The magic of love, part 31. last part

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Suhani continued her drawing. Yuvraj was shattered hearing her. He felt like his world revolving, this is why, this is exactly why he was resisting himself from meeting her, but his stupid heart, and it got all exited and made him come here, for what? To get broken into pieces, he can never fix it back again, he was happy in his own world, but know, he is broken beyond repair. He cursed himself for coming here, and started to move back. He stopped and looked at her once again, she was emerged in her drawing, fresh tears started to come from his eyes, because he know that he is seeing her for the last time, it pained him like anything, but there is nothing that he can do, he slowly started to walk away from her, but his legs were not with him, they wanted him to stop, no they wanted him to go to her, but he know he can’t, but again his stupid heart, and now his silly legs, still he moved forward. He never realised walking can be this difficult. He didn’t understand why fate is playing this game with him, he was happy in his life, then she came to his life and made it heaven, he was super happy then and all of a sudden, she was taken away, but still he managed, he moved forward living in her memories, he was happy there, but then fate in the form of that video came before him, gave him hopes that reached the skies and broke them all in seconds, why??? He doesn’t know, and because of his stupidity he gave false hope to Bhavna too. He then remembered calling Sharad here, no Sharad can’t come here, he can’t break them again, both of them had been through so much pain because of him, not again. He took his phone to call Sharad when he collided with someone.

Meanwhile Suhani who finished that particular drawing looked up to see him and to her horror he was not there. An unknown fear overtook her, she panicked. She wanted him to be there, he was her source of energy, and she felt it, when she saw him here. It gave her confidence and only due to that she started to draw again, rather breath again normally, but now he disappeared, how can he?? What will she do now? She saw him walking away; it pained her to see him going away. She wiped her tears and closed her eyes. When she opened them again, there was determination in them, she looked at his departing figure and started to draw something again.

Yuvraj looked up and saw that he collided with Sharad; he was shocked to see him here, as he didn’t want him to come here. Tears rolled down from his eyes and he looked guilty, but Sharad was not looking at him, he staring at the projector surprised.

Yuv: Sharad I am sorry, I should,

Sharad turned him before he could complete. Every other person in the hall was looking at him and the projector one after the other. Because it was his FACE which was there on the projector. YES, Suhani have drawn his face on the sand. Yuvraj went to her and she looked at him with tearful eyes.

Suh: I don’t know who you are, I really don’t. (Taking her memory book) But in these past few months I have drawn your face many times.

She flipped the pages one after the other, where she drew his picture. He looked at her emotionally, he was happy beyond words.

Suh: Whenever I feel lost, it is your face which appear in front of me, and whenever I draw your picture I feel like I am missing something, I don’t know what it is, I don’t how we are related, but it is your face which encourages me but,

He kept his palm on her mouth, she looked at him, through her words she explained how much she needs him, she wanted him to stay with her, but she don’t know how to stop him with her, she know that she can’t ask him to stay, that too when she don’t even know who he is, but that fact is that she wants him to stay. He understood all these, whatever she was trying to Conway, but little did she know that of all people, he needs an explanation from him.

She looked him emotionally.

Yuv: I was waiting for this day, when my face will appear on her heart, I knew it will. Because you are born for me, you are my soul mate.

His love was evident in his words, in his eyes.

She closed her eyes, she felt like her heart was craving to hear these words from him, and it was, so badly. She immediately hugged him, he too. She had no clue why she was hugging an unknown person, but her heart said that it is the right thing and she knew it is, because she never felt this peace anywhere else. In his embrace she forgot the whole world; it was like her heart was waiting for this particular moment, where she meets him.

His happiness was something much more than anyone could imagine, after months, he is with her, he got his life back, and he wanted the world to stay still.

Shavna was very happy for their siblings and held each others’ hands tightly. Pratima smiles seeing them.

Prat: Sharad I told you na, true love never fails, now see.

Shavna smiles widely and hugs her.

Yuvani broke their hug and Yuvraj wiped her tears.

Yuv: You have always drawn the sad story of Jack and Rose, now draw our story.

She nodded smilingly. She drew everything as usual till Jack’s drowning, there where he was about to go under water, instead of drawing a weeping Rose, she drew Rose who extend her hands for him to climb up and he did, thus completing their story.

Crowd applauded and Suhani smiles and Yuvraj.

Two years later:

Yuvraj and Sharad returned home after jogging, Yuvraj went to terrace where Suhani was standing, lost in thoughts. He back hugs her; she jerks and breaks the hug and looks at him.

Suh: (terrified) who are you?

Yuv: Oh, so you don’t know who I am?

He came closer.

Suh: (terrified) I seriously don’t, and stay away from me.

Yuv: Suhani, enough of these jokes.

Suh: What joke, I am serious, I don’t know you.

Yuv: Really, then what are you doing in my house?

Suh: That is exactly what I am thinking, why am I here? Can you please explain?

She asked pleadingly and she appeared terrified.

He was shocked.

Yuv: (terrified) what?

Suh: (Crying) please can you tell me what tell me what I am doing in my husband’s house.

He was still in shock, “No this can’t happen” he murmured, only then he realised what she said. He looked at her and she was laughing at him.

Yuv: Youuuuuuuuuuu.

Suh: (laughing) just see your face…

Before he could saw anything more, family came to them and wished him his birthday.

Suhani brought the cake, he cuts in feeds everyone. Everyone other Yuvani leaves.

Yuv: Mrs. Suhani Yuvraj Birla, I won’t leave you.

Suh: Even if you want, I won’t go.

She winked at him and he hugged her.

Finally their love won, both have challenged fate. She, by not mentioning about their first date and then removing his memory, and he, he was certain that his face will appear on her heart and it did, it had to, because it is true unconditional love which is present between them and it can never fail, it just can’t.

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  1. Anjaly, you nailed it.. Right from the intro, you have kept the readers hooked.. With every unexpected twist in the story, you have proved your excellence in the field of writing..
    Coming to this last part, this was again another twist.. I just can’t tell how much I loved it.. And the epilogue, it was so damn cute..
    This was one of the best fanfics I have ever read.. Will be waiting for your next story..

    -With lots & lots of love for writing this beautiful story for us..

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you dear, but as I said earlier itself this isn’t my story, I just Yuvanified it.
      Thank you

      1. whatever, but I’m sure that more than half of it was your own.. you had just taken the plot from it.. right?

  2. ItsmePrabha

    this part is so beautifully written..So Amazing,Awesome,Fabulous….Will miss this FF alot….And Will be waiting for your Next..Till then Take care..

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you dear

  3. Nithu

    Its just amazing i just loved it ……

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you dear

  4. Akankshanna

    Awesome….. Awesome…… Awesome

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you dear

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