Love Has No Eyes (Shot 4)

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Thank u for all comments. Here is ur next shot…
At Maheshwari Mansion,
Laksh was in his room. After bathing he changed his clothes and came in front of his mirror and corrected his hair. Just then he remembered watching a girl on the road.

Laksh POV
I have seen many girls, went out with many girls and have met most beautiful girls. But this ‘anarkali girl’ has some other thing which makes me to stare at her. What was it? Oh come on Laksh u have to go to shooting on time, so just leave it. Ok
At Ragini’s house,
Ragini came inside and gave everyone the Prasad and went to Swara’s room to wake her. Because she knows that Swara’s waking up time is 10’o clock on Sundays. But it was already 11’o clock, still she hasn’t wakens up.
Ragini: o my shona, wake up! Sun is so angry with u. see outside how it shows its anger. OMG!! How much hot it was??
Swara: what happened di? What did had I done to it? Swara asked in sleepy tone.
Ragini: Swara, if u wakes up early then there will be flood and of course the sun could take some rest Na? That is what I mean shona. Come on wake up.
Swara: oh ya di, it’s very funny. I can laugh afterwards. Now I am feeling sleepy. So, good night! By saying this she continued to sleep.
Ragini tries to wake her up. But stops and thought for a while. She then went to her room and took something. Then she went to Swara’s room and put that thing on her and shouted that “cockroach! Cockroach!”And this made Swara jump from her bed and she too shouted” Where? Where? Where it is? Where is my enemy? Omg please save me from that stupid, idiot, and non sense cockroach!!”By saying this she hide behind Ragini. Ragini burst in laughter. She could not control her laugh. Swara understood her plan and they both started to fight.

At Evening in that same park,
Ragini and Swara along with their friends Sharmi and Nithya had a chit chat and had ice cream and sat on a bench while observing the park.
Swara: Omg! After so many days a superb dating, right?
Nithya: Haan Swara, it’s amazing. Did u know how much struggle I have faced today to here?
Ragini: Why Nithya? What happened ?
Nithya: Di u know my mom was more than like a devil. If a real had seen her, then it would have committed suicide. That much strict and cruel she was. If I ask permission for something then her first question is ‘why’ and then ‘what, when, how, etc; then her reaction will be like this. Saying it she showed some expression on her face which made all the girls to laugh. Just then
Sharmi: Ragini? Have u sent ur letter?
Ragini was little shocked because she didn’t said it Swara. If she finds it then definitely she will make something and tease her.
Ragini: err…Sharmi shall we two go for a walk? Saying this she winked at her.
Sharmi understanding her signal said ok. But Swara noticed Ragini’s signal.
Swara: di! What was it?
Ragini: what?
Swara: that letter matter. What was it? Is there any interesting story is going on here? Swara teasingly asked.
Ragini: nothing like that shona. She was asking me about an official letter to our college. Nothing more than that. Saying this Ragini and Sharmi went for a walk. Swara saw them suspiciously then later involved in talking with Nithya.
Ragini: what have u done Sharmi. Swara doesn’t know that I was about to commit suicide. If she knows it then she will be completely broke down. I don’t want it to happen. So if u want to ask me about it then privately only. Ok?
Sharmi: Ok Ragini and sorry.
Ragini: it’s ok dear.
Then they both walked for a while.

At the same park,
Laksh with his co actor Smriti (Arthi) were on roaming and chit chatting. Actually their shooting was there. Laksh then starts to rehearse. He was going to do a romantic scene. In a scene Abi needs to make Arthi jealous, so he must randomly pick a girl and want to flirt. Then the shooting starts and some crowd was surrounding and watching it.
Ragini and Sharmi were near to the shooting spot and don’t know what is going on. Just then Sharmi received a call and went to other side to answer it. Ragini was watching the surroundings and saw a crowd. She was about to go there. But her phone rings. She saw that it was Swara. She answered that ‘ok let’s go home’. Then she started to search Sharmi. Just then she noticed that someone was holding her hand. She was completely shocked and saw that person’s face. Her eyes widened and whispered “Laksh?”
Actually Laksh as Abi to make jealous of Arthi for a scene he went near the junior artist but his eyes got stuck on a girl. It was none other than Ragini. He remembered her watching in the morning and went near to her and held hand. Laksh then started to say his dialogues.
Laksh: Hi! Ragini was in the same shock.
Laksh: Well I don’t Know who u are? What u are? and anything about u. But u see my eyes was always get stuck on u. I don’t know why. Will u answer me for this?
But Ragini doesn’t know what was going on. She stands there dumbstruck.
Laksh: Ok then what’s Ur number and especially ur name. I want to know this cute girl’s cute name. May I know it? Ragini was slightly blushed and was about answer him, just then “cut”.
They both looked at an angry man and Laksh came to the reality and went to that man and asked sorry. But he scolds at him that he was not obeying him and changing the scene as he likes. Ragini was watching and about to go to him. Just then Swara held her hand asked her “where u r?” and asked “shall we go?” and Ragini too shook her head positively. Then all the girls went. Laksh just turned and saw Ragini going. He could not take off his eyes and that angry man shouted that”pack up”. Laksh could not convince him.
At Maheshwari Mansion and Laksh’s room,

Laksh’s POV
What happened to me and why did I went to that girl and blabbered something. She was disturbing me and my thoughts. I don’t know anything about her but when I saw her going away from me I want to say her that “don’t go”. But why? Laksh closed his eyes and on the couch in his balcony. Then opened his eyes and thought OMG what an eyes she was having. Her innocent face and her look were simply superb. I could not resist myself from thinking about her. A small smile came on his tensed face.
At Ragini’s house,
Ragini too was just reminding herself about what had happened. Ragini blushed and remembered Laksh getting scolding and she became. Just then she remembered to write him a letter. So took a letter and sat on the window side looking at the moon.
Ragini’s letter,
Hi Mr.Laksh Maheshwari! My name is Ragini Gaddodia, the girl because of which u have got scolding and the girl whom u asked her name and her contact details. But I am not writing this letter to answer ur questions. I am here to thank u. U don’t know why I am thanking u. I am thanking u because u have saved my life without knowing anything about me and too by ur acting. I don’t know how to say thank u to u, so I am writing this letter. I don’t know if u will read it or not. But I thought to express my feelings through this letter. Anyways thanks a lot for teaching about the value of life and the value of a family. THANKS A LOT!!!

By ur admire, well wisher and friend if u accept it. Bye:):)
What had happened to Laksh? Will Laksh read Ragini’s letter? Will Ragini’s life change because of Laksh?
Thank u. Please guys post ur comments. If u think it’s boring, Please inform me. HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY FOR ALL INDIANS:):)

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