Twinj- Being My Husband’s Mistress (chapter 19)

Chapter 19

Twinj entered the room together.

Twinkle looked at the room and was mesmerised seeing it.

It has a living area, a kitchen, a bedroom.. it was well furnished and beautiful.. everything was perfect in its place…

She moved forward and take a look at every corner of the suite..

She was in awe seeing this while Kunj was just seeing her lovingly and smiled seeing her expressions.

He without telling her clicked her pictures.

She moved forward and was about to enter in the room but stopped looking for Kunj.

As soon as she turned Kunj hided the mobile behind his back and gave her ‘what-happened-look’.

She didnt said a word and came back and held his hand and moved forward.

He just smiled at her crazy antics.

They entered the room and Twinkle again started exploring it while Kunj brought the luggage in the room…

Twinkle turned towards Kunj..

They get fresh-n-up and changed their clothes and had lunch in their room itself…

After the lunch..

“Kunj lets go out to roam around.” Twinkle said happily.

“We will go in the evening. Now take some rest.” He said getting up from the couch and moving towards bed.

“Kunj please. I am fine. Please please please…” she said making puppy face.

Kunj almost melted but.

“No means no Twinkle. We are already travelling from morning. You need rest.. you are not so well. So we will go in evening.” Kunj declared.

“Huhhh.. Fine. Khadoos..” Twinkle accepted her defeat as she knew that he is adamant in her heatlh issues.

She moved forward.. Kunj thought her to be angry so he grabbed her hand and pulled her back such that her back crushed in his chest.

He encircled his hands around her waist.

“Sorry..” he whispered slowly in her ears.

Firstally she didnt understand later guessed that he is thinking that she is angry… so thought to take advantage of this.

She didnt moved a bit and felt his touch closing her eyes.



“Do you want to go at night or not?” He said making her shocked..

“What ?”

“What what??” Kunj said.

“If you will remain angry then you will not like to go with me na? So I thought to cancel the plan of evening too. What say?” He teased her.

She looked at him in horror..

“What you thought only you know how to do drama?” Saying this he winked at her and move towards bed and lay down.

She took a minute to realise what he said…

“Youuuu….” she shouted and moved towards the bed and picked the pillow and started hitting him with it.

He started laughing first but then tried to stop her in between his laughs by trying to hold her hands or pillow.

But she was continously hitting him… he then picked up one pillow from nearby and started to use in his defence but then later started hitting her with it.

They both hitting each other with the pillows…. soon the fur inside the pillow started to come out but still they kept on hitting each other.

Twinkle’s pillow condition worsens…

“Time please..” she shouted in between..

Kunj stopped then she picked up the new pillow and started hitting him again without warning.

Kunj looked at her in shocked.

“Cheater.” He said in response she only stuck her tongue out.

He threw his torn pillow away and held her hands and somehow rolled her beneath him.



“Lets finish the game.”

“No. Lets start the new game.” He said with a wink and removed the cotton stuck in her hairs sensously and lean closer to her face.

Twinkle closed her eyes in response and started breathing heavingly…

He placed his lips on the side of her neck and started to place wet kisses over there while she moaned in response.

His one hand was entangled with her hand which was above her head and other rubbing her waist slowly above the top.

He sucked the her neck leaving red marks…

“Umm.. Kunj…” she moaned as he bit her side neck then licked to soothen the pain.

He lifted his head and was lost in her beauty.. she was lying there closing her eyes and bitting her lower lip breathing heavily..

He without thinking anything placed his lips on hers and started sucking her petals slowly yet passionately…
While she too responded him with equal passion..
He took her upper lip in between his lips and started tasting it and did the same with the lower one.

While his hand moved under her top touching her bare skin…

A moan skipped her mouth feeling his warm hand on her cold waist in between the kiss.

He entered his tongue inside her mouth and started to roam inside her mouth… while her free hand moved in his hairs and she bit his lips..

He get hold of the hem of her top and was about to remove it when they heard the sound of a phone ringing.

Both came back from their moment of pleasure.. Twinkle blushed while he grinned ear to ear.

He stands up straight and looked at his phone which was ringing and picked it up..

While Twinkle sat on the bed and looked around the mess they have created a while ago.

**Phone conversation**

KUNJ: Hello Atul. Did you get any information about yuvraj?

ATUL: Yes Bhai.. woh actually.

KUNJ: Speak up fast. I dont want him to come near Twinkle again. Last time he did enough harm. (He said loosing his temper)

Atul: He is dead Bhai.

Kunj: What??? (He said being shocked)

Atul: Yes Bhai. He died before 4 months and the cause of his death is still mistery some say he commited suicide and some said a accident.

Kunj: (coming back to his senses): Hmm. Its ok. And about Alisha?

Atul: She is in your house. I think she wont create trouble.

Kunj: I cant trust anyone Atul. I dont want to loose Twinkle again.
(He said with teary eyes).

Atul: Its Ok Bhai. Nothing will happen. I will keep an eye on her.  Dont worry.

Kunj: Thank you Atul.

Atul: Dont thank me bhai. Spend time with Bhabhi?.. i wont call again soon.. chillax?.. haan come back with some good news I will keep sweets ready?  (he said teasing him)
Bye Bhai.

KUNJ: Bye.

He cut the call.


“Pagal.”  He said to himself and blushed a bit moving his hand from his hairs.

He turned around and saw Twinkle who was sitting making a serious face.

He moved towards her and called her.

“Twinkle. What happened?”

She just turned towards him and then pointed towards the mess.

He turned his gaze towards it and then started laughing holding his stomach seeing it.. as they turned one of the most beautiful rooms into a mess.

She also started laughing with him..

After some time.

“Twinklee. come lets take some rest.” He said being concerned.

“But kunj…” She said pointing towards the bed which was covered by cotton and there was no place to sleep.

He moved forward and pushed everything from the bed such that it fell on thr floor.

“Haww Kunj. Very bad.” Swara said complaining him.

“Thanks, now sleep.” He said and slept takinh her in his embrace…

To be continued….

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