Something about you part 6

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Here are the link of previous part

Part 5
So lets start

~~part 6~~
Princess kavita was indeed a perfect example of beauty
She liked to be perfect
This was her way to live being perfect .She hided her emotions very well .She never let people knew what she feels not even her closed ones
“Princess kavita you take rest must be tired so miss carter will take you to your room”says mr wesley as ordered by king durgaprasad
“Actually i am not at all tired i want to spend time with my best friend ”
” Ya now u both will not even bother to look towards anybody”says queen anna
“Haha ranisa, rajasa is there na to look at you” and kavita ran holding hand of sanskar
Swara and other maids were dismissed they were chatting in their private room
Sanskar and kavita then came to garden to have fresh air
”Kavita you have turned beautiful dear”sanskar says
” Someone will be surely dead seeing u” he continues and winks her
They talk for about an hour .seeing them anybody would sae they didn’t meet since ages
They indeed had a special bond
Sanskar and kavita were called to have their dinner so they parted to freshen up
While parting sanskar kissed kavita’s hands and went bidding bye

Someone saw this view and she was none other than swara
She saw sanskar kissing kavita but it didn’t bother her she was just a friend and she went from there waiting to narrate this whole story to yash and archi and ladoo in special as she was same her age
Life was indeed a gift to her
To have a bestie like laddo
She left to her house and said the whole story to her siblings and then she wrote a letter to laddo
Dear laddo..
Missing u alot ..u did not tell me u r going to visit your realtives never mind ..thank god mumma has the address otherwise i would have killed u … Btw i am not angry because i m so happy
I have got two new friends
One is janielle …we do lot of chats haha laddo she is just like you but no one can take ur place
Acha nd the other one is prince
Don’t be angry i will tell u whole story when i meet you and haa luv u my bestie
She ended her letter and kept in her bag to post to laddo tomorrow when she gets to palace
Swara sleeps with a smile playing and again remembering her friendship moments
Next day
Swara remembered she had to go early so she got ready perfectly thinking what would be his surprise
She got to palace garden waiting for his friend
She was early and it was still time to start her work
She was humming her favorite song when someone closed her eyes
“Who are you? See i am telling you if you came close to me i will kill you with …” swara says
” Oh wait wait miss sherni i did not know that you talk so sweetly with your frnds!”prince says taking his hands
” Oh prince ..yo…uuu !! Vohh i am srry!!swara manages to speak
“Ahan forgetting something?”
” ohh haan sanskar actually its result of my mumma papa narrating crime activities??”
Sanskar felt happy listening his name from her
“Acha come with me fast .want to show you something special .but first close your eyes!!”
“Ohk ohk”
” No cheating swara close it come on”
“Its cheating sanskar i want to keep it open”
Sanskar keeps his one hand on her eyes and one hand guiding her

Finally they reach the place
And sanskar take his hands back
“Mr prince u are punished for …” She was not able to complete as sanskar turned her face to look forward and swara was spellbound to see the scenery
It was a secret garden and inside there were waterfalls and different kind of perfume producing flowers
It had grass spread all over and benches placed and several butterflies playing along
Swara just managed to say fantastic
And jumped with joy ..she was just running here and there to see each and every place
” Swara now give some time to me too” prince says smiling widy
” Sanskar wait na i see you everyday but them ..i got to meet these today na so u wait”
“Swara acha okay daily i will bring you here “he says
Swara came back to him breathing heavily
” But yo..uu will be busy na?”
” Haa but 10 mins for you is a no problem for u my cute friend”he said and pulled her nose
Swara was just admiring him
“Happy to see you like this not as prince but as my friend all free not bound by duties and laws”swara says
“Acha now don’t be sentimental swara ji come lets sit there “he says pointing to a bench
“Sanskar can we sit on the grass…pls pls pls?”she asks with a puppy face
” Acha ohk” and someone have said you that no one can resist your face
They both sat there and started asking each other to say about herself /himself

“So i start ..i am swara gadodia 19 years old
Love nature ..i have two younger siblings
One is yash and other archi
I luv my mumma papa a lot
Nd then comes my laddo miss ragini
Nd now here i got u and jans uff janielle bennet”
” So what about ur studies? ”
“Its nothing interesting sanskar” swara said looking everywhere but not him
“Swara look at me” he said but they were lost in each other just then swara answers
” I wanted to be a painter”
“Hmm so .”
“I needed good financial status for it i mean the tools cost more and fees was good high too ..i did not want to bother my parents so i ended up here “saying this a lone tear escaped her eyes not unnoticed by sanskar
Sanskar wiped it and said
” Now no more tears in your eyes ..otherwise i will cry ”
Swara smiled and set her mood and asked to tell about himself
” Okay so my name is sanskar maheshwari
Son of durgaprasad and anna maheshwari
They did love marriage and now i am too craving to find my love
Kavita is my best friend and i have done ba in literature i want to be a writer but i cannot i have this kingdom to be looked on
And haa i am bad at planning wars but i like to help people .. my other best friend is lucky
A good decent man nd now you ..he said looking in her eyes”
They chatted for some time and than prince got a call that king had to see him nd she made a sad face that he has to part with her
” Meet u again i will tell u somehow the timings” prince said
” Ohk bye” and she did that move with he learning to do that srk move

Ohk guys i stop here
I m srry this is not to your expectations
Its becoming boring ryt?
I m srry guys pls do comment if you want me to continue

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