remembers…Ashok gives her sorrow and pain…and I think…Babita is not only Weak…though she is moron…too..sorry friends for babita…but in fact she is………..
    And now mita is so disturb and stressed bcz her bad deeds…feeling bad…even she is now pregnant…..
    Ok..Friends Iam now stopping…..Ok bye..

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