Twinj- Being My Husband’s Mistress (chapter 20)

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Chapter 20

Twinj were seen walking on the road.. Twinkle was moving forward with a angry face while Kunj was following her..

“Twinkle wait..” kunj said trying to stop her and panting heavily.

“Huh… NO.” She replied angrily and then kept a pout and still moving forward.

“Pleaseeee…” he requested..

She stopped but didnt turn back.

He sighed and moved towards her.

“Why are you angry?” Asked Kunj from her.

“Huh…Dont you know.” Twinkle said folding her arms on her chest.

“Umm. I guess. I know..” he replied with a stupid grin and running his hand in his hairs awkwardly.

“I am sorry na. I didnt know that the play was going to this much boring.” He said throwing his hands in the air.

“Didnt I warned you?” She asked raising her eye brow.

“You did.” He replied looking away.

“Mr. Taneja.” Swara called him and he turned his head in her direction.

“But I thought it will be fun you know. But it wasnt.” He said awkwardly.

“And you slept in between… making me to watch that crap alone.” She said in disbelief.

“Can I get a chance to rectify my mistake?” He asked pleadingly.

“I wont again let you destroy my precious time. Now I will decide where we have to go.. Did you get that?” Twinkle asked him or more ordered him.

“Last time pleasee..” He said with the cutest face possible.

“Fine. But remember last time.” She sighed and moved forward.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her towards himself such that she collided with his chest and he caged her in his arms.

“Kunjj…” she said with a blush..


“Leave me.”

“Walk with me.”

She just nodded. He left him then wrapped his arm around her waist while she kept her head on his shoulder.

They walked down the way and witnessed many people in there.

They stopped in the mid of their track smelling something.

“Kunj Coffeee!” She exclaimed happily.

He nodded and both made their way inside the local cafe from where the strong and attractive smell of coffee was coming.

He opened the door and the bells tied up made a pleasurable sound..
Her eyes sparkle and lips turned into a perfect smile.

They entered and saw a old lady of about 60’s on the counter..

They walked to her and after placing the order sat down on one of the table’s.

They talked for a while and then were lost in each other’s eyes.. he placed his hand on her hand and remain still.

Neither she nor he moved a inch and both kept on staring each other and talking with the unspoken words.

Soon their order came and both drank the coffee along with some biscuits made by the lady itself.

“These are delicious.” Said Twinkle closing her eyes and savouring its taste in her mouth..

“Indeed they are.” Said Kunj agreeing to her.


“Thank you Mam. They were best we ever had.” Said Twinkle to the lady behind the counter while kunj was paying off the bill.

The old lady smiled at the couple.

“And you are the best couple I had ever seen.” Lady complimented them as if she was noticing them from long.

Twinkle blushed at the compliment and Kunj smiled brightly and mouthed a ‘Thank You’.

Both left the place after that.

It was 8 in the night by now.

Kunj stopped the car near the beach..

The sound of waves and smell of sand is clear..

They both walked in hand in hand..

Twinkle looked shocked as soon as they entered inside.

The whole beach was empty.. a beautiful decoration was done in the middle of it.

Kunj took her hand in her and moved forward while she followed him with a bright smile.

He stopped and pulled a chair for her, she sat and then again made her sit properly before making his way to his own place.

‘He is a true gentleman.’ She thought and smiled at her thought.

He served her food first and then placed in his plate too.

She was smiling all the time…
She is not shocked because she know that this is her Kunj which he was before few months.. she smiled and felt happy as she got him back, the way he was…

A tear escaped her left eye because of happiness.

She wiped it silently..

“Kunjj…” she called him.

Kunj who was searching something looked at her.


“I Love You.” She confessed.. ofcourse this is not the first time she said but everytime she says it felt something new which ofcourse he loved.

He saw in her eyes and found happiness and a lots and lots of love for him..
He smiled back at her.

“I Love You More.” He confessed too.

Hearing these words again she felt several butterflies flying in her stomach.

Then they both had their dinner talking about random stuff and laughing..

After some time.

Twinj were seen walking on the edge of the beach wrapped in each other’s arms, smiling ear to ear.



He stopped and she looked at him..

He made her turn towards the beach and she was mesmerised seeing the view.

Innumberable number of stars shining above the water with a moon at a side at this hour of time looked completely magical and beautiful…

She was spellbound seeing the view.

“Beautiful..” she murmered.

Kunj snaked his arms around her waist and kissed her cheek.

“Not more than you.” He complimented her and she blushed.

He moved back and then placed a beautiful necklace in her neck..

She realised and looked at it.. touching it some tear drop fell down her eyes.

He noticed the tears..

“Dont you like this?” He asked.

She turned around.

“I loved it.” She replied and hugged him tight.

A beautiful necklace.. made of a normal thread and a wooden piece as a pendant in it on which Twinj was scribbled, looking extremely beautiful made by him…

The feelings attached are more precious than a diamond..

They parted away.

“May I have a pleasure to dance with my lady?” He asked being a gentleman and forwarded his hand.

Swara chuckled a bit and placed her own hand on his.

“Sure.” She replied.

His hands went down to her waist holding it securely while her hands behind the back of his neck..

They looked in each other’s eyes.

They started moving a little listening to the sound made by the waves…
The moon light making them look more beautiful and a chilled breeze making them shiver.

While dancing she slowly stepped on his feet..

They were lost in each other’s eyes.

She leaned forward and placed her lips on his sucking them slowly and gently. They departed soon.

It was a short and sweet kiss.. only saying how much they love each other.

After some time both headed back to the hotel.

In the hotel room.

They both entered the room..

Twinkle started to go towards the washroom while Kunj held her hand..

He make her turn towards himself..
He moved forward and stood just in front of her.

She saw in his eyes and found a desire for her. Unable to take his gaze she lowered her eyes.

He placed his finger below his chin and made her look at him.

“Will you let me love you?” He asked her with a desire.. she blushed a little and nodded her head in yes and said ‘Love Me Like You Do.’

He smiled and placed a kiss on her forhead..

She smiled and closed her eyes feeling the touch.

To be continuedd..

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