Nimki Mukhiya 27th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Babbu saves Nimki from falling

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Nimki Mukhiya 27th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki says I have forgotten. Do you trust me? He nods. Nimki says are you convinced or should I put in more efforts? He says I can’t stay mad at you. Nimki says okay okay. He says I won’t forgive him. Nimki says okay don’t. Now take me to ice cream.

Nimki says ice cream in summers is fun. Nimki says I convinced you and you made me eat ice cream. Nimki says would you make me eat ice cream later too? He says later when? She says when I get a divorce from Babbu and you marry me. Who would marry a second-hand girl? You’re father of this child. He says I am always with you. But you shouldn’t have forgiven him? Nimki says this child would be Tettar rai Singh or Annaro Rai Singh. Tettar says are you crazy. She says okay you choose the name. They stop by a jewelry shop. Nimki says buying gift for me? He says no for Mausi ji. Now you walk. Nimki goes a few steps ahead. Abhi is buying bangles.

Nimki feels nauseatic. Nimki falls and faints. Babbu holds her and says Nimki.. He picks Nimki and puts her a plank. Babbu says bring water. He puts water on her face. Babbu looks for Nimki.
Diamond shows Babbu’s pardon video to Tettar. Ritu says this is fake. Diamond says no it’s not. Tettar says what. He apologized that girl? Ritu says ow can he do that. What if she challenges the case? He will go to jail. Sweeti says he confessed his crime? Rekha says all village is witnessing now.

Abhi grasps Babbu’s collar. He says what did you do to Nimki? Babu says she fainted. A woman says she was falling Babbbu held her. abhi says Nimki are you okay. Abhi says stay away from Nimki or I will kill you. He picks Nimki and takes her.

Tettar says how dare he go there and ask for forgiveness. Babbu says yes I went there. Tettar says I will shoot him. First, he raped her and then apologized? He has ruined his name. Bring my gun. Diamond says why did you do this. Tettar says if she takes this video to jail, he will be in jail forever. Annaro says you kneeled in front of her. You have ruined our name.
Babbu says I did as per a plan and with a reason. Ritu says what reason? Babbu says you don’t have right to ask me. Tettar says what plan? He says for your elections. People from ghat tola won’t vote for you. Sweeti smiles. She says in heart you are lying because you are saying the truth for the first time.

Scene 2
Mauha says Babbu did all this? Abhi says I should have stayed with her. Ramla says you should stay in house. Nimki says all women go to work. Abhi says she is right you need rest. Mauha says for a few days only. Nimki says it was just heat. Nimki says that ice cream fell on my dress. Why did you get me an ice cream? Abhi says you asked for it. Abhi says stop all this Nimki. Did babbu faint you? Nimki says he can’t dare too. She says pick me. Tune and Abhi hold her hand. Nimki says let me get free. She goes to her room.

Abhi says something is wrong. Babbu came there. He picked Nimki.. Why? Nimki smiles in her room. She recalls she saw Babbu and then fainted. Babbu held her. Nimki says good acting job Nimki. I should be heroin in Bollywood movie.

Babu recalls insulting Nimki. He recalls when he raped her. He recalls saying I will shoot her. He recalls how he lied in the court. He recalls Nimki saying I will tell the world this is your child. Sweeti comes. Babbu says what are you looking? She says looking for truth in your eyes. Have you really made this plan for dad’s election? Or has you lost to Nimki? I am not taunting. I feel so good. For the first time, you’re not driven by your ego. I know you lied outside. I always knew when you were lying since childhood and then you used to tell me the truth and I would hide from them. The day you did that to Nimki you were dead for me.
Precap-Sweeti calls Nimki and says Babu is changing. Nimki says I know. Sweeti says I know what he did is a sin and crime not worth forgiving but can you give him another chance?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Srop this sheeety garbage

  2. Wat is wrong with you? This show is not showing the real non-sensical ideas like other tv shows.

  3. Please Nimki, don’t sacrifice your love, Babbu doesn’t deserve you, even if he is changing. If you accept you will remember all the pain you went through because of him ??? all throughout your life ?

    1. i think babbu and nimki will come together which will make way for sweet and abhi

  4. Whether Nimki stays with Babbu, or divorces him, and then marries BDO, or some one else, or chooses to remain single, is entirely Nimki’s choice. However, whatever course she chooses, she cannot be at peace with herself until she too apologizes Babbu for the wounds she has inflicted upon him, and repents for the same, the way Babbu has repented for his deeds and apologized Nimki. I also recommend that vested parties, especially the BDO, who has been fishing in troubled waters of this on-the-rocks marriage, must stay away, and allow Nimki to decide for herself independently.

    1. You kidding or what
      Ego got hurt ?


        Egos are involved when prejudices and personal indulgences get twined, the way it has got between Nimki and Babbu in the instant case, where after, each one has tried to make each other’s life hell. It is more than a case of man versus woman, or husband versus wife. It has turned into a case between two individuals, both sided by men and women with vested interests, fueling the fire. Therefore, if now Babbu has realized his mistakes and asked for forgiveness, what’s wrong in Nimki reciprocating in the similar manner, clearing her conscience, and thereafter, move on in life, the way they want to? May be you feel that Nimki has done no wrongs, and she is above board! In that case, I concede, and respect your views.

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