trust v/s love – Episode 3

hi guyzzzz ……..yesterday i was really confused with t pairs sorry for t changes i made in t comments …..and t real change is as follows..
kunj , twinkle , khushi r t same as before.
arnav: he is younger bro of kunj and elder bro of uv. He doesn’t believe in love and hate girls.
uv; younger bro of kunj and arnav. he will becoming frd of khushi
mahi; she is not twinkle and khushi’s sis but she is an orphan as her parents died as she was 10 years old . she is very calm and quiet. she leaves in an orphanage .she also will be becoming frds with uv and twinkle.

the pairs r

NOTE; arnav is t one who play t role of uv on previous episodes
Analysis of yesterday’s episode;;
kunj sees twinkle for first time . khushi slips and arnav holds her and t juice falls on him. khushi laughs and arnav becomes angry and he leaves from there. later it shows khushi defending herself from t seniors.
once more i am really really sooory if i hurt anyone…
today’s episode is short..sry for that
Trust v/s Love episode 3

At t collage, Kunj is with his friends. One of them says ” Kunj do u see t new girl in our class, she is really beautiful”.other one says ” yaa kunj she is very pretty and she is from london” . kunj says ” ohhh”. And they went to t class. kunj sees t girl but cannot see her face. Suddenly he sees a chain in her hand {he remebers that he had seen t same chain in twinkle’s hand}. he thinks is this that same girl. he was eager to see her face but was not able to see. So he was going near to see her but she goes from there before he could see.
At t other side mahi is being raged by some guyz. khushi who was walking on t way sees mahi tensed infront of t seniors. she thinks to help her . So by moving to a side she screams” princi..princi is coming” suddenly all t seniors gets afraid and asks every freshers to go to there class”. mahi was seeing that khushi screaming. she comes to khushi and says thanks . they become frds. khushi says” let’s go to t class “. while entering t class khushi slips and uv holds her . khushi says”sry” uv says ” it is fyn”. they both suddenly become frds. khushi introduce mahi to uv . They shake’s there hands .
kunj was following twinkle. suddenly twinkle turns ..but slips and twinkle fall on kunj .Twinkle was shock to see him. They shared an eyelock . [while
“Jeene Laga Hoon, Pehle Se Zyada
Pehle Se Zyada, Tumpe Marne Laga Hoon
Main..Mera Dil…Aur Tum Ho Yahaan
Phir Kyun Ho Palkein Jhukaye Wahaan
Tum Sa Haseen Pehle Dekha Nahin
Tum Is Se Pehle Thhe Jaane Kahaan
Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada
Pehle Se Zyada Tumpe Marne Laga….. plays in t background}
Suddenly twinkle realizes t students was looking at them. She suddenly stands up . All t students left while kunj was trying to stand up. twinkle looks at kunj angrily . screen freezes on her angry face.
Twinkle scolding kunj . AND the seniors coming infront of khushi and eyes her angrily.

thank u aarush,aakanksha,tara,sudha,kna786,tannu,shunna,tania,gopu,harna,richel,sasmerra,rashi,sunaina,sanjana,trishmattie,sar.. for givng me t suggestion and ideas…

really really soooooooooooooryyy if i hurt anyone of u


  1. Omg d update is too good plzzzzzz continue!

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  2. no need to say sorry dear and really a good decision that u not dissapointed any one (i think so) and really nice episode and make sure next epi was tooooooo long

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  3. Well done by changing the characters……nice story….

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