Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love (68 & 69)

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I m soo sorry for the late friends.. i didnt got time to write..
soo now i m here in front of u with the next episode.. i hope u will like it…
Sometimes i think that i m exaggerating the story… if u also feel so plz do tell me so that i can think to do something in this regard..

n yes.. thank u soo much gys for ur lovely comments.. i know i m not getting a whole lot of comments but still those who are commenting.. it really means a lot to me..
i feel good to know that people may be waiting for my writing.. thank u soo soo much for this… n i m happy that i could be able to make a silent reader comment omn my ff..
thank u so much.. it really means a lot..

Chalo.. i know.. i m speaking too much.. but its ok.. itna to chalta h na..
ok ok.. i got it.. we will proceed towards the chappy.. enjoy..
n ha do tell me if u like it…
Episode-68 & 69
Leela- See rt ji.. i know.. there is some problem which u are not sharing with me.. i can see tension on ur face..
plz do tell me.. JO bhi problem h hum log milkar solve karange..
lakin aap batayange hi nhi to kaise hoga..
rt- nhi leela.. aaisa kuch bhi nhi h.. (he was not looking into her eyes)
leela- its ok.. rt ji.. if u dont wanna tell..
but i m telling u.. if it is related to my angel’s marriage.. n it will create any problem in her her than i wont tolerate it..
(saying this she got up n was about to go but rt grabbed her hands n asked her to sit..
She sat without any argument..)
rt- humari angel ki life me koi problem na ho .. thats why i m doing this..
leele- matlab.. m kuch samjhi nhi..(confused)
rt- u know mr luthra na..
l- ji.. vhi aapke business rivals..
rt- haa.. vhi.. his son.. Raghav Luthra.. he is back of our daughter..
l- ji ye aap kya khe rhe h.. vo raghav.. casenova.. that womaniser.. chii.. par aapko kaise..
rt- (holding her hands) leela.. listen to me..
I dont know how he know our twinkle but.. one day.. he along with his dad came to me n asked me twinkle’s hand for his son raghav..
i politely refused.. but he became hyper and warned me that.. he can do anything to get her.. n leela.. i fear.. what if.. what if he do something to our daughter.. he can snatch her from us..
n i cant let that happen.. (having tears in his eyes..)
leela’s eyes are moist too n she pressed his hands assuring him that she is with her..

She was about to go controlling her tears but rt stopped her again n said-
rt- leela .. ek aur baat h jo maine aapse chuphai h.. aaj m aapko vo bhi batana vhahta hu..
m aur nhi jhel sakta ye sab akale..
leela gestured him to continue his talks..
rt- u know our elder daughter MISHA..
leela had tears in her eyes listening about her daughter after so many years.. the pain which she have hidden somewhere in heart from long is now comming out..
U know na.. on her 3rd birthday.. she got kiddnaped..(leela nooded) it was all done by mr luthra only.. due to business rivalery..
l- what!! (shocked) why didnt u tell me before..?? how could u do this rt ji.. i had the right to know about my daughter.. (she was crying vigerously)
n why didnt u complain about him if u knew the truth..
rt- becoz.. he blackmailed me that if i will open my mouth then he will killl my daughter.. n at that time ur condition was not good listening to our daughter’s death news..
atleast i had the relief that wherever is my daughter.. she is all fine..
(now he too was crying badly)
leela n rt both hugged each other n consoled each othre..
leela departed from the hug..
l- it means.. my daughter is alive.. zinda h vo..
rt- zinda to h laking hume nhi pta kha h.. aur kis halat me h.. 21 saal beet gaye h..
l- (smiling in tears) mere bacchi.. (chocked with tears) zinda h mere bacchi.. to fir aap dhundhte kyu nhi usse.. aap kuch kejiyae na.. humari bacchi to dhundhiyae na..
rt- tumhe kya lagta h leela.. maine kosis nhi ki.. zameen aasman ek kar dia tha maine usse dhundhne ke liye.. par.. nhi kar payya m kuch bhi..
n he won leela .. he won.. he snatched my one daughter from me.. n i cant let him snatch my other daughter.. i cant afford to loose our twinkle.. (crying badly)

Again both hugged each other n were crying..
rt- aur haa.. twinkle ki shaadi ke baad.. hume yha se nikalna h.. agar hum yha rhe to vo pta kar lega ki humne tw ki shadi kar di h…
uski salamati ke liye.. hume usse door jaana hoga..
i told everything to karan about our leaving.. but we have to hide all this from twinkle.. i cant afford to see her breaking..
Leela nooded while crying..
rt- (wiped his tears n tried to look happy) aacha.. aab plz ye rona band karo.. agar twinkle ne dekha to usse bhot bura lagega..
we need to be strong for her..
leela nooded n wiped her tears…

Twinkle- they didnt knew that i have listened everything.. i was literally crying putting hands on my mouth so that they wont come to know about my presense.. n thats the only reason i agreed to marry.. n we got married.. (crying bitterly clutching kunj’s shirt)
Kunj was so shocked with this revelation.. he cursed himself for hurting such a pious soul.. she have bear so much already n leaving her on her marrriage day.. he gave her more pain..
Tear skipped from his eyes imagening her condition after his betrayal..
Twinkle stopped for a second.. n thenagain continued..
Tw- U know sid.. i was not getting anything what my parents were talking about at first.. but when i came to know i have a elder sister.. i felt blessed..
i always wanted an elder sister in my life.. we could share each other clothes.. we could fight for silly reasons n what not..(laughed b/w her tears imagining her life with her sister)
but when i listened that she was been kidnapped when she was just 3.. my heart broke into million pieces.. i was not able to think anything..
then i concluded that i will do whatever my parents think right about me.. altough i didnt wanna marry.. but i dont wanna give them more tension .. so i agreed.. n i got married..
she hiccuped between her sobbings.. she was not able to speak more..her back in order to calm her down assuring her that he is with her in this situation of need..
Twinkle again started..
tw- u know i was not ready for marriage.. but when i take wows in front of fire.. i was determined to make my relation with my heart n will accept everything..
even though i was not ready.. i thought me n my husban would becoem friends first.. i thought he will understand me n support me in my dreams.. i started thinking abou my future..
but he.. hhe left me on my marriage night only.. even one time he didnt thought to talk to me.. we could compromise..if he didnt wanted taht relation..

Kunj was now in tears seeing her lady love in so much pain just because of him..

tw- not only me.. he left his family becoz of me.. maa. papaji.. adi bhai.. bhabhi.. aliya.. what was their fault.. thye to loved him na.. but no he was such a coward that he choose to elope..
sometimes i curse myself for maa’s pain.. u know usha maa.. she missed him so much but she never showed n papa ji.. he is so much angry with kunj that he didnt wanna see me.. just becoz of me.. i feel so pathetic to think that today my family is in pain.. becoz of me..
they gave me so much love.. just like my parents..
then i thought i will fulfill his space in their life.. n i became their loving daughter.. they never differentiated between me n aliya.. even they loved me more than her.. sometimes i feel so lucky to get them in my life..
but still ther is some hole in my heart which can never be filled..

k- (in mind) such a pious soul she is.. but what i did? i did a sin.. how can i do so.. she is even thinking about my family after so much humiliation n taunts from society..
even she is concerned for maa. that she misses me.. i m very thankful to her that she took care of my family in my absense.. but today i fell in my own eyes.. i dont deserve her..
but what can i do.. i love her.. i lve her soo much..

Now opening ner heart in front of kunj she is feeling relaxed.. (they talked for about 4 hours sitting there only)
she departed herself from him.. wiped her tears n stand up from there.. she turned her face n asked..

tw- now also u think that u wanna spen ur life with me.. after knowing that i m married.. that i have been dumped by my husband..??
bato sid.. now alos u feel the same for me..
kunj was numb for a second..
Getting no reply from him she thought that he wouldnt accept her now..
She started movig from there..
Suddenly she stopped listening his voice..
k- if i say.. i m the only cause of ur sorrow.. then would u forgive me?? (with hope)
Twinkle was confused listening him.. she turned towards him..
Now kunj started moving towards her..
tw- what u wanna say sid?? u are to my good friend.. u always supported me.. how can u be the reason of my sorrows..??
k- sid nhi kunj.. kunj sarna.. ur deceiver husband..(tears flowing for his eyes)
tw- what are u saying sid.. how can u be?? no u cant be?? (she was blabbering n was going backward untill she hit the wall)
kunj started comming towards her but she showed him her hands to show him to stand ther itself n not to come near her..
twinkle was shattered knowing that sid.. his so good friend is the only her cheater husband..
Kunj was crying seeing her this condition.. he never imagined it.. he knew she would be angry knowing about his identity but not this..

k- (he was trying to go near her her, to console her) i love u twinkle .. i really do.. n i wanna live my life with u..
Tw- Stop..! stop there itself.. dont dare to come near me..
[ background music–
Kaise Bataye Kyun Tujhko Chahe
Yaara Bata Na Paaye
Baatein Dilon Ki Zuban Aankhon Ki Tujhe Samjhayen
Tu Jaane Na
Tu Jaane Na
(Kunj was reminsing his happy moments with twinkle)

Tu Jaane Na
Tu Jaane Na

Hmmmil Ke Bhi
Hum Na Mile
Tumse Na Jane Kyun
Milon Ki Hai Fasle
Tumse Hai Jaane Kyun
Anjane Hain Silsile
Tum Se Na Jaane Kyun
Sapne Hai Palkon Tale
Tum Se Na Jaane Kyun
(THeir first rain dance, their one day outing , everything was roaming in front of their eyes)

Kaise Bataye Kyun Tujhko Chahe
Yaara Bata Na Paaye
Baatein Dilon Ki Dekhon Zuban Ki Aankhe Tujhe Samjhayen
Tu Jaane Na
Tu Jaane Na

Tu Jaane Na
Tu Jaane Na
(Other side.. twinkle was also imagining his care towards her when she met with accident.. how he took care of her… how he made her eat medicines.. how he bear her tantrums.. etc..)

Nigahon Mein Dekho Meri Jo Har Bas Gaya
Woh Hai Milta Tumse Hoo Bahu
Ooo Jane Teri Aankhen Thi Ua
Ya Baatein Thi Wajah
Huye Tum Jo Dil Ki Arzooo
Tum Paas Ho Ke Bhi
Tum Aas Ho Ke Bhi
Ehsaaas Ho Ke Bhi
Apne Nahi

Aise Hai Apne Gile
Tum Se Na Jane Kyun
Milon Ki Hai Fasle
Tumse Hai Jaane Kyun
Tu Jaane Na
Tu Jaane Na
(Both were lost in their memories n tears were flowing from their eyes..
his calling her syappa queen, her anger, her calling him sadu n much more was comming in their mind)

Tu Jaane Na
Tu Jaane Na

Khayalon Mein Lakhon Batein
Yun Keh Gaya
Bol Kuch Na Tere Samne
Huye Na Begane Bhi Tum

Ho Ke Aur Ke
Dekho Tum Mere Hi Bane
Afsoos Hota
Dil Bhi Yeh Rota Hai
Sapne Sanjota Hai
Pagla Hua Soche Yeh
Hum The Mil
Tum Se Na Jane Kyun

Milon Ki Hai Fasle
Tumse Hai Jaane Kyun
Anjane Hain Silsile
Tum Se Na Jaane Kyun
Sapne Hai Palkon Tale
Tum Se Na Jaane Kyun
(kunj was remembering his proposal, her breakdown, her crying face, broken heart n he was guilty of his doings..
Twinkle was crying clinging on the wall)


Kaise Bataye Kyun Tujhko Chahe
Yaara Bata Na Paaye
Baatein Dilon Ki Dekhon Zuban Ki Aankhe Tujhe Samjhayen
Tu Jaane Na
Tu Jaane Na

Tu Jaane Na
Tu Jaane Na ]

Kunj again gained some courage n went towards twinkle… twinkle sensing him comming immediately get and was about to go when she felt dizzy..
Her hands on her head n everything was roaming in her mind from her marriage to his betrayal to their friendship n proposal n then the truth..
She was loosing her senses..
Before she could fall down.. kunj rushed to her n grabbed her before she land on floor.. She was now unconscious..
Thats it.. i hope its a pretty long update..
i hope u liked it.. today i revealed a lot about leela-rt talks..
Twinkle’s state n kunj’s truth.. hope u liked it..
bbyee take care..
keep smiling…

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