TwiNj Horror SS Cries Of Death (5~Three Saved Lives)

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Twinkle mourns over the dead premature baby, there were no signs of murder of baby, it was claimed as natural death. Kunj surprises Twinkle by taking her to a hot air balloon ride.


Twinkle’s gaze went behind him and she narrowed her eyes. Kunj was busy looking at the view. “What happen? Aren’t you enjoying…,” He asked suddenly looking at her but his voice trailed off seeing her expression. He followed her gaze and saw nothing but sky. “What Twinkle? What are you looking at?” He asked shaking her shoulders, she pointed behind him and he turned but again saw nothing. “There’s nothing,” he said and she hit his arm lightly. “Peechhe dekho peechhe,” (look behind) she said and he again looked behind and sighed. “Nothing,” he said. “Aray peechhe toh dekho,” (look behind) she said and he turned again.

“For the last time, there’s nothing over there,” he said and she turned him fully. “Stupid, I m talking about the shooting star,” she said and he looked at it and then at her. “So?” He asked cluelessly. “Make a wish, it gets fulfilled,” she said and they both joint hands.

“Oh God, please solve the mystery soon about that man that who’s he and why he keeps killing people, and give a long life to both of us and a lifetime togetherness,” Twinkle prayed.

“Oh God, free Twinkle from all the problems and help me in finding who’s that man who keeps killing people in front of Twinkle therefore traumatizing her, and give us a lifetime togetherness and a baby soon,” Kunj prayed.

“Do you want to go down?” He asked and she shook her head. “I want to feel this for one more time,” she said and he agreed. After sometime, Kunj landed the hot air balloon and they got out of it. “Thank you Kunj, it helped a lot,” she said and hugged him. “Welcome,” he said.

I got successful in taking away her stress. Kunj said to himself.

They went back home and slept after having dinner.


Next morning, Twinkle got a call from her close friend Sharanya that their old friend Vyom has met with an accident after he lost her mother Madhavi (who was a cameo in this FF, the old lady). Twinkle agreed to visit her right away. When she reached, she saw Sharanya sitting near Vyom watching him in a trance. She went inside the room and placed a hand on her shoulder. She looked at her with teary eyes. “Twinkle, if something happens to Vyom, so then I won’t be able to live,” she said cryingly. “Nothing will happen to Vyom,” Twinkle consoled her hugging her.

I won’t let that man do anything to him, that man is so evil that he’s taking so many lives, I don’t know how he always know that where m I. Twinkle thought to herself.

Just then she sensed him and looked around and broke the hug. “You relax, I will bring water for you,” Twinkle said to her and went outside and looked around. Thats when she saw him coming from front, Twinkle stood in front of the door, both of them kept looking at each other. “Not today, please,” she muttered.

He kept coming closer and closer. She gathered some courage and started approaching him. They both watched each other coming closer. But as they were really close, he trespassed her and she turned with a jerk. “Stop, where are you going? Just stop!” She said running after him. All the nurses looked at her cluelessly. She went pushing through the crowd and then went inside Vyom’s room. Luckily the man wasn’t there. She again went outside and got some water for Sharanya and gave it to her. She thanked Twinkle and she just smiled slightly and again went outside.

She looked around everywhere and that’s when she saw him coming out of some other room. She went to him directly. “What’s your problem?” She asked angrily and he turned. “Why do you keep killing people?” She asked getting no response. “Wherever I go, you kill someone there, if you have enmity with me so then kill me, why are you killing others?” She asked boiling in anger and when he didn’t reply, she recalled something.

Twinkle dialed Kunj’s number who picked after two rings. “Hallo,” he said. “Hallo Kunj, once again that man killed someone, that too a premature baby, but did you find anything about him?” She asked. “No Twinkle, everyone had the same answers, none had seen him,” he told her. “How can it be? Now only one way is left, you make the sketch viral and I will snap his pictures the next time he comes in front of me,” she said. “Okay,” he said and then disconnected the call.

Flashback end.

She took her phone and opened the camera and snapped a picture of him. “Now the police and media will take care of you,” she said to him and was about to go but stopped by his answer. “Just like you are someone created by God, I m also someone who’s created by God, and you can’t ruin anything of mine, because I m not what you’re thinking I m. I m someone you’re definitely not expecting, do check your phone,” he said and went from there. She checked the gallery in her phone and saw no photo of him. She ran outside to follow him and when she saw him, she blocked his way. “Who are you?” She asked in a shock. “I thought you’re here to take Vyom’s life, but you…,” Her voice trailed off.

“His time hasn’t come yet,” he said and went. She ran directly to Vyom’s room and saw that everything was fine over there. She smiled as she was able to save at least one life. But then she went to that room from where she saw that mysterious man coming out from. She saw the conjoined twin girls with eyes closed. Twinkle palmed her mouth and went near them. She touched one of the girl’s hand, the girl near her opened her eyes. “Weren’t you dead?” Twinkle asked. “No, we are joint even by our souls, if death will have to come so then it will come on both of us,” she said. Twinkle smiled happily that not only one but she could save three lives.

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