Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 4)

guys I thought of ending my ff soon since no one is commenting
I really wonder whether u guys like it or no

Taneja mansion :
The episode starts with twinkle crying badly saying plz don’t leave me maa plz maa and then shouts maa!!!
She wakes up feels relieved that it was just an dream
M:di what happened r u fine?
She gets an glass of water and offers it to twinkle …twinkle drinks it and feels relaxed
M: di did u see some bad dream
T : ya mahi I did and it was too bad … hope it never becomes true
M: chill di nothing bad will happen.. now get ready soon
T : babaji plz let it not come true … plz babaji
Twinkle and mahi come down for breakfast
L: oh thank god finally today u both came without me calling you both … come have ur bf
Twinkle is lost in thoughts
L : twinkle is everything fine with u … u look tensed
L : twinkle! !!
T : yes maa what happened? Did u say something
L : ya I was asking u whether u have any problem.. u cd tell me beta
T :mom do u love me?
L: of course twinkle. … what is wrong with u
T : will u ever leave me and go?
L : never twinkle. .. why what happened?
T : nothing maa bye am getting late
M : wait di am coming along
They both leave

Leela leaves the house covering herself in an shawl
Sana sees this and thinks where is she going
Sana follows her
Leela goes to an remote place
Sana also reaches there
L : what happened why did u call me here
Man: I need ur help
L : I can’t …….. If someone sees u here, u wd b in big trouble
Sana cannot here their conversation
Sana thinks who is leela aunty speaking to ? I have to see his face
She tries to see his face and is shocked
It’s none other than her dad Aryan luthra
She thinks dad for so many years u were away from us because of leela aunty
She cries softly so that they don’t realise her presence and runs

At college:
Twinkle and mahi reaches college
Twinkle is lost in thoughts about the dream she saw
She bumps into someone and is about to fall but he holds her in hi arms
He is none other than yuvi
Y : can’t u see and walk ?
T : sorry yuvi .. are you still angry with me ….. I know you felt upset on what happened but seriously it’s nothing like that ….. kunj was just trying to save me from some guys …. nothing else ….. yuvi speak up … say something
Y : twinkle am sorry… I over reacted. … but
Twinkle stops him in mid
T : it’s Ok … plz don’t say me sorry… anyone could have reacted the same way …. If someone needs to be told sorry then it’s kunj …. I know u don’t like him but at least for u can tell him sorry na??
Y : baby seriously u want yuvraj luthra to tell sorry to kunj?
T : no u r misunderstanding me
Y : I know it was my fault this time , I’ll tell him sorry for ur sake
T : thanks yuvi …..
She hugs him tightly, he too hugs her and smirks

Kunj was with his friends
Kunj looks at twinkle… twinkle makes an angry face at him for yesterday but later smiles..
She comes to kunj
T: hi karoos sarna
K : hi siyappa queen
T : don’t call me by that name or I’ll make u suffer a lot
K : oh really! !!
T : well I came here for some other reason
K : and what’s that?
Twinkle goes to yuvi holds his hand tight and comes to kunj
Kunj feels sad looking at twinkle holding yuvi’s hand tightly but doesn’t express it
K : (to yuvi) u?
Y : sorry for yesterday
K : srsly u r telling me sry
Y : twinkle told me everything. … Thanks for saving her yesterday
K : it was my duty
Twinkle stares at kunj. ….. mere rubaroo plays
Y : twinkle let’s go
Twinkle and yuvi leave
Kunj looks at them going and feels sad seeing twinkle close to yuvi

Luthra mansion :
Sana comes home and runs to her room
A : sana what happened my princess?
S : nothing mom
She leaves and comes to her room
She cries recalling leela with her dad
S : U didn’t do this good , am not going to spare u Leela aunty
The episode ends at her vengeful face

No precap for this episode. .. M gonna introduce a lot of twist in the next episode

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