Prithvi Vallabh 29th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Mrinal apologizes to Prithvi and permits him to make idol

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Prithvi Vallabh 29th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prithvi tries to make Bhoj gains consciousness. Tailap Raj tells Vikram that he hopes that he is not involved in this conspiracy. Vikram says he is not involved. Prithvi tries to make Bhoj vomit the poison. Guru Aditya comes with Rajya Vaid. Rajya Vaid checks Bhoj. Mrinal tells Guru Aditya that she wants to talk to Tailap. Guru Aditya asks her to go. Tailap goes behind Mrinal. Mrinal tells Tailap that she told him clearly that they shall not do any bad behavior or dangerous conspiracy to Malwa people and says you have done a bad thing and ruined our reputation. Tailap says I didn’t do anything. Mrinal asks if Vikramjeet inspired him to do this and says it is not possible that outsider can do this and asks him to find out who is he? Tailap says yes. Mrinal asks Tailap to keep eye on Vikramjeet and gives security to guests. Tailap and Mrinal come to Bhoj. Mrinal apologizes to Prithvi. Prithvi thanks her for vish bhoj. Vaid says now Bhoj is fine. Mrinal asks him to reply. Prithvi folds his hands and says let us go. Guru Aditya says Rajkumar is still unwell and asks him to let him rest. Bhoj gains consciousness after sometime and insists to go to their tent. Tailap says I will make arrangements. Mrinal tells Prithvi that it was someone’s conspiracy and asks him to tell what she shall do to get forgiveness from him. Prithvi asks him to let him make idol. Mrinal gives him permission.

Vilas comes to Bhoj’s room and thinks whoever has done this will be punished. She looks at him from and goes out. She sees Satyashrah and runs. Bhoj tells Prithvi that Mrinal’s venom is gone because of his venom. Prithvi says it is not a matter of joke. Rasniti says I have seen Sulochana tasting the food. Prithvi says Mrinal is right, we have some enemies here. Prithvi makes Bhoj have medicine. Bhoj makes faces. Mrinal comes there and wishes for his speedy recovery and apologizes to Bhoj. She says she wants to assure prithvi that nobody from her family have attempted to do this. Prithvi says I trust you. Mrinal asks Vaid to check the poison on his hand. Rajya Vaid checks Bhoj and gives him medicine. Vaid says you will get sleep and rest by this medicine. He then checks Prithvi’s hand and says poison is deep, and applies ointment to his hand and asks him to keep his hand in that position till medicine dries up.. He says where is the kitchen, I need to make more medicine. Mrinal sees Prithvi holding his hand with difficulty and holds his hand. Prithvi is surprised. Rasniti and Vaid returns. Vaid checks and says ointment is dried and gives him medicine. Prithvi drinks the medicine. Mrinal asks him to rest and tell her if she needs anything, she goes. Rasniti says Prithvi and smiles. Prithvi also smiles.

Sulochana comes to Mrinal. Mrinal says you should have rest now, your health is not right to work. Sulochana says she is feeling fine now and tells that she is feeling bad as she couldn’t identify poison in her food. Mrinal asks her not to do anything until she gives her permission.

Kosha is hiding in Prithvi’s tent. He realizes someone is hiding and asks her to come out. Kosha comes out and tells her name. She tells that rajmahal sainik is after her. Prithvi asks what is your crime? Kosha says she is pregnant with Tailap’s baby. Prithvi asks if Tailap sent sainiks behind you. Kosha says he didn’t know anything. Mausi comes and asks Kosha to have food. She sees Prithvi and gets tensed. Prithvi gives his introduction and says you are saved here. He says he will make arrangements of their stay. Kosha and Mausi are happy.

Vilas tells Lakshmi that she wants to go and see Bhoj for humanity sake. Lakshmi says you are too young to understand everything. Jakala tells that Vilas is very understanding and knows good hospitality. She tells that they all shall go there. She asks her to make the arrangements. Vilas leaves. Jakala tells Lakshmi that she came to know that Kosha and Mausi are in Prithvi’s guest room in their tent. Lakshmi says we shall go there and tells that Vilas shall not know.
Jakala, Lakshmi and Vilas come to Prithvi’s tent. Jakala tells that she was waiting to meet Bhoj since that thing happened. Lakshmi also says the same. Prithvi says Bhoj is fine now, rajya vaid’s medicine are a wonder. Lakshmi says then we shall thank him.

Jakala tells Prithvi that she has brought someone for their service. They ask Vilas to stay there and goes with Prithvi. Vilas comes near Bhoj. Bhoj says I will get chair for you as you will not sit here. Vilas sits there. Vilas says you are recovering and asks didn’t you feel when you tasted poison. Bhoj says I had tasted it for first time and asks if she had it before. Vilas says no, and tells that she wanted to become Vish kanya, but…She asks how did it feel after drinking poison. He tells her how he felt. Vilas says she thought something else happens. He coughs. She goes to bring water for him. Prithvi, Jakala and Lakshmi are standing out. Prithvi asks Rasniti to take care of them and takes leave. Lakshmi asks Rasniti to show the kitchen to cooks. Mausi sees Jakala and Lakshmi and asks Kosha to come. Jakala comes there and looks in the room. Kosha and Mausi hides.

Vilas gives water to Bhoj. Bhoj thanks her and asks what she wants to become? Vilas says she wants to become like Mrinal. He says yoddha. Vilas says Mrinal is a good at music too. He asks do you play any musical instrument. Bhoj says no, and tells that he writes poetry. Vilas says like that day, sun latak jhatak. Lakshmi comes there and asks her to come. Lakshmi folds her hand. Bhoj also holds his hand. Vilas looks at Bhoj smilingly.

Prithvi meets Manyakheta’s people and tells that he wants to make a idol which will be inspiration of its times. He says I showed courage and asked Mrinal, she let me make idol. He asks People to help him and tells about the arts importance. Vikram jeet comes there and says there are other ways too to waste time, and says you have just 4-5 days. You can’t do anything. Even if you make, then also it will be broken, the moment you step out of manyakheta. Prithvi tells them that he will complete making the idol. Vikramjeet’s sainik try to stop the people. One of the man tells that they will not let them prithvi stop and tells that he has begin a new initiative for betterment of Manyakheta. Prithvi thanks the man. Man says I want to fold my hands, but I can’t as I have lost my both hands for arts. Prithvi is emotional and applauds for him. Man and others say Prithvi Vallabh ki jai.

Mrinal tells Prithvi that this idol will be broken and your efforts will go waste. Prithvi says may be this idol will make two enemies love each other. Mrinal says you are crossing your limits. Prithvi says there is no limits in war. Mrinal threatens him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Curious to know what the idol is…

    1. Mona146

      im sure the idol is of mrinal or her parents or symbol of love or friendship.

    2. Probably Mrinal’s?….

  2. awesome epi , loving bhoj-vilas scenes , vilas’s character is shown to be very sweet . loving her character .

  3. P_lata

    Vilas is so cute…when she laughs …she looks so beautiful ……..Mrinal and Prithvi are awesome together….

  4. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Beautiful Episode! Mrinal is following in love. Vilas and Bhoj is really cute! But, I love prithvi and Mrinal!

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