Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 26 By Aahana

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Do dil bandhe ek dori se part 26
Hi everyone. Thanks for the response. Hope everyone liked the 25th part. I am very bad at writing romantic scenes so forgive me that. As i want to give part completely on ragsan so i tried it.and i am happy with the response for the first part of Tere liye. Thanks everyone. And i decided not to end this ff so take a chill pill. Now i will stop my unnecessary bakbak and give u all the 26th part

Ragsan enters into the house and all are in the living room only. Viren was the one who saw them first and whistled seeing ragsan holding their hands. They blushes and leaves eachothers hands. Viren starts his favourite work that is teasing and Adi too joins him. Rags run away from there due to their teasing and san too acts as he got phone and moves from there. AdVi laughs and family too joins them.

In rags room
Rags changed into casuals and sat on the bed. She is holding the bracelet and remembering all the moments they spent together. She thinks to write the diary and searches for it. She doesn’t find it. She has a room connected to her. No one is allowed into that room. She searches there too but doesn’t find it. She locks the room and again searches for it in her bag which she took to village. She thinks she lost it and is at the edge of crying, then only san comes to her room and sees her. He immediately runs to her and asks what happened. She says him and cries. He hugs her.
Rags says u know sanky i wanted to give it to u. I wrote my every feeling towards u in it and wanted to present it to u. I lost it sanky. It is very precious to me. San understands that it is the same diary he read.
San : ragu don’t cry. It is with me only. U left it here and i saw it. I thought to tell u but forgot it. Sorry mishty. Don’t cry. Please sweetheart i cant see u crying.
She stops crying and looks at him. Rags says what it is with u? Why did u take it? U shouldn’t take others things like that. San understands that she is faking angry and thinks to continue it
San : sorry mishty. I thought to give it to u but forgot. Please forgive me. He keeps a puppy face.
Rags : to decrease my anger u should give me a treat and that to now
San : ok. Whatever my mishty says. Say me what u want
Rags : i want to eat Stracciatella gelato (it is an icecream of my favourite flavour) that to two scoops
San : u will get cold mishty and headache too
Rags : no problem i can manage but i want them now

San remembers about icecreams what she wrote in diary
San : ragu u want to eat so that i will send more time with u as u will have cold and headache right
Rags is shocked after listening this. She doesn’t know how san came to know about her little secret. She always did that because due to that san will spend time with her.
San : don’t think that how i came to know. I read the whole diary and i know all your tricks. Rags keeps a pout face after listening this. San smiles and kisses her on her chin.
Rags : ok now give me my diary. San : why? U said that u want to give it to me right so i will keep it with me only. I got a new diary designed for u and in that we will write everything together. All our special moments will be in it.
Rags smiles and hugs him. He takes her to his room and makes her sit on the couch. He gets a gift box and gives it to her and sits beside her. She is very excited and opens the gift. It is a beautiful journal which has their photos printed on each paper. Half of the paper has their pic and in the other half they can write about the moment. San gives her a pen
Rags mentions about day before yesterday (tha day he confessed) and also their date. Both signs in it and after that rags hugs it close to her. San hugs her and kisses on her hair. Viren comes at that time only and sees them like that. He decides not to disturb them and goes back.
After sometime rags goes to her room after kissing san on his cheek. San too kisses heron her forehead. They both goes to sleep thinking about each other.
Next day morning
As always san and adi goes for a jog and returns. All are in the living room except rags. SanAdi joins them
DP : beta we want to say something to all of you. Where is ragu, call her too.
Avantika : bhai she didn’t wake up till now. I will see
Viren : she didn’t sleep till midnight. Then how will she wakeup early. What say bhai. San understands that viren saw them together previous night

All sees them and san glares at viren
Adi : what do u mean viren. Why didn’t she sleep till midnight. Were u with her? Viren doesn’t understand what to speak because if he say something san will pounce at him. He is thinking of some excuse and at that time only san says actually adi we 3 saw movie yesterday night and it became late. All agrees but adi is suspicious as he observed san glaring at viren. He knows that something is hidden from him and thought to ask them later.
After sometime all are at dining table and having breakfast. Harish asks them all to come to living room after having breakfast. All nods and meets in livingroom after breakfast
Harish : we decided that from now onwards you 4 will look after the business. We will just guide u. Sanadi were about to argue but DP stops them and says san and adi we are taking care of business from long time and now we want to see our children handling it. It is our dream and it is final. No more arguments. All nods
Harish : adi u are interested in civil engineering and u studied it. So u will be handling MG constructions from now. Adi is very happy. Its his dream and it is fulfilled. He takes blessings from elders and hugs his choti, sanvi
Ragsan sees eachothers faces. They want to work together but don’t know how to convey it to elders
DP : sanskar u will be handling all our IT companies, finance companies and factories along with and he gives a pause
Ragsan are fully tensed and elders laughs seeing them
DP : along with my princess. Both are happy and hugs their parents. Ragu is out of world. Its her dream that is getting fulfilled

Harish : and beta san will be CEO and pari will be MD. Rags is shocked hearing this. Papa and mamu make san MD. Why me? He is more experienced than me and has more knowledge about business
DP : princess san will help u beta and why we made u as MD is he will not be here for a year due to his studies. So it doesn’t look good. So we decided it. After his return u both can decide it. Rags agrees
Avantika : what about my laadla. What will he do? All this 3 only will do or what
Harish : how can we forget him avantika, eventhough he is prankster but when comes to his work he never neglects it. He is much sincere. So from now he will be handling our hospitals
Viren is happy a lot. He loves administration department and also managing
All 4 are happy with their new responsibilities. Episode ends on their happy faces

Precap : puja at home and ragsan moments

Finally its done. Hope everyone likes it. Thanks for the support. I will update next part tomorrow.will be waiting for the comments. it is not proof read. sorry for the mistakes

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