Suspense is over (Episode 27)

Next day,Sanjay gets up from bed and sees his refection in tje the mirror ,and finds it fully made up of blood and shouts “Kirthi”to come as soon as possible.She sits in the lawn talking with her father and runs inside hearing his voice she equally gets terrified to see the mirror covered with blood.She calls the inspector to come to the spot as soon as possible.Both of them stands near the mirror without touching it.Sanjay asks Kirthi to sit calmly until he comes.they waits for the inspector to come.She heard the jeep noise and finds him coming.he sees the blood and shouts”I asked you not to investigate Ranvijay’s case but you “,Kirthi sees people trying to get inside and shouts at everyone to move from there.She asks the inspector to make arrangement to do a investigation in the village.

She orders the servants to clean the blood.she remembers seeing same blood strain in Ranvijay’s house and thinks to solve the mystery as soon as possible.Sanjay comes out of the bathroom and apologises to her for making a issue.She smiles and leaves to the lawn area.Sanjay sits near her with two cups of coffee both of them sees some people approaching the house.One of the person asks her to go from there because Ranvijay’s athma is here trying to kill the police.She asks them to leave not to believe thses superstition.she comes to the area where mirror is kept and stands near it,she finds something and runs into the garden area through the French window.

Sanjay follows her and finds her standing near the garden area and touches her shoulder,she says in a mild but very bold voice “Someone is planning to make us go from here “and shows a packet of a blood. Sanjay takes it and reads the hospital name as Thayananth foundation .Kirthi sees some foot steps which has vanished into the tree covered area joining to the forest.She comes back and finds a golden watch strap near the window and murmurs “Ranvijay”.

in the hospital,both Sanjay and Kirthi investigate everyone in the hospital but no one gives them any valuable news.Kirthi asks about the list of patient who came to donate blood and suddenly finds a known face among the people,she gets surprised to see Amba,zamindarini of sambalpur among the patient and walks towafs her.

Sanjay asks Kirthi why she is so silent after meeting the lady in the hospital and turns to see her just concentrating the road without talking to him.Kirthi notices him staring and asks him the reason.he asks her about the things which dhs keeps in her heart.She asjz him to open the dash board and take out the arch strap.He do so and sees the letter written as (R)Ranvijay in it.He almost sits spell bound.Kirthi tells “But the beautiful joke is that Ranvijay don’t have the habit of wearing watch “.He asks her about their next move.She remains silent and says in mind “Some is trying to bring Ranvijay into the story “.

precap:Sanjay runs behind the masked person and falls on the road.

  1. i luv ur sanjy ranvijy???

  2. Again confusion yaar

  3. Nice episode dear who’s trying to harm them.

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