Yeh hai ashique (A twinj love story) _ Shot 7

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Hi everyone I know I am hell late and sorry for that but what to do I was stuck in some college works and after that my mobile got damaged so couldn’t wwite for many days… i know it was really a long time but what to do….. sorry for it….Also thnx for liking and commenting on my post… let’s get started with today’s episode……

Episode starts with kunj staring at twinkle and busy in her while twinkle in the movie…. Otherwise UV and aditi were busy in their romance as they say a bit far from twinj…. After the movie ended all came out of the hall …..

U_ kya movie thi na….. Movie ka idea best tha adu…. Pata hai Kitna dino se Maine aide movie nahi dekhi Bhai ke wajah se….

A_ I know it UV tell me something new baby….

K_ o hello tum dono na movie Bhi dekhi ya romance mein hi busy the….

T_ right kunj mujhe to dono romance mein hi busy Lagta hai….. And both did a hi five….

A_ kya Di aap bhi na… Kya bol rahe ho…. Asisa kuch nahi hai ….. Twinj was enjoying teasing them a lot….

U_ ha bhai aap log kya bol rahe ho….

K_ Accha thik hai aab chalo…. (Trying to suppress his laughter)

A/u_ yup chalo….while aditi noticed that something was yet bothering twinkle as she was not that much happy as she was In morning….

Meanwhile they all reached the car…. UV and Aditi sat in the backseat while twinj in the front…. Kunj started the car and twinkle was lost in her thoughts…

T(think)_i can’t tell us kunj how much happy I am to see u back…. I thought that my that one mistake took u away from me forever… After that night I thought that I lost u forever but thank God that he made me meet u again…. Now I can’t afford u to loose again…. These 5 years were really difficult for me …. For u I changed my school as in that school every corner had our memories…. I don’t know how u will react when u will come to know about it…. My one mistake and I lost u for 5 years now I don’t want to loose u again .. this destiny is really very strange first it made me meet u then took u away form me and now again…. Now whatever it maybe I will not let u go again….we have an unknown connection between us which i can’t afford to loose….) Twinkle came out of her trance when Aditi screamed…. It was really a loud one due to which kunj stopped the car with a jerk …

T_ adu what happened ….. Why did u screamed…..

A(with a cute voice)_ wo na di I want to go to that fair (pointing at the fair opposite the road)

After hearing Aditi s reason everyone mouth got open

T_adu are u a small kid…that u want to go to a fair …. No need of it…

A_ please na di… UV tell Di na please…. With a cute pout which anyone could not resist….

U_ Di bhai come will go na ….. It will be fun …

T_but… twinkle tried to resist but couldn’t as kunj cut her off….

K_ ok adu come let’s go….

A_ thnx Bhai … Come now let’s go…. Like a small kid…

They all came out off the car while kunj parked the car and all of them went in….

UV and Aditi were at front while twinj were just following them admiring their siblings ….

A_ Di come na let go to that gaint wheel…. It will be so thrilling na UV…

U_ right adu …. Come will go…

T_adu no need of it…. U re not a kid now….

A_ Di take a chill pill…. We must enjoy the each and every moment of our life in every ways we can so me UV and kunj Bhai u r comiy na….

K_ offcourse adu…. Why not…

T_ ok then u all go I will wait here….

A_but why Di…come na it will be fun….

K_(Whisper in twinkle s ear) kyu siyappa queen darr Gaye kya…. I bet u still have that fear of height….

T_(giving an impossible look ) not at all …. Mein aab Bacchi thodi hi hu jo darr jayungi….

K_ then chal…. I dare u…

T_ok fine….

A_ yeh aap dono kya baat kar rahe ho…. And di u r coming na….

T_ yeah adu…. I am …..(think) babaji apko together pata hai na ki mujhe height see Kitna darr Lagta hai upar se is kunj Ka dare bhi accept Kar liya…. Babaji please bacha Lena mujhe….. Kis aafat mein gas gayi mein you….

Twinj sat together while UV and Aditi in the other…. As soon it started twinkle was trying hard not to show her fear but once it was gaining it’s speed she was getting more afraid which was noticed by kunj…. Holding her hand….

K_ twinkle calm down nothing is here to be afraid…. Just enjoy it… The way the air touches your body….don do let ur fear overcome it…. Don’t think abota the fear enjoy the sky and the view….

Twinke somehow tried to keep her fear aside after listening to kunj s words and came to know that he was actually right…. It was really an amazing one ……

After some time they all got down and roamed here and there and later went towards the car….

K_(while walking towards the car)twinkle Tu na bilkul bhi nahi badli…. Tu na ab bhi Kabhi hard nahi mantis….

T_ aur tum bhi to nahi badle na…. Tunhe pata tha ki mujhe heights see darr Lagta hai bhir bhi Tumne dare di taki t Mera darr khatam Kar chako….. Jaise Tumne bavhpan mein Kaha tha….

K_ tumhe aab bhi Yaad hai…..

T_ everything…. Aab chalo…. Nahoto woh dono bhir we chilna started kar Denver….

K_ yeah come let’s go….

They got into their car and drove to taneja mansion…. As they dropped twinkle and Aditi and left for sarna mansion….

While returning back in car….

U_ bhai normally aap toh ladkiyo we door bhaag te ho toh aaj aap ne di se hug kaise Kar liya…..

K_ kya kaise…. Woh mera best friend tha isliye…..

U_ ooo Ayr toh Kuch nahi hai na…. Love y’all Kuch aur

K_ aur kya hoga…. Tu Kuch jyada soch raha hai….(think)  love hi toh hai…. Aab bas twinkle ke Dil mein mere lite kya hai yeh Janna hai….aur yeh bhi ki tum 5 saal pehle kyu mujhe Chor keep gyee the…..

Kunj came out of his thoughts when UV shook him…

U_ bhai kaha khoye hue ho…. Please driving pe dyaan do warnaa aditi se shaadi hone se pehle hi kahi swarg na chala jao….

K_ verry funny UV …. Mein driving pe hi concrete Kar Raha hoon …. Ok…


It is all for today …. Ignore all mistakes and suggestions about are always welcomed….. please like and comment on it …. It inspires a lot…. And guys what do u think why twinj got separated 5 years ago…. Thnx for Ur likes and comments on the previous one…. I will now post only on Sunday and if possible maybe on other days also…..

Gud bye…..

Love u ALLL…..

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    One small request please write a bit longer episodes hope you don’t mind
    So post soon

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  3. TSY

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    twinj and yuvditi scene were awesome
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