TwiNj SS : When Topper Fell In Love By TuttiFrutti (Episode 8)

“Vo hua yoon…” (Actually…)

Flashback Start :

“You may leave.” Twinkle panics and starts thinking for some idea.

She makes a her best sad puppy face and turns towards Mr Basu with fake tears in her eyes.

“Please sir, agar mai economics mai accha nahi karungi toh meri percentage gir jayegi. Please sir.” She wipes her fake tears while Mr Basu melts with her act.

(Please sir, if I fail in economics my percentage will fall down. Please sir.)

“Okay. Ruko mai deta hoon.”

(Okay wait I’ll give you.)

Twinkle nods with a sad smile while on the inside she was smirking and dancing.

Flashback Ends :

“Drama Queen!” Kunj accuses.

“Cutie, kya aap mujhe chai ya coffee ke liye nahi poochoge. You know it’s rude to do that to your guests.” Twinkle says shaking her head.

(Cutie, wouldn’t you ask me for tea or coffee—-)

“Unwanted guests.” Kunj corrects.

“Whatever. Puchoge nahi?” Twinkle asks with a cute pout.

(Whatever. Won’t you ask?)

“Twinkle Ji, would you prefer tea or coffee?” Kunj asks sarcastically rolling his eyes.

“Oh no, thank you for asking. Mera mood nahi hai.” Twinkle says with a mischievous grin.

(—-I’m not in mood.)

Kunj glares at Twinkle and then sighs.

“Fine, tumse behas ladana is like kisi deewar se sar fodna. Apni books laai ho?” Kunj asks and Twinkle nods and turns a little to show her backpack.

(Fine, arguing with you is like hitting head to a wall. Have you brought your books?)

“Fine, then c’mon. Let’s go to the living room.”

“Bedroom mai nahi?” Twinkle asks while Kunj glares at her angrily yet again.

(Not in bedroom?)

“Oh, it’s okay. Living room mai couch mai hi sahi.” Twinkle makes a thoughtful expression.

(—Couch in the living room is also okay.)

“Twinkle!” Kunj warns making her bite her lip.

They settle down on the sofa and Twinkle lays down her books on the table.

“Chalo let’s begin from Chapter one.” Kunj says opening chapter one and taking her notebook to explain her.
As she knew everything that he was telling, she started ogling him without him knowing. When he would ask questions, she would answer few wrong while some right, intentionally.

After ogling at him for long, she decides to actually concentrate as he was telling some new things to her.

After they finished studying after about two hours, Twinkle stretches and let’s out a moan.

Kunj looks at her weirdly but ignores anyways.

“You’re quite a fast learner.” Kunj compliments while Twinkle smiles.

“Now what?” Twinkle asks curiously.

“Now you go home and I continue what I was doing?” Kunj asks, confused.

“Aren’t we going to your bedroom?” Twinkle says with a pout.

“Ugh! You better head home before I throw you out.” Kunj demands making Twinkle giggle.

“Bye, Cutie!” Twinkle waves and walks out making Kunj smile unknowingly and shake his head muttering something
about her childish behavior.

To Be Continued…

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