Twinj: My Lifeline: Episode 2

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We could see a girl in mid of 20’s standing in near the window. Wind was blowing gently making her free hairs to fly in the air but she was giving no head to them. She was lost in thoughts. Her face was angelic yet pale. Her big beautiful hazel eyes were filled with tears. Her cheeks had already witnessed her tears as tears stains were already there. Her nose were red due to continous crying. She closed her eyes tightly leaving her tears to fall down through her white cheeks again. Soon she wiped her tears and she placed her hand on her growing baby bump and went towards the photo frame which had herself and a young handsome boy. She took it in her hands and sat on the couch. She caressed the photo with lots of love. Again she placed it on the couch and went towards her balcony which had swing attached in it. She sat carefully and slanted on the chain which was connected to the wall and closed her eyes.
I’m Swara, Swara Sanskar Maheshwari (smiled to herself). I met him in the collage. We become friends soon our friendship turned out something special, LOVE. We dated for about 4 years and soon we got married with our parents permission and we leaded a very happy life. He became one 1 business man in business world which he dreamed for many years. Soon we got to know the most happiest news. I was pregnant. He took care of me like a child who needs immense care and love not only he but my whole family. I was 4 months pregnant and he had a business trip for 2 months. Though he said he won’t go I insist him because this business trip will make him reach more heights. I still remember how much stubborn he was of not leaving me alone and going to the trip.
Swara is sitting in the bed with a paper in her hands. Sanskar was sitting close to her. Swara is reading the paper while smilling brightly seeing the letter.
SWA: Sanskar, here u go u made it my love. If u go and attend this u will reach great heights baby. (Hugs him). I’m soooo happy.
She looked at sanskar who was smiling a bit but she knew something was wrong.
SWA: Sanskar what’s the matter? Look ur dream is going to be full filled but u don’t look happy.
SAN: I’m happy but…. How will I leave u alone that to in this condition?
Swara smiled seeing his love and care for her.
SWA: Sanskar it’s nothing look mom and dad r there to take care of me so no worries and u r not going to be there for lifelong just 2 months so no worries.
SAN: But……
SWA: U r going that’s final come let’s pack ur back ur flight is after 2 days.
Saying this swara stood up and was about to go to the cupboard but he caught her through her wrist. Swara turned towards him and he immediately hugged her tightly but made sure that he is not hurting her belly.
SAN: I’ll miss u…..
SWA: (smiled) Will miss u too…
Sanskar broke the hug and kissed her forehead. He bent a little towards her belly and kissed it.
SAN: And also my baby.
Swara smiled. He straightend and looked at swara with lots of love………………………..
At the day of the flight.
SWA: Sanskar have ur food on time, sleep on time, don’t get stressed and call me when you get time.
She said while checking his suitcase not having an eyelock him. She knew if she looks at him she could definitely go out of control and cry.
SAN: Swara (sat on the bed near her)
SWA:hmm (still not looking)
Sanskar lifted her chin and made him look at her. Swara’s eyes was filled with tears.
She couldn’t control anymore so she hugged him tightly and he too hugged her. He was already not willing to go and swara’s condition was making it more difficult for him. After few minutes swara broke the hug and wiped her tears.
SWA: Come sanskar it’s getting late. (Sniffs).
SAN: Should I really go?
SWA: Not again sanskar…..
SAN:k, take care of yourself. Eat correctly and have medicines on time, sleep well and don’t stress yourself as I’m not there.
SWA: k my prince, come let’s go.
Soon they reached the airport but still he was pleading swara through his eyes. Even now if she says not to go even now
he could immediately go with her to home.
Swara was still controlling hard. Sanskar walked inside the airport and looked back and saw his mom, dad and his jaan standing forcing a smile on their lips. He knew everyone’s mentality now but he didn’t said anything. Sanskar too smiled and waved his hand. They too waved, soon he went inside. All 3 were looking at him till his figure visible.
(FB ends)
(Her POV continues…….)
He also went unwillingly. We had touch through mobile yet I missed him so much, his presence , his care, everything but I was happy that at least I could hear his voice. I knew even he will miss me like hell. Before 1 week he called me and informed that he is returning home. My happiness reached it’s heights. After 2 long months im going to see him. All were happy like me. The day he told me that he is arriving Dad (sanskar’s dad) was watching news and to much shock the flight which sanskar told us, has met with an massive accident and police has already searching for sanskar yet there was no improvement. All started to cry thinking that he is dead….no no it can’t be, My sanskar can’t leave me, his swara……… I know he is alive for me…or at least for our baby.
POV ends.
Soon swara’s eyes got heavy due to medicines and tiredness and slept there itself.
Sun rays disturbed her sleep. Soon she got ready and sat on the chair in front of the mirror. She wore her earing, bangels and she took the sindoor box in her hands.
She smiled seeing it and remembered how he used to fill her maang every day with his own hands from the day of marriage.
But from 2 months she was filling herself.
Swara took a pinch of sindoor and placed it on her maang.
SWA: Wish he could fill my maang again.
She said to herself painfully and wore her mangalsutra and was came downstairs through stairs. She was confused seeing everyone wearing white suit and panditji was doing puja to a photo.
She came down slowly and looked at the photo frame and was shocked it was Sanskar’s photo.
Swara went near the frame and threw the varmala and shouted.
SWA: Have u all gone mad he is alive…..
She went near sujata.
SWA: Ma he is alive y don’t u believe me.
Suj: If he is, he could have informed us swara (with teary eyes).
SWA: No ma he is alive only, y can’t u all understand this.(shouted).
Soon felt dizzy and in a fraction of second she fainted but ram caught her.
Ram: Swara beta.
Soon they made her to lie in the bed and doctor came and checked her.
Doc: She is highly stressed that’s y but u all know if this continues it can bring many complications at her delivery time. So take care.
Doctor left. Ram was sitting one side and sujata was sitting on another side catching swara’s hand. Both were in tears. Ofcourse they couldn’t bear their son who is not yet found and here swara’s condition was getting worst that too at this condition.
Suju: Ram……swara (sobbing seeing swara).
Ram: Sujata nothing will happen.
He told but he himself was broken inside. Their son sanskar is still not found yet and on another side swara’s condition is getting worsen without sanskar. Sujata is also completely broken so if he breaks the condition will be more critical.


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  1. Is it swasan and r u posting a new story or continuation of ur old story

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      It’s swasan and a new story

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    Amazing story..continue soon dear!!

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  3. The story seems to be quite interesting do continue and post ur other ff too

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