Swaragini-Incomplete Love Episode 41 By Aditi Ayansh

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β€œDon’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend”

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Recap: Sanskar is jealous
Ragini and Viren burst out laughing.
Viren: come lets go
Ragini gets into the car
Viren: Thank u Ragini.
Ragini looks at Viren
Ragini: really spiderman? Thank u ?…which planet is this?
Viren: dramebaaz
Ragini: oh i am dramebaaz..then what r u?
Viren smiles.
FB Starts
2 years ago
Ragini leaves Gaodia family to find her real family.
She is at Banglore railway station.
Ragini(in mind): its been 4 days..papa maa and Shona di will be very much worried for me. But i am sorry ..i cannot come back now..i have to find my real parents.
Ragini opens her purse.
Ragini(in mind): pls god..help me find my family soon ..and i dont have enough money also ..what will i do…
Voice: hlo
Ragini turns back
Voice: hi young girl
Ragini: i dont talk to strangers
Person: oh …ok..so lets be friends then
Ragini: pls leave me alone.
Person: ok fine..actually i am alone here..i thought u are also alone so…ok fine
He is about to go but Ragini stops him.
Ragini: i am Ragini
Person: nice name..hi Ragini i am Viren
Ragini: so how come u are alone?
Viren: not like that…actually i have no one in this world..and u?
Ragini: mine is a long story u’ll get bored.
Viren: story? ..oh i love stories..come on tell me.
Ragini tells him everything..
Ragini: i have no idea why i told u all these things.
Viren: hey we are friends..
Ragini: yh we are but still u r stranger for me. We dont know each other.
Ragini is in tears.
Viren: u dont have any brothers right
Ragini nodes her head in yes
Viren comes and hugs her
Viren: even i dont have any sisters.
Ragini: thank u
Viren: i dont think sisters thank their brothers
Ragini’s tears wet his shirt
Viren: and i dont think sisters cry when their brothers are around.
Viren wipes her tears
Viren: dont worry we will together find ur family.
Ragini smiles.
Ragini: but how?
Viren: dont u know i am spiderman…
Ragini laughs
Viren: well ..i have flat here..and i work here u can stay with me.
Ragini: in railway station?
Viren looks on
Viren: no..in this city.
Ragini: but i have no money to pay u..
Viren: pay me for what?
Ragini: as rent
Viren: but i dont think sister ever pay there brothers rent
Ragini smiles.
Viren and Ragini together try to find clues.
After some months.
@ Viren’s flat.
After 1 week
Viren: well i have a happy news for u
Ragini: ice creams right
Viren: there are more things than ice creams Ragu
Ragini: then what ?
Viren: i have told u about one of my friend Ajay right
Ragini: haan
Viren: with his help i have traced your family
Ragini: what?..no i dont believe this
Viren: yes..
Ragini hugs him
Ragini: thank u …so much
Viren: i have heard that sisters never say thank u to their brothers
Ragini hits him
Ragini and Viren smiles
After some days
Viren: well it is not that easy to meet them and convince..so i have another plan
Ragini: another plan?
Viren: yh there is a ashram at Shimla. An u will have to stay there
Ragini : what?
Viren: yh ur parents visit that ashram every year..so
Ragini: ok.
Viren; and u’ll not tell anyone that ur name is Ragini
Ragini: what is that for?
Viren: we cannot risk it. What if Gadodias come to know ?
Ragini: yh..fine..so whats my new name?
Viren : let me think…how about Diya?
Ragini: nice one.
Later Viren drops Ragini in that Ashram
FB Ends
Ragini and Viren reaches ice cream parlour
They are having ice cream
Ragini: she is very much worried
Viren: see none of my plans fail
Ragini: yh spiderman
FB Starts
Ragini meets Viren in the parlour
They get inside Viren’s car
Viren: so tell me
Ragini: i was in love Viren
Viren: wow..but was..?
Ragini: he loves someone else.
Viren: i am not getting anything
Ragini: tells him everything about Sanskar
Viren: what u both are married?
Ragini: yh still..he is
Viren: dont worry..now i am here na.
Ragini: tell me ur story
Viren stops the car and shows her a picture.
Ragini is shocked to see it
Viren: Ragu..what happened?
Ragini: this is Sanskar and this is my bhabhi
The picture has Sanskar kavitha and mukta
Viren: and this is Kavitha
Ragini: Sanskar loves her..but how do u know that?
Viren: i loved her a lot Ragu..and she also loved me but..u know her sister misunderstood ..
Ragini: like
Viren: she thought i loved her..and Kavitha sacrificed our love for her..and me and her sister got married..
Ragini: what?
Viren: but we got divorced when she come to know i never loved her.
Ragini: so after that what happened.
Viren: Kavitha came to see me..but i never wanted to see her anymore.
Ragini: i know how it feels like..
Viren: and now i need ur help
Ragini: dont ask..just order ok.
Viren: i want to have her back.
Ragini: not have her..say u want to win her back.
Viren: actually with a little twist
Ragini; i love twists..
Viren: this time its not me..but she will have to win me back
Ragini: done
Viren: and we will give a small punishment for Sanskar for hurting u also.
Ragini smiles.
FB Ends
Viren: Ragu Sanskar loves u dear
Ragini: Viren ..lets talk about Kavitha..and only about her.
Viren: ok fine..so happy friendship day.
Ragini: same to u..Viren
They hugs
Viren: so what next?
Ragini: dont worry i have planned it all..we will make her jealous..and she will try everything to win u back..i am sure of it
Viren: yh fingers crossed
Sanskar: Kavitha u dont worry.
Kavitha: Thank u so much Sanskar for being there ..
Sanskar: happy friendship day
Kavitha: Happy Friendship day Sanskar
Sanskar: no more tears Kavitha..now its play back time
Kavitha: Play pack time?
Sanskar: yh….
Precap: Kavitha and Sanskar plans
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