Elite Series : Shivika : Tempting Mr Oberoi – Chapter 17

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Shivaay shouts at Swara

Shivaay looked at Mahi, who was staring at him with a disapproving eye. Shivaay handed him a glass of whiskey, then scowled at him.
Shivaay : Just spit out what you want to say.
Mahi : You shouldn’t have spoken like that to Swara.
Shivaay : Did you see how she acted?
Mahi : She’s not 12, Shivaay. She’s nearly 21 and you have to learn that….
Shivaay : Exactly my point. She’s 21 but she doesn’t act like it.
Mahi : How is she supposed to act then?
Shivaay : Well, not like this anyhow.
Mahi : Tell what you like. You were in the wrong today. When Swara had told them that she would teach everyone how to dance, how could you go and ask someone else as well? Don’t you think that would have hurt her? Don’t you trust her?
Shivaay : This has nothing to do with trust. Why are you mixing things up?
Mahi : If you were in better mood, You would understand what I mean. Tell me, Why are you in such a foul mood?
Shivaay took a sip of his drink and closed his eyes. He saw Annika holding Mahi as they danced and he opened his eyes to face Mahi’s knowing ones.
Mahi : Could it be because you saw Annika and I dance together?
Shivaay (annoyed) : She’s Miss Mishra to you, and no, This has nothing to do with that.
Mahi (grinning) : So there is a “this” ?
Shivaay : Mahi!
Mahi : Shivaay!
Shivaay rolled his eyes and decided to ignore his brother’s presence. He had nearly succeeded when Mahi opened his mouth again.
Mahi : Don’t you want to know what Annika, Oh.. I’m sorry.. .Miss Mishra and I were talking about?
Shivaay : No.
Mahi : Too bad. We were talking about you, actually.
Shivaay narrowed his eyes.
Shivaay : Me?
Mahi : She was speaking rather eloquently of your paino skills. Said you were excellent.
Shivaay controlled his features into remaining a stern expression even though he was exorbitantly pleased that Annika had paid him a compliment.
Mahi : How did she know?
Shivaay blinked. Had Mahi said something?
Shivaay : I’m sorry?
Mahi : How did she know you play the piano? There’s one in your room and nowhere else. You don’t play in the day, only the night. So, how did she know?
Shivaay : I have no idea. Perhaps Swara told her.
Mahi sighed.
Mahi : You may lie all you want, Shivaay. But there’s only one way she could have found out and that was listening to you play in the bedroom. And the only reason she would have been in your bedroom is if you two were…
Shivaay’s eyes flashed dangerously.
Shivaay : We two were?
Mahi looked at him straight and ignored Shivaay’s expression.
Mahi : If you two were sleeping together.
Shivaay : How dare you? Do think before speaking. This is Annika we’re talking about. Do you really think I’d do something like this with her?
Mahi : No, I would not have thought so. But, you do seem infatuated with her.
Shivaay : I’m not infatuated with her.
Mahi : Oh, Really? Then, You won’t care if I pursue her?
Shivaay stiffened and looked at his brother in shock. Mahi chuckled.
Mahi : Don’t worry, Shivaay. I won’t steal your Annika from you. But, you had better remember the fact that she isn’t the sort one dallies with.
Shivaay (scowling) : I have no wish to dally with her and she is not my Annika.
Mahi : Are you sure about that?
Shivaay : Yes. I like Annika well enough but not to the extent that I’d want her. She is not my type. She is too innocent, not exotic and completely unsuitable. And… And I don’t wish to talk about her anymore.
Mahi : Innocent, Is she?
Shivaay nodded. Too innocent, he thought.
Mahi : Not exotic?
Shivaay gave an inside grimace. Annika was not exotic, no. She was a temptress. She lived up to her name. She was a Godess, she was divine. Exotic did not describe her at all.
Annika : And completely unsuitable, I might add.
The two men turned towards the door in shock to see her standing in the doorway, not quite in this room, not quite out either. She looked backwards as if contemplating to run, but then she entered the room and looked at Shivaay head on.
Shivaay and Mahi looked at each other and then at Annika, each wondering what to tell. It was obvious that Annika had overheard everything.
Annika looked at the two brothers, speech momentarily taken leave of her speech, even though she felt like she should say something more.
There was nothing to say, of course. Shivaay had said quite enough.
She took a deep breath, his words seeming to echo around her. She is not exotic and completely unsuitable. He had somehow managed to make even the word innocent sound like as insult. Well. At least now she knew the truth. Surely there was some comfort to be found in that.
None right this moment, of course, but…surely at some point… sometime in the future… the pain of his words hit her like a physical blow.
And then she felt the anger, surging around her like a vicious, welcome storm.
And she wanted nothing but to strike back at this arrogant, self-important man who seemed to be no kind of gentleman.
Annika : Don’t you think highly of yourself?
She managed to pour in all the sarcasm she could muster and must have succeeded, for two pairs of eyebrows at that. Mahi stifled a laugh, then conveyed his excuses and went out of the room leaving Annika alone with Shivaay, who said nothing even though he continued to stare at her.
They must have stood like that for a few minutes when they heard Swara’s laugh as she conversed with Mahi. The noise drew Annika out of her stupor and she glared hard at Shivaay.
Annika : How dare you?
Shivaay moved toward her.
Shivaay : I did not mean…
She held up one hand to stay his words.
Annika : You spoiled a lovely afternoon for all of us. Your sister is hurt and is packing to leave. You drove my sister and her fiance off and you managed to ruin our dance lesson by inviting some random guy.
Shivaay blinked, surprised by the change in topic.
Annika : You have to go and apologise to Swara, Mr I know best Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
Shivaay (rolling his eyes) : For what?
Annika : You don’t see it, do you? You invited someone else to teach the dance that she could have taught us. You don’t trust her. You accused her of creating a scene and of being thoughtless. In short, You made her feel like she’s not welcome and that you hate her.
Shivaay : That’s not true. I am not a monster.
Annika : She is young and alone and terrified that she will disappoint you, Mr Oberoi. You may say whatever you like about me, but do try to remember that she is vulnerable. And she needs you. Yet your behaviour has done nothing but prove that you are a monster.
She turned back to the door, making to leave, and he spoke, his words flying across the room.
Shivaay : Do you like Mahi?
Annika turned around, amazed. She was sure that she had heard wrong.
Shivaay : Do you like my brother? Is he someone you want to pursue?
Annika couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled up at the ridiculous query.
Annika : Unfortunately, no. If I had to choose someone to pursue, it wouldn’t be your brother.
Shivaay : Then who?
Against my better judgment, it would be you, you fool. But of course, Annika couldn’t voice the words out. Instead, she just turned and was opening the door when Shivaay closed the door shut and turned Annika so that she faced him.
Annika immediately thought of the first time she had come to this house, how Shivaay had done the same thing right before he kissed her. That time, she had looked at him confused, but with anticipation and desire in herself.
Today, she had nothing but anger.
Annika : What are you doing?
Shivaay : You didn’t finish answering the question.
Annika : And what right do you have to know the answer? You may think that the world falls at your feet but let me tell you, I’m not one of them. I’m quite tired of you. I judge Swara to be competent enough that she doesn’t need my teaching or lessons or whatever you’d like to call it. Good bye, Mr Oberoi.
She moved sideways but Shivaay blocked her by placing a hand on the door behind her. She turned the other way, but he blocked that as well. Annika leaned back against the door and looked at Shivaay.
Shivaay : Remember that we made an agreement, Miss Mishra.
Annika : Swara doesn’t need me anymore. I have lived up to my end.
Shivaay : Swara’s behaviour this afternoon tells otherwise.
Annika : Oh, Don’t go blaming her for your mistakes. You know she is ready.
Shivaay : I know nothing. You are not to leave her lessons. We made an agreement where I lived up to my end. Do you or do you not agree? Or have you forgotten?
Annika blushed as she recalled the first kiss Shivaay had bestowed upon her. Suddenly, Annika forgot all about her anger. She could only feel the proximity between them. She could feel Shivaay’s heat emanating and enveloping her, his eyes upon hers.
Annika (quietly) : I have not forgotten.
Shivaay : Neither have I. And not for lack of trying.
Before she could begin to consider the meaning behind his words, he settled his mouth upon hers, robbing her of thought.
Shivaay : I’ve tried to forget that kiss…and the theatre …and the fencing club…but you seem to have taken up a permanent space…in my memory.
After a few more drug consuming kisses that robbed them of their senses, Shivaay and Annika finally drew apart for breath. Shivaay stepped back to see Annika’s eyes glowing with conflicting emotions.
Annika : You should look after your sister. Convince her that you love her.
She turned but was once more stopped by Shivaay. It seemed like he was forever stopping her exits.
Shivaay : You want me.
Annika’s eyes closed and she actually managed a soft smile at his words. Want him? Want didn’t come close to what she felt for him. Need, Like, Love…. She wanted her world to be with him. But then, the words brought upon a new wave of pain.
Annika is too innocent, not exotic and completely unsuitable. She is not my type.
The thought sent a vicious chill through her, and Annika sprang into motion, pushing at him with all her might, knocking him off-balance, suddenly desperate to get away from his mouth and hands and heat.
Shivaay : Annika!
She turned at her name and, surprised to see him so near, she held one hand out as though she could stop him from coming closer. As though she could prevent him from becoming too deeply entrenched in her heart. As though it weren’t too late for that.
Hair mussed, eyes glinting and an air of confidence about him, Shivaay appeared every inch the portrait of debauchery. He’d likely had this very interlude with countless other women. Annika shook her head, disappointed in herself. She so obviously meant nothing to him. How could she not have seen that?
Because you didn’t want to see it. You’re doomed to love him no matter what happens. She closed her eyes at the thought, willing the tears not to come. At least, not until she was out of the room. Out of his house.
He raised an arrogant brow, his harsh breathing echoing around them.
Shivaay : Tell me the truth.
Hurt flared, and she could no longer hide it. When she spoke, her voice was small.
Annika : It’s you. It’s always been you.
Shivaay registered the truth in her words and tried to talk. But Annika had walked out of the room. However, he did hear the soft murmur she made as she went outside.
Annika : I just wish it was anyone else.
He watched her go, unmoving. When he heard the main door to the house close, signaling her exit, he swore roundly, the vicious sound echoing around the room.
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