Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (Continuation FF) Episode 190 (25th November’s Episode) (40th of this FF)

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Episode No: 190
Episode Date: 25th November 2016

Scene 1: Park
The episode begins with Shravan angrily coming towards Ramnath and Nirmala, seeing Nirmala with Ramnath.

Shravan: What is this woman doing with you?

Suman sees this and hides behind the nearest tree where she can somewhat listen to everything.

Suman: (in her mind) I don’t know what’s going to happen next, but I just hope the matter doesn’t get that much serious. I don’t even know what is right, Shravan should know the truth or not? If yes then what will happen to Dad, if no then how much more Maa will face Shravan’s hatred. I don’t even know what to do!

Ramnath: Shravan she is your mom, speak with her with manners.

Shravan: Manners? When she is someone who can leave her son and husband alone for her so called greedy purposes why should I even respect her?

Nirmala gets teary-eyed.

Ramnath: Shravan this is not done.

Shravan: And dad you? How can you? You know this pain very well. How can you? How can you forgive this woman?

Ramnath becomes silent.

Shravan: Tell me, why are you silent.

Ramnath: Beta, actually the thing is… It’s not as you are thinking. Actually you were kept in the dark.

Shravan: Yes I know I was kept in the dark. When my so called Maa oh sorry sorry Nirmala Ahuja left me, my life became dark.

Shravan comes to Nirmala and cries.

Shravan: You forgot about me? As a kid I couldn’t even sleep properly when I didn’t see your face for one day, then how could you leave me for 11 years! How could you!

Suman also cries from behind.

Shravan wipes his tears.

Shravan: By the way where is your son Aditya Ahuja? Why did you come to me? You did anything for me till date?

Nirmala is crying.

Shravan: Nothing can replace the pain I received in the last 11 years all thanks to you leaving me. I needed you so much but you weren’t there. Only one person, only one person was there for me.

Shravan comes to Ramnath and pats him.

Shravan: My dad, Ramnath Malhotra. He was the one who did everything for his son since childhood till today. Everything he wanted. No matter how much problems he is facing. And you? You just ran away. Some women like you can’t change, and on other hand there are still women like my Sumo.

Suman looks on.

Shravan: Sumo was the one who came back in my life and apologized to me, and I also gave her so much pain. But she didn’t complain at all!

Suman cries and comes and speaks.

Sumo: If you can give your Sumo one more chance, why can’t you give your Maa another chance?

Shravan, Ramnath and Nirmala looks behind as they find Suman.

Shravan: Sumo, what are you doing here? Weren’t you…

Sumo:Shravan right now this is not important, what is important is you forgive your mom!

Shravan: No, Sumo! This woman doesn’t deserve my apology!

Sumo: If you can forgive me for my mistakes 11 years back, why can’t you forgive her! Even I left you 11 years back! Then what’s the difference between me and Maa? If you can forgive me, why can’t you forgive Maa?

Shravan: There is difference. A very huge difference. You were the one who told me humans do mistake. Yes you did a mistake. She did a mistake. But the difference is that you were really guilty about it from your bottom of her heart unlike her who just forgot about it and went on to move on with Aditya Ahuja’s dad.

Nirmala: Shravan!

Shravan: Why? You didn’t like to listen to this bitter fact? Then imagine the person who had been suffering due to your deeds. You ever did anything for me? You ever did anything for my dreams? The answer is a big No!

Nirmala cries.

Sumo: Shravan this is too much now. This is the limits now. You must stop. Let’s go home and then talk about it. This is not the right place.

Shravan leaves Suman’s hand.

Shravan: Let me talk Sumo!

Ramnath: Shravan?

Shravan: May God never give any child a mother like Nirmala Ahuja, who is just heartless! Heartless!

Ramnath gets furious and he slaps Shravan. Shravan is taken aback and shocked. Suman and Nirmala are super shocked too.

Shravan: So finally you raised your hand on your son for this woman!

Ramnath: Enough is enough Shravan! I stayed silent but now enough! The woman whom you are insulting so much is my wife and your mother.

Shravan: What kind of mother? Heartless.

Ramnath is about to slap him again but he stops,

Ramnath: The person whom you are calling heartless, she is the one because of whom all your dreams got fulfilled.

Shravan gets surprised.

Ramnath: Since childhood when my law career was going through some bad times, Nirmala was the one, Nirmala was the one who fulfilled all your demands, and worked hard all day and night just to see a smile on your face.

Shravan: That was in childhood. Yes I loved Maa in childhood, but the day she left me I forgot everything. Why did you change so much Nirmala Ahuja? Why?

Ramnath: She didn’t change, Shravan! Even today she loves you as much as she used to, even the fact you also hurt her a lot.

Shravan: Me and hurting her ? Wow.!Ask her how much she hurt me!

Ramnath: The person whom are speaking so bad about, she is also the one who fulfilled your London dream course. She is the one who paid for your training.

Shravan: Dad?

Ramnath: Malhotra Industries was going through some bad time after the Berry matter which is why I took some loans, and now whatever the profit the business is earning, I am repaying off the loans by those profit. But when you wanted to go training, that was when the industry was in the worst phase, but your Maa couldn’t see your dreams break. That’s why she bear all the expenses to make sure your dreams got fulfilled and you could go for the London training.

Shravan: Oh so my dream was taken as a charity? Dad you could have told me the truth. I won’t have go for the training. It was better then taking something from her, and yes Nirmala Ahuja I will repay off everything just give me some time.

Nirmala carasses Shravan’s face.

Nirmala: Shravan why are you talking like this?

Shravan: Then how should I talk with you? Nicely.

Shravan folds his hand,

Shravan: Oh Nirmala Ahuja mam thank you so much for paying for my training. Okay? Happy!

Suman shouts on Shravan.

Sumo: Shravan why are you speaking with Maa like this? You are crossing all the limits now!

Shravan: You better stay quiet, Sumo! Just doesn’t mean that I didn’t say anything to you, you are also at fault. Once we go home will talk about it! You didn’t do the right thing Sumo!

Suman cries.

Sumo: But Shravan?

Nirmala: Shravan beta, I am sorry. I will go off now.

Shravan: Just get lost, I dont even want to see your face.

Ramnath: Shravan! I was the one who told her to leave you not she left you!

Shravan is shocked.

Shravan: Please. Please don’t tell me you are defending her.

Ramnath: No it is the truth. The truth I hid from you for 11 long years.

Ramnath tells him how he and Nirmala had a fight, and how he insulted which left her no other option but to leave the house, and all that.

Shravan starts to cry hearing that. And becomes silent.

Sumo: Shravan, you…

Ramnath: And not only that I have done another mistake. I tried to separate you from Suman after you confessed to me that how much you loved her!!!

Suman nods no, and denies Ramnath from telling the truth.

Ramnath: No Suman beta, don’t stop me today!

Ramnath tells how he threatened Suman by using Preeti and Pushkar’s marriage and he won’t let it happen if she doesn’t ignore Shravan.

Shravan breaks down and he becomes silent as he sits down.

Sumo: Shravan? Shravan say something.

Shravan is silent and he cries.

Nirmala: See I told you, he won’t be able to bear the truth.

Sumo: Shravan! Shravan please say something. You are scaring me.

Suman cries resting her head on his shoulder. Suman carrases his face.

Sumo: Let’s go home!

Suman takes Shravan in the car, and she drives the car. She cries looking at him.

Sumo: (in her mind) What has this happened to you, Shravan? I can’t see you like this! I knew you won’t be able to take this shock!

Scene 2: Malhotra Residence
Shravan goes upstairs in his room. Suman follows him.

Sumo: Shravan, please! Please listen to me!

Preekar, Kamini, Lalaji, Vandy and Varun looks on surprised.

Shravan locks the door. Suman knocks the door.

Sumo: Shravan, please. Please open the door. We need to speak.

Shravan: I don’t want to speak with anyone leave me alone!

Shravan cries in his room badly and he starts drinking.

Sumo: Shravan, please! Please speak with me for a while.

Shravan: No, just get lost!

Suman gets sad and she goes downstairs.

Kamini: Suman puttar what happened?

Suman cries and hugs Kamini. Kamini gets surprised.

Suman narrates the entire story how Ramnath told Shravan the entire truth and cries.

Kamini: I knew he won’t be able to take this!

Pushkar: But it was the mistake of Sir! How could he! How could he do this to Badi Maa?

Preeti: Pushkar let it be. Whatever happened has happened. No one can change this fact.

Just then Ramnath and Nirmala comes there too.

Pushkar: Badi Maa!

Ramnath: Nirmala you go upstairs, maybe Shravan may listen to you!

Suman you try speaking to him!

Sumo: I tried but…but he isn’t listening to me!

Nirmala: Let me go to.

Suman knocks the door.

Sumo: Shravan, please!

Shravan: I don’t want to talk to anyone.

Sumo: Shravan, Maa is here?

Shravan gets silent.

Shravan: No! You are lying! She is not here, I insulted her so much why would she come!

Nirmala knocks the door.

Nirmala: Shravan open the door, your Maa is here? You still didn’t forgive your Maa?

Shravan hears and he opens the door.

Shravan: You can come in.

Nirmala does, as Suman is about to come in.

Shravan: Sumo, not you please!

Sumo: Ok.

Suman agrees and he closes the door. Suman comes downstairs.

Kamini: Is he still angry?

Sumo: Yes he is, but at least he let Maa in.

Scene 3: Shraman’s Room
Nirmala comes in crying. Shravan comes to Nirmala and falls on her leg and holds her leg.

Shravan: Please forgive me!

Nirmala gets him up and stops him from continuing doing so.

Nirmala: No beta, don’t do like this!

Shravan: Maa?

Nirmala gets emotional as Shravan calls her Maa.

Nirmala: You called me Maa! I was missing for the last 11 years.

Shravan hugs her.

Shravan: I am so sorry Maa, I did so much bad with you. I am the worst son ever! May no one have a son like me!

Nirmala: No beta, don’t say like this, whatever happened 11 years ago, was not your mistake.

Shravan: Maa, today you beat me.

Shravan holds her hand to make her slap and beat him non-stop.

Nirmala: What are you doing Shravan?

Shravan: Beat me! Beat me for all the wrong things I did for you, which you didn’t deserve at all!

Nirmala: Beta stop it!

Nirmala puts Shravan’s hand away and carasses her face.

Nirmala: Stop cursing yourself for that. It wasn’t entirely your mistake! It was somewhat my mistake too, I should have fought back with Ram that time, then nothing wrong would have happened and took you with me!

Shravan cries.

Shravan: Maa! I miss you so much! I am sorry! I am so so sorry!

Shravan cries.

Nirmala wipes his tears,

Nirmala: Enough of all this! No more tears! Now let’s go downstairs all must be worried.

Shravan gets angry.

Shravan: Let them stay downstairs, I don’t want to speak with anyone!

Nirmala: What is others fault in it? At least talk with Suman. She is so much worried for you.

Shravan: Let her stay like that. She knew the truth but she didn’t tell me anything! And how could she! How could she do so!

Nirmala: If she told you the truth, you would have believed her?

Shravan gets thinking.

Nirmala: No! You won’t have believed her! And what Suman did was right! And she was the one who encouraged Ram to tell the truth if not I wonder from how long the truth would have been hidden! And this happened before also, when she invited you to Tiwari Killa to tell you the truth that day, did you believe her?

Shravan gets thinking.

Shravan: Maa, I can’t meet my eye to her, like you too. I fear facing the bitter truth. I feel really ashamed of myself and my deeds.

Shravan becomes really sad.

Shravan: I want to apologise to you that’s why I let you in.

Nirmala cries.

Shravan: I have hurt Sumo a lot too. Only because of that Ramnath Malhotra! And he even threatened my Sumo! How dare he!

Nirmala: But beta, Ram? Forgive him too! He have changed a lot! He realised his mistake!

Shravan: I don’t want to talk about that guy now. Maa… I want to sleep. I need peace! Please let me sleep on your lap.

Shravan rests his head on Nirmala’s lap. Nirmala sings him Lori and he falls asleep.

Suman finds the door open and she goes in. Nirmala gestures her to stay silent as she is putting Shravan to sleep. Suman cries seeing that but gets happy seeing all the problems between Shravan and Nirmala solved.

Suman goes downstairs.

Pushkar: Sumo, bhaia now…

Sumo: He is fine, he is sleeping now. Maa have made him sleep.

Kamini: That’s better, the poor boy faced so much and after such a big confrontation he needed shoulder to cry on. At least Nirmala Bhabi is there!

Preeti holds Suman’s shoulder.

Preeti: Dii, you don’t worry everything will be fine soon.

Suman nods.

Ramnath is sitting there guilty and disheartened, and Pushkar comes and scolds him.

Pushkar: I even feel ashamed to call you Sir!

Preeti: Pushkar, why are you talking with Bade Papa like this?

Pushkar: He is not my Bade Papa or Sir, he is Ramnath Malhotra. He did so much wrong last 11 years and hid it from everyone. How could he? How could he do this with his wife? This is not something done by a normal person.

Preeti: Relax Pushkar! You haven’t recovered completely yet!

Ramnath: Yes Pushkar you are right. I am not normal. I have done a lot of wrong things in life, so these are the punishment of my deeds.

Sumo: Dad, don’t worry everything will be fine!

Pushkar: Sumo how can you even defend him? I didn’t expect that from you!

Sumo: That is because of dad realised his mistake. You think Shravan would have believed if I told him everything? Even if he did, it is better dad himself told him the truth if not even if he believed he would have been more hurt!

Pushkar: But what Ramnath Malhotra did is  worth forgiving? I am sorry but I may take some time to forgive him!

Pushkar leaves.

Preeti: Pushkar?

Suman prays to God as she looks.

Sumo: (in her mind) I just hope everything becomes fine like before. Please do something, something that can bring the happiness of this house back.

The episode ends with her sad face.

Precap: Suman opens the door and is shocked to find the room empty. She gets thinking where Shravan went! Suman finds everywhere but she doesn’t find Shravan anywhere. Suman later finally finds him but gets shocked as she finds Shravan attempting suicide and she shouts Shravan!

Hey all, I know this week’s update was a bit boring due to less Shraman scenes and as it focused more into Pushvan bonding and Ramnath’s truth. But believe me you will love next week’s episode, and that’s the last week I will be posting this ff so please do read it. I am sure you will love it a lot, and there will more to expect. But I am sure you all will love next week’s episode. And just 5 episodes to go. So please lend me your fullest support in these 5 episodes.
And yes, I will post a Maha Episode on Thursday and Friday which means the last two episodes it will be longer then it usually is and Wednesday’s episode will he longer than usual too but not Maha Episode.
And so Shravan is taking a big step to end his life ? What do you think will happen? Will Suman stop him? How will he get out of such depression? To know more stay tuned and please do read Monday’s episode as this episode will be one of the episode of this ff. And you won’t regret it. And as for my new ff, the one I said about EDKV S2 I will post that later maybe end of my first semester year 2 which means during my semester break which is at September. And moreover am yet to think of the full story I am someone who thinks of the story first and then I write. Doesn’t mean I won’t write anything these few months., I will still write. Infact I am going to start a new story tomorrow, please do read that. The new story will be totally different from this fan fiction like most of the thing will be different and yes it’s a Shraman Story. It’s a short story. And as soon as I post the new story tomorrow please do read it. But I would post that once a week only. Infact, I feel you all will love that new story more. And the title will be from a song, it’s just one word. And next week’s episode will be posted as per normal.

5 episodes to go!!!

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  1. WeirdSister

    Finally the truth is out..
    Lots​ of emotions up there… And you have portrayed them beautifully.. ?
    The way you have worked on and defined various relationships is just commendable..?
    The precap.. makes me mad…
    Because I know that now I will have to wait for two days…?
    I am eagerly waiting for the upcoming week’s episodes..Because I know they would be fantastic..?
    Loved it..
    Love you loads?

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey WS thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi ? Well yeah two days ? Love u too ?
      Hope u will love next week’s episode

  2. Nikita

    ohh shit! I was waiting for this! And finally.. perfect yr! This was perfect! Shravan talking to Nirmala was the best! Sumo, gah, why is shravan making her suffer!? Cant wait for a proper Shravan Ramnath talk now! Anyways, this was pure bliss.. but the precap! Whyy? I want mondayyyy! Anyways! Love you loads.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey nishita thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi ? Yeah shravan-Nirmala conversation was something which we couldn’t see in the show which I really wanted to happen too and it’s very hard to understand Shravan. Well yeah sorry for the precap ? N yes must wait for Mon ?

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Adolfcritler thanks for commenting i love it when silent readers comment ? Well I will read ur ff when i have time anyways good to know u write too.
      Btw r u Siddhi’s Friend? As u remind me of one of her friends if not sorry ?

      1. Arni

        I am not siddhi’s friend but i am siddhi only

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Oh okay Hi siddhi did u recognise me? ?

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey rasika thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi ?

  3. Berry

    It was amazing as always …m really sad that jst 5 episodes to go …the confession of ram was written very nice here bt the precap is really shocking n surprising…jst waiting fr the next episode ..n what is the name of ur ff ?? …love u ..tc ??

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey berry thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi ? Well hope u will love the next epi well the name of the ff is rozana (inspired from that song by shreya ghosal in Naam shabana) but I m not sure if i m gonna post that in tellyupdates but yes already posted it on wattpad love u ???

  4. Hey jo…
    sorry sorry sorry sorry …….
    I am really sorry for not commenting on previous episodes. I was very busy this week so I can’t comment. Really sorry dear.
    As I say my exams are literally over but not completely. I have only 2 exams left after that I will regular comment.
    This week episodes were really good.
    OK bye….
    Loads of love and take care…

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Reema thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi ? Well it’s okay I understand n anyways there r 5 Epi to Ho so no worries n love u too ???

  5. Emotional episode yaar.
    Finally the truth is out.
    Loved it.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Diya thanks for commenting yaar happy u liked the epi ? love u too ???

  6. Fenil

    Wonderful episodes all.
    pls don’t end this , Give me your Account details i will pay u but don’t end this.
    I feel like i’m going to die once again after EDKV goes off air and now your FF .
    love u !!
    sorry for small comment and not regular

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey fenil thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi and ff and i completely understand ur situation so it’s fine ? Areh yaar what to do! Even I don’t wanna end this ff anyways this ff was for a few episodes and also my classes began and on top of that so it would be really hard for me to update the episodes so that’s why I am ending it. Hehe account details ?

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        And also got part time that’s why Varna i won’t have end it soon if i still had holidays

  7. emotional episodes but different nice imagination keep it up

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey manju thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi and found it diff and it means a lot when a silent reader commennts in my ff ?

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