Everyone fully enjoying naming ceremony function.Twinkle went towards food counter see cup cakes and all’s things she smiled everyone feels her baby so special.

She have cup cake and mahi come there and both sister enjoying while kiyan was with Priyanka. Rohan went towards Priyanka.

Rohan: give me na I didn’t take kiyan. She look at him.

Priyanka:haww take na.She give him Rohan hands shivering.I’ll help you.Rohan take him perfectly.Kiyan looking at them with puppy eyes. aww my baby..

Rohan:he is so cute na..

Priyanka:Haan I feels like cuddles him fully I become bua amazing na.Rohan laughs out at her excitement..

Rohan:you are totally different from other girls I mean they get happy for big things and you in this silly things. She smiled.

Priyanka:Haan i m like this those girls aren’t like me na I get nervous so easily you Make me feels good that’s why I talk to you otherwise I get panic with strangers.

Rohan:Leave your nervousness like your bhaiya you are very talented Priyanka will reach very high.she smiled.

Priyanka:thanks.Rohan and Priyanka click photos with kiyan.After Priyanka take him he was with her only.Guest left after sometimes later due to crowd kiyan started crying Priyanka went in room so he will clam down.All family members sit together.Prithviraj and lata went towards twinkle.

Prithviraj:we don’t have words what you give us this is for kiyan.he give her a box she smiled and take open found a gold chain along with ganpati pendant.

Kunj:it’s so beautiful dadu..

Lata:haan.Years back we buy this and keeping with us when time will come will give your baby. Kunj hold his head.

Kunj:you both are impossible.

Usha:it’s their love.By the way where he is.

Both cuties in their mothers arms.

Twinkle:don’t be thanks dadu for anything kiyan is very lucky he have you all who loving him like anything feel jealous ?.

Rudra:haan bhabhi dadu and dadi paraye hue ab.??kiyan snatch our dadu and dadi..

Kunj: haan

Anjali:first his father now he ?.All laughs out.Just than kiyan crying voice echoing loudly.

Twinkle:babyyy he was crying.

Kunj:where he is??Priyanka come there with him.

Priyanka:bhabhi see him he crying very badly.Twinkle went towards her and take him he was crying so badly.Twinkle cuddles him.I take him in room because of crowd he was crying so still he is same.

Twinkle:it’s okay.She cuddles him.She sit on couch.Rest of them too sits.

Kunj:calm down mere baap what

happened see everyone went.

Twinkle:shhh.he crying more loudly twinkle giggles and cuddles him tightly patting on his back.

Avantika: this all irritates him.


Rahul:heyy babaji why he going on Kunj I mean.he too become like him..

Kunj:why you have any problems he is my

Son definitely went on me na not our neighbour and what about yours she is too like you see her pulling khansa hairs ?.

Rahul:it’s her way to love everyone not like yours trumpet ?.He become quiet.

Usha:function done so nicely by the way papaji this name how you both decided I mean.

Lata:kyu acha nahi hai.

Manohar:nice name..

Misha:rohan now lets go beta.

Rohan:yeah mom.

Sumit:enjoyed lott tej.

Tej:thanks you all come.Rohan left with his family.Hanina and khansa come to Usha who sitting beside twinkle they both look at kiyan.Khansa touching his cheeks he making faces.

Twinkle:ahah what is this she loving you and you making faces why kiyan.

Rahul:I told na he likes Kunj carbon copy when girls pass from him he shrink fully ??.Likes they will do his rape.all giggles.

Kabir:acha now see him totally different come out after marriage now he wasn’t ready to send his biwi away from him for a day what a magic done by sister ??. All giggles Kunj just making faces.Kabir lets go out time Kunj you have to give us treat it’s your birthday still.

Kunj:why again and again birthday I can give you all treat without birthday as well.

Mahi:why jiju.

Malika:haan it’s your day didn’t understand why you didn’t celebrate your birthday people were so excited at their bday..

Kunj:acha I’m not kid who will be excited Malika it’s you girls do and suits on you all as well. See cake was there go and eat.

Leela:why my twinkle was excited for her bday lott she planning from one month before only.

Avni:haan everyone this Kunj bhai is like this only today toh he is with us otherwise don’t know where he and bhai went whole day didn’t come and we just waiting for them when they will come so we can cut cake.This making confused those unknown from this all.Kunj get up.

Maya:haan bday boy and girl doing so much zidh wanted this and that. Kunj look at maya:

Kunj:in low voice kiti zidh for that regretting..

Kunj:continues you all he said and went from there.

Avni:kunjj bhai party.

Rahul:Avniii why you forcing him haan. She stop.

Rt: lets go leela.

Leela:come now twinkle beta waiting for you.

Twinkle:tell this your damaad ji?.Leela kissed on kiyan and they all left.

At twinj [email protected]

Kunj sitting on bed blowing down his face tears escaping from his eyes

Kunj:why I did if I didn’t do zidh maybe aaj kuch aur hota hai??. Twinkle entered in room and look at Kunj. Kunj sees her immediately wiped his tears She sense something is not fine she went towards Kunj and sit beside Kunj.

Twinkle:Kya Hua why you so off today haan are you not happy.

Kunj:nahi.I’m happy.

Twinkle:but your face saying something else Kunj.

Kunj:Arey kuch nahi something went in my eyes twinkle that’s it.

Twinkle:acha she cupped his face.Me nikal du.tears waving in Kunj eyes she can see.And wiped his eyes nikal diya mene.He smiled. She caress his face something you hiding at down everyone requesting you for treat.


Kunj:Kya treat du tu bata.

Twinkle:acha Leave this Kunj. What about me.

Kunj: means?

Twinkle:i mean see na I give you baby. A boy and don’t you think. She giggles she just said to cheer up him.

Kunj:right you give me baby which is a top number one trumpet.

Twinkle:haww huhu he isn’t a trumpet he has a name kiyan Kunj Sarna samje.

Kunj:acha., ?. Where you leave him again he will start..

Twinkle:he slept while crying in this all I didn’t think about he must be hungry.

Kunj:haan. Now he sleep at night he will do tandav..?. She giggles. Kunj too laughs.

Twinkle:haste hue you look so good just smile I wanted this only.First I have a tension about you now one more our baby.Kunj kiyan name I mean you and me thinking this name only na too keep.

Kunj: haan this name was in my mind for baby but thought dadu and dadi will keep so I leave when I saw kiyan I was surprised and look at dadu and dadi understands each and everything.


Kunj:means twinkle dadi asked me once so I told her this name was in my mind and meaning was too good and you too like. And they keep this name only.

Twinkle:aww how cool is it Kunj I mean they keep that name which we wanted and do both things you wanted dadu and dadi keep his name this also done.

Kunj:Haan my dadu and dadi the best.

Ahah I’ll go and change okay.

Twinkle:sure I’ll take out your clothes. She went towards wardrobe and taking out his clothes Kunj off his kurta and smirked he closed the door and give twinkle backhug. Ahah kunjj.

Kunj:twinkle spend some time with me na.

Twinkle:acha I’m ready to spend my whole time with you.But you were not ready Mr Sarna. She turned and give him his clothes changed and stop showing your body.

Kunj:acha why you are my wife you have right you can admire me full permission ??.

Twinkle:aisa hai Kya.??. Acha what about your project.

Kunj:complete almost let’s see successful hota hai yeha nahi.

Twinkle:it will don’t worry you change I’ll too my this saree work prick up kiyan.

Kunj:hmm change I’m here only.Cuddles her.

Twinkle: just now you were so off now again your romantic button on..

Kunj:any doubt my toh button on whole time it’s you who didn’t come in my


Twinkle: now there is no chances Mr Sarna like before you caught me in this room?now I have baby.

Kunj:what that baby corn will do of my.

Twinkle: uhh baby corn ??stop.

Kunj:acha when you calling meri baby Sona darling this and that.

Twinkle:my one is so cute my duck he is. Let me go please.

Kunj:kar le change here..

Twinkle:I don’t mind you know?.

Kunj:acha boldness.He hold her saree palu.and winked at twinkle.I’ll help you.

I do many times he smirked and winked at twinkle she become all red Kunj giggle lott.She pulled his cheeks and run in washroom Kunj ruffles his hairs.

He changed his clothes and went in balcony.Twinkle too come out of the washroom she didn’t found Kunj in room and thought he must be in balcony so she went downstairs.

Both khansa and kiyan sleeping their respective cots while Aayat too sleep on couch and keep their cots beside her. Twinkle see and smiled.She check kiyan he was in deep slumber

Twinkle:good he sleeping peacefully.

Rahul:twinkle where is kunjj?

Twinkle:room me hai jiju.

Rahul:okay he went to his room.Twinkle went in kitchen helping mahi in all work.

She making coffee.

Mahi:di what happened to jiju..

Twinkle:Leave your jiju is like this only he didn’t share anything..


Rahul went in room and directly went in balcony and see Kunj he give her backhugged.

Rahul: don’t worry now your wifey?.

Kunj:pata hai Kamine my wife isn’t hard likes you. He come and stand beside him.

Rahul:acha.Still you are so hard..yaar Kunj at least for me let’s go do mastie.

Kunj: you too you know still Rahul why. I didn’t like.

Rahul:acha for me at least see everyone wanted party I wanted in this years I never told you see our dream project to finished almost and I’m damn sure it will be super successful so let’s enjoy.We blessed with so blessings.

Kunj:you are mad Rahul.maid come with coffee which send by twinkle for them.

Maid:sir coffee.??

Rahul:hoo.He take she went.Twinkle sends he give to Kunj.Kya soch raha hai.

Kunj:Kunj nahi yaar.Me Kya sochu ga.

Priyanka come with both babies hanina and kiyan.

Priyanka: bhaiya and Jiju handle your babies. Both look at her.

Kunj: where is their mothers?

Rahul:haan.Give them na this music band.

Priyanka:bhabhi was busy in kitchen work and di as well.

Rahul: ahah and what you bua and massi both doing?

Priyanka: I have to do my study you know na my exams.

Kunj:acha give us you go and do your study and take Rudra as well.Priyanka nodded in yes.She lefts babies Kunj and Rahul look at their babies both looking at their fathers with their sharp eyes..

They both smiled and lift their babies protectively.Kya Hua rowdy ?.while kiyan giggles Kunj smiled and peck at his lips.Rahul caressing his baby hairs. Both enjoying coffee and their babies nuzzling them.see life went so fast we both playing together. Studies than mad behind business now holding our babies.

Rahul:so true Kunj.Hanina born give me utmost happiness and love.Now wanted to live for her wanted to do each and everything for my baby.

Kunj:same yaar when I took him in my arms at first time feels like my life dancing.Now mummy and pa to busy in him.Everyone crazy behind him.Eat my head with his loudspeaker but I love him lott. Me and twinkle starting was so totally funny never imagine we have our baby?.


Kunj:after kiyan she become so happy you know that true happiness hide behind her pains because of her miscarriage after born him she get her all happiness back.Both kissed on their babies temple.Omkara come there.

Om: what’s going on two buddies. Hoo babies my brother forget me after his baby huhu. Kiyan not good. Kunj smiled and pulled him in a hug.

Kunj:pagal hai Kya I’ll forget you all never you all will remain same to same for me my everything he is new one.

Om:but very special.Give me Kunj forward his hand he turning his happy face into mewling face loudly.Your son wasn’t ready to come in chachu arms.

Kunj:sorry will not give you anyone he is your chachu go to him.Omkara take him .

Om:hoo look at chachu I’m your chachu.

Omkara kissed on his chin he stop he wiped his tears. He moving his fingers on his face they smiled.They trio sit together.

Kunj: happy now haan.

Rahul: haan mammas boy?.

Kunj:haan hell true. If twinkle will be here immediately get to know man ahaha started ?Cry baby.

Om:huhu he is damn cute everyone crazy behind him haina baby.Kiyan Hummed.

Kunj:he wanted footage like twinkle fully. Didn’t let us sleep just crying crying. It’s good mummy and pa they handle him. Rahul giggles.

Rahul:acha bade maze kiye na erotica nights now lo maza ??with full facility ?.Omkara and Rahul laughs out while Kunj making faces.

Kunj:you don’t have shame Haan started in front of Omkara as well.

Rahul:so what he isn’t baby bro.

Om: acha now toh change my dear jiju.

Rahul: see I’m your solo jiju so I can’t change.

Om:why solo where Priyanka went.

Rahul: acha you find for her.

Om: hmm nope.

Kunj:we will find na.

Om: yeah.

Kunj:again pa bring Darsh type man for her than huhu.

Rahul:you find if you have.

Kunj:hmm let see.Kiyan sucking his lower lips.Ahah he become hungry.Give me where is twinkle.Kunj take kiyan in his arms.They trio went downstairs.Elders sitting in living room in side Aayat playing with building box.Anjali was having apple.

Rahul:Anjali you having apple what about this chick..

Anjali:haww come to me mere baby.Rahul take hanina to Anjali and she take him. She making faces.While Kunj finding twinkle.

Kunj:where is your mamma kiyan haan?

Anjali:kitchen Me hai..

Kunj:thanks Kunj went in kitchen he saw twinkle who busy in her work he went towards her. Mahi too doing her work in side.Twinkle you busy here please feed him.

Twinkle: when he wakes up?

Kunj:long back he was with me since you send coffee now he crying.

Twinkle:handle I’ll finished this first.

Kunj:Leave your work handle him first.

Mahi:di you go I’ll see this.

Twinkle:you just sitting on my head.Wait you go I’ll come.

Kunj:fast.Kunj went in hall with baby twinkle wash her hands and went in living room.

Twinkle:lao give me.She take kiyan.He get happy all smiled.

Kunj:mammas boy huh..

Rahul:less than you ?.Twinkle went in her room and she went towards bed. Baby making noise.

Twinkle:Kya Hua he making faces.Aww don’t be said now mamma wouldn’t leave you.His lips become dry.Sorry.Twinkle started feeding kiyan he driving milk. Moving his one hand. Mahi entered in room. She went and sit opposite of twinkle.

Mahi:I finished all work di.

Twinkle:thanks mahi because of him he didn’t stop and Kunj too same restless..

Mahi: koi na di kiyan needs you na. She smiled to see twinkle with kiyan.He is so happy with you na. Di after kiyan your life has changed totally even Anjali Di’s.

Twinkle:it’s true mahi life has change see na he born and give me all happiness my life line he is. For a second he went away from my eyes and get panicked fully. First I thought I love most Kunj when I hold him now feels like I can’t love anyone more him.

Mahi: means jiju ?.

Twinkle:I love him he is my breathe but baby is something different he is Part of me and Kunj our love symbol he is.See he come and give each and everyone happiness.When my mis carriage happened I used to anathema myself lott everyone was so excited for our baby all started dreaming from dadu to Aayat their all dreams and happiness scattered in small small particles Mahi.For Kunj baby dadi and dadu dreaming for me they too hide their emotions i knew it. When babaji again give us happiness back I was so shocked and scared as well if something happened again with my baby I’ll die once I cope up not again.Now also I missed my first baby he always remain our first child Mahi.Both sister having tears in their eyes.

Mahi:hmm di everyone crazy behind kiyan.Let’s go to Maa house we will enjoy with both babies what’s say last time too Maa and papa or bhai missing you lott like insomuch.Kiyan stop and look at twinkle showing his gums

Twinkle:what you wanted now haan he spilled out milk from his mouth slightly.  Ahah what is this haan kiyan.Mahi give her wipe she wiped his face.Naughty boy.

Mahi just smiling.Now you too think?

Mahi:now not it’s so soon di?.

Twinkle:me and Kunj too said this it’s so soon when we get news of baby was hell excited.We don’t know one place was empty in our life which filled after baby. I have everything only his wasn’t get him my bug..?..Mahi went while twinkle see his nappy over full. She take out his clothes and take him in washroom carefully give him bath.And warped him in his baby towel and place him on bed naked.Don’t do noise okay mamma will come. She make pillows boarders around him fully. She went in washroom cleaning her kurti. Kiyan playfully with himself only taking his hands in his mouth and doing noise hahahahlala.Kunj entered in room and see him.

Kunj:hoo what my champ doing Haan where is your clothes this twinkle na leave him naked.Wait I’ll bring.He went towards wardrobe take out his clothes.Kunj take towel.He tickles on his tummy he giggles slightly twinkle come out.

Twinkle:kunjj you bring his clothes.Baby look at Kunj. Kunj get up let me make him wear his clothes.

Kunj:Do na later I’m playing with my baby. Twinkle looking at baby expression she about to said something before baby pee at Kunj ?which directly showered at him only ??.Twinkle closed her eyes Kunj look at baby He making helpless look. Ahah kiyan what is this.

Twinkle:I told you na you didn’t listen to me same he did with papaji as well ??.

Kunj: ahah Aayat was enough you too he look at himself.

Twinkle:go and changed.She clean him and made him wear his night dress comfy one.Aww my cutie pie.. Kunj went in washroom and changed his clothes come back and look at twinkle and kiyan he was in full masti moving his face on twinkle face she cuddling him..

Kunj:what a jodi Haan first this siyappa queen irritates me now you too kiyan you are my baby. Come to your dada..

Twinkle: kiyan is mammas baby na my Sona.kissed on his cheeks. Kunj pulled her towards himself.

Kunj: acha ji without me from where he come don’t forget equal contribution hai ours winked at her ?. She blushed.

Twinkle:kitne shameless ho tu.Slap him playfully he enjoying and giving her flirty smile she give him slap.he rest his head on hers.Twinkle look at Kunj.

Kunj:Kya Hua why so chup chup.

Twinkle:aise hi admiring my baby. Kunj hold his hands kissed on his finger tips.

Kunj:so soft my baby.After sometimes later they went downstairs each and everyone sit for dinner they all happily having their dinner. Usha and Avantika holding their grand kids in their arms having food.While both of them moving their small eyes buttons here and there for their mothers.

Avantika:kiyan what happened why you looking here what you wanted Haan. Twinkle sitting beside Avantika only.

Tej:looking for his mamma.

Twinkle:I’m here only feeding Aayat food with her hands.

Priyanka:See him mummy he looking for bhabhi as if he understands her and recognised her.. just 4 days born he is.

Lata:who told you priyanka haan he can understand who is his Maa.Sense and smells her mother warmed. Samji.

Priyanka:Haan.All smiled.Hanina making noise.

Rahul:bas hanina no noise.

Anjali:went on you na noisemaker ?.

Rahul:hehe very lame Anjali Malhotra. Avantika and tej smiled they remembered something. Even Rahul father and mother does same and he always teased her baby sanvi Malhotra she quiet.they having tears in their eyes.

Manohar: Kunj don’t you want any gift.

Mahi:haan jiju what di gives you.twinkle have her morsel..

Kunj:what gift I wanted nothing chote Papa just wish we all stayed like this only always together.Our bond and love just increased.

Rahul: aww my baby and twinkle bhabhi toh give him trombone for lifetimes..?.

Twinkle:acha even same with you haan. Yours went last months only don’t forget samje jiju he isn’t any trombone and trumpet ??.

Rahul:he is bugle cornet everything samji.

Twinkle: huhu see di him.

Anjali:Leave twinkle don’t worry I’ll take back from him now he speaking lott at night see him when hanina crying immediately he acting like he was in deep slumber.But I was too smarter than him he doing his best but didn’t work out in front of me I off ac and fan feeling hot immediately get up to on and I give him hanina ??. All laughs out like anything while Rahul gritting his teeth’s.

Rahul:kamini huhu?.

Anjali:bade papaaaa.

Rahul:kuch nahiii??.

Tej:bas karo you both couples become parents still same to same.They giggles.

Om:good na bade papa they will abide same to same..

Rahul: haan we all after all everyone is here lovers,.?from dadu to Rudra.. ?.

Tej:hmm.they all happily finished their dinner. Tej and Manohar sit in study room and discussing about projects while rest of them sit in living room.Twinkle bring warm milk for lata and Prithviraj and keep in their room.

Twinkle:dadu and dadi drink please.

Lata:haan beta.Lata and Prithviraj kissed on kiyan cheeks and went in their room. Avantika place him her lap Aayat talking to him.

Avantika: Aayat come and sleep now.

Aayat: take kiyan with us na.

Avantika: he is small na. You come.

Mahi: badi Maa give me.

Avantika: sure she take kiyan Avantika and Aayat went in room even Usha and Anjali as well. Kunj went in room.

Om: chal mahi take him too we will send him okay later.

Twinkle: okay chachu ji bear him trumpet ?.

Om: just kidding we all love him lott.

Twinkle: I know. Mahi and Omkara take kiyan with them in their room.Twinkle went in room and bring out tarts.which she makes for Kunj he love it.She place in plate and take and went in her room.

Kunj sitting on bed.Twinkle entered in room she went towards Kunj.

Kunj: what is this?

Twinkle: for you my dear husband. She lit the candles.

Kunj: hoo bday toh end.

Twinkle: nope we have 1 hour still pati ji. She sit beside Kunj. I made for you kunj.

Kunj:aww.Thanks.Kunj blow the candles

he take tart and feed twinkle first she have and with her hands she feeds Kunj as well.Yummy.

Twinkle:hmm she cupped his face and kissed on his cheek happy birthday Kunj once again. She get up and went towards wardrobe bring out a box and come to Kunj back. This is for you.

Kunj: what??

Twinkle:your gift I know I give you kiyan still present toh Banta hai. She take out a watch this for you. He take Kunj hand and made him wear the watch.Kunj see and smiled.

Kunj:nice watch.

Twinkle:what I’ll give so think you were very punctual so watch is perfect for you?.

Kunj:acha Cool.Pulled her towards himself

Kissed on twinkle cheeks and peck at her lips.Thanks Mrs Sarna for this watch. She cuddles him resting her head on his chest while Kunj playing with twinkle hairs.While twinkle making circles on his chest. Acha where is kiyan haan?

Twinkle:kiyan with his chachi and chachu.

Kunj:acha where massi?

Twinkle:your brother chidta hai so chachi here there massi?chassi.. ?

Kunj:right.Bichara Omkara try to take your son but he throwing tantrums immediately turned his baby face into cry..

Twinkle:haan.So small but understands everything if I went around him immediately open his mouth. I feels scared if I go he will not stay in anyone arms.Everyone wanted to take him.

Kunj: tere pe Gaya na attention seeker  ?.

Twinkle:acha me attention seeker hu sadu hit on his chest.

Kunj:yup any doubt.

At Omkara and mahi room they playing with kiyan playing him in middle.he moving his little hands and legs.

Om:look at me.

Mahi:no me I’m your massi na.

Om:chachi chachu is the best mere baby kissed on his cheeks.He touch Omkara cheeks mahi showing him toys.Mahi and Omkara pulled his cute cheeks they don’t they on his button?.He make puppy faces closed his eyes fully shrink his nose fully ?..and look at them tears comes in his eyes.hoo sorry baby kiyan chachu sorry.

Mahi:even chachi too.Kiyan looking here and there.

Twinkle: bring kiyan it’s getting late.

Kunj:hmm Chal. They both get up and went to Omkara and mahi room. They entered in room. Omkara lifting kiyan in his arms caressing his back.

Mahi: di And jiju.

Kunj:yup what’s going on.They sit on bed kiyan turning his face looking for his mother.

Om:arey you get to know your mamma come.He take him in his lap kiyan looking at twinkle with puppy faces.They smiled.

Twinkle:aww my kiyan.Twinkle take him in her arms. What happened didn’t you enjoy with chachu and mahi massi.

Mahi: we teased him bichara pulled his cheeks.

Twinkle:hoo even Kunj did same he started crying my duck didn’t like it haina. Kissed on his forehead don’t cry.he hold twinkle duppta..

Kunj:bas mammas boy what about us.

Om:haan we thought our champ will come and he will be is our team.

Twinkle:tum log bhi na he is small he needs me only haina he don’t want anyone just his mamma.Cuddles him.

They all chit chatting with each other while twinkle caressing kiyan back.He slowly slowly crying.

Twinkle:what you wanted.Haan. You all sit I’ll come.

Om:where give me.twinkle look at Kunj. She gestured him.

Kunj:let her. Twinkle went in her room.

Twinkle:sorry sorry she close the door and went towards bed and lay down feeding him.He become quiet.

Kunj:goodnight sleep.

Om: goodnight. Kunj went in his room.He entered in room see lights were dim off. He went towards bed and lay down. Twinkle open his eyes.


Twinkle:hmm not Yeh soye toh me so hu.. na Kunj.

Kunj:still he didn’t sleep haan. Kunj about to pull him to himself.

Twinkle:shhh he dozing off let him.She check him he sleep slightly.Twinkle take him in her arms and patting on his back so he can burp.Kunj admiring her.He burped.Good now sleep Mera baby.She make him down on beside him. What happened why you looking at me like this haan?

Kunj: just admiring you. I thought you will handle baby itself your childish ?now see I’m amazed to see you. You handle him so nicely.

Twinkle:acha I’m childish huhu.I can handle my baby.Caress his face.Now no more talks.

Kunj:yeah.Music starts.. ?. Kunj kissed on twinkle and kiyan forehead.And keep his hand on twinkle waist.And they sleep..

Next day..#

Sunlight coming at twinkle and Kunj face they wakes up with sunlight.Both open their eyes and smiled.

Twinkle:good morning..

Kunj:good morning.Kunj see kiyan fully hide under twinkle embrace. Kiyan too wake up at the same time. Look at twinkle.

Twinkle:good morning.

Kunj:he didn’t wake up at middle of night.

Twinkle:he is but sleep quickly after milk.

Kunj:hoo.Twinkle patting on his lips with her finger he smiled open his mouth.Kunj went near them.You just wanted mamma what about me kiyan haan.He look at Kunj.

Twinkle:nothing haina baby.Kiyan hold twinkle hairs. Kunj take him in his hands kunjj.

Kunj:Kya kunjj I know how to handle babies.He play with Kunj.Kunj place him on his chest.Twinkle just smiled.

Twinkle:bas Hogaye let me get freshen up.

Kunj:you go let me play with my baby.

Twinkle:meeting hai na go and get fast give him.

Kunj:yeah meeting. Kunj give twinkle to kiyan and he went in washroom while twinkle feed kiyan so he will not cry she take him down and went in Avantika room.

Avantika: come.

Twinkle: take him.

Tej:good you bring him. Twinkle give kiyan to Avantika.

Avantika: you send his clothes today I’ll ready him.

Twinkle: okay. She went from there send kiyan things with maid to Avantika.

Aayat wakes up and they trio play with kiyan than Avantika take kiyan and Aayat in Washroom.Tej and Avantika give two cuties bath. Kiyan was tough but it’s fun full.They take them in room after bath. They both dadu and dadi ready kiyan together happily.

Kunj get ready fully twinkle come out of the washroom. She went towards Kunj. And closing his shirt buttons.

Kunj: kiyan?

Twinkle: mummy ji ke pass.

Kunj: acha. Now let me Romance with my wifey.

Twinkle:kuch subha subha nahi please I have lotts of work.Come down.She get ready quickly and went downstairs.  Each and everyone come for breakfast Priyanka chit chatting with Rohan as soon as she saw Kunj immediately leave her phone. Avantika and tej or Aayat come while kiyan was in Avantika arms.

Anjali:aww see them looking so good. They smiled and sits.

Tej:see kiyan he looking so cute today.

Aayat:we take bath together bhaiya.

Kunj:acha good. They all started having breakfast with lots of laughs finished the breakfast.

Rahul went in his room Anjali give him his files.

Anjali: okay bye.

Rahul: bye my baby kissed on hanina cheeks take care of her.

Anjali:hmm you too.He went in living room.

Kunj went in kitchen.

Twinkle: bye.

Kunj: haan bye kissed on her forehead and cheeks Mahi was there only she closed her eyes and they both husband and wife giggles.

Twinkle: jaoo☺️.He went from there.

Kunj:bye dadu and dadi mere baby kissed on kiyan cheeks and went for office all smiled.

At office they all busy in work.Back to back meetings Rudra and Soumya together give presentation everyone like it. Priyanka have some difficulties Kunj was busy so rohan help her in her exams practice papers.same Rudra and Soumya together they spending time together and helping each other’s lott it increase their love lott.

At Sarna Mansion.

Mahi and twinkle or Anjali get busy in house chores while all behind hanina and kiyan. Kiyan teasing Avantika lott he pee on her saree but she didn’t said anything tell twinkle she will handle him. Aayat went in school and tell her friends about kiyan and hanina.

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Twinkle get free and went in her room to rest for sometime because kiyan sleeping with Avantika in her room.Twinkle get freshen up and lay down on bed in sitting position.

Chinki ans asha went for holiday as soon as they get to know about twinkle they immediately left for Sarna Mansion.

They went inside and meet with lata and mahi they tell about twinkle she is room they directly went in her room.

Chinki: see madam. They went inside twinkle open her eyes and see them surprised.

Twinkle: you kamini today huhu. They sit.

Chinki: congratulations babes both hug twinkle.

Twinkle: thanks I was calling you both huhu. Even not come at my baby shower huhu.

Asha: sorry yaar we aren’t in town na.

Twinkle:it’s okay how’s you Both.

Chinki:fine what about you.


Asha:now madam become mother ?.

Twinkle: yes?.

Asha: acha where he is??

Twinkle: he was with his dadi. Twinkle tell them each and everything. Mahi Send coffee and snacks with maid for them they having and chit chatting with each other’s.

Kiyan wakes up and tell maid give him to twinkle she bring him.

Maid: bhabhi??

Twinkle: come. She went towards her and give kiyan to twinkle and went back. See he is my son.

Asha: aww he is so cute yaar twinkle.

Chinki: haan after all beta twinkle Ka hai ?.  Both take kiyan in their arms and love him lott. What’s his name?


Asha:hoo kiyan. Nice. On Whom he went.

Twinkle:now toh everyone saying he carbon copy of Kunj..

Chinki: wish didn’t become sadu like him.?. They all giggles..

Twinkle: hmm each and everyone love him lott. All standing in line to play with him but this junior sarna is so naughty as soon as he went and started crying.

Chinki: hehe Like you.

Twinkle:hmm.They having fun and laughs out lott Chinki and Asha bring gifts for kiyan and they play with him lott. Twinkle see time and started feeding kiyan because it’s his feeding time.

Asha: you change yaar twinkle?

Twinkle:hmm after baby everything change but it’s really beautiful yaar me and Kunj enjoy our parenthood very much my mummy ji and papaji is so supportive they handle him middle of nights we call them and they wakes up for him.

Chinki:so nice you are really lucky.


All men’s come back from office.Priyanka and Rudra went in their room get freshen up and get busy in their studies because their exams on.Kunj went in his room. He open the door.

Kunj:heeyyy twinkle. Kunj see twinkle and Chinki and Asha he immediately stop and turned twinkle composed herself and take kiyan in her arms.Situation become so awkward. Chinki and Asha giggles.

Twinkle: Haan kunjj.

Kunj: sorry he said and went downstairs. They laughs out.

Asha: he is still shy???ab toh baby too come.

Twinkle: he or shy huhu?just showing you all I know how much he shy.

Chinki:acha twinkle lets take leave meet you soon bye.They share a hug.Bye baby.They both left. Kunj see them and went in room.

Kunj: ahah they went?

Twinkle: Haan who comes like this haan.

Kunj: I thought you must be alone I don’t know na you busy in him.

Twinkle: very funny. Acha what you wanted.

Kunj: kuch nahi?? Dadu calling kiyan.

Twinkle: okay. She went and give kiyan to Lata and Prithviraj.Hanina pulling tej hairs they all having fun.

A week has been passed away Priyanka and Soumya or Rudra exams too end goes well.Kunj and Rahul busy in their work fully while Anjali and twinkle too in their babies as well.They all decided to go for family outing it’s been long back they went all together.They plan they will go their farm house even all men’s take a leave from their work.Rohan helping lott Priyanka in her exams.She get happy with him.They used to talk at nights and having fun Priyanka started having feels for him which is unknown Kunj saw rohan and Priyanka together many times he didn’t thought anything.Give smile. While kiyan taking twinkle and Kunj class perfectly at middle of nights both husband and wife sacrifice their sleeps and wake up for him and do all possible things to Cheer up he didn’t let them sleep till when he slept. They get angry but when see his peace face they smiled can do anything for him.?.

They all doing packing. Kunj went in his room.

Kunj: twinkle keep kiyan all things there specially warm clothes you know there weather okay?

Twinkle: I keeps each and everything what he Wanted I’m so excited Kunj.

Kunj:haan don’t fly we have son.

Twinkle:pata hai Sadu Sarna.After sometimes later they all left for farm house. In their respective cars all reached. Only twinkle and Kunj or Rahul and anjali was in one car they get late because suddenly kiyan started vomiting and fill twinkle over all in vomiting.They stop in a hotel twinkle and went and take kiyan inside and they changed and clean him even twinkle herself as well.After again they leave for farm house.Kiyan crying during whole way and Kunj get angry at twinkle because he tell her already it will not good go with a small baby now see him he troubled himself and her too. Anjali stop Kunj.

At farm house,@

Everyone reached they get freshen up quickly servants take their luggage’s in their respective rooms.They all sitting in living area last time they enjoyed here lott. Now they come with their babies.

Avantika: where is Kunj and Rahul why they didn’t come.

Rudra: I think mummy both of them take their wife’s and went somewhere else ?.


They reached they come out of the car and Kunj give look to twinkle.

Anjali:bas karo don’t spoil our mood and yours as well. They went inside.

Kabir: lo they come why you take time lott.

Kunj: because of kiyan.

Tej: why?he is fine na.

Kunj:during whole way he doing vomiting,

Avantika:why he is fine.

Twinkle:he is mummy aise hi.For this your son fighting with me.

Kunj:acha I fighting.

Lata:kunjj bas karo.twinkle make faces and she went in her room.

Kabir:cool down jiju. Now she will do more drama have her baby??in support.

Rahul:Bas Kunj bacha hai it’s normal.


Twinkle sitting on bed and murmured this and that at Kunj.

Twinkle:this sadu ha huhu.I wouldn’t leave him.Kiyan sleep twinkle look at him she having tears in her eyes sorry baby.I thought take care of you and mine too if I don’t have that things.Twinkle went down with kiyan She place kiyan in baby cot.. she sit. Kunj went in room he get freshen up. And come down and sit they all having fun khansa pulling Rudra hairs Malika enjoy lott Rahul teasing hanina and khansa by funny names all laughs out. Kunj lay down in side couch and covered his face with cushion kiyan cot was beside him only. Both son and father sleeping peacefully.

Kabir: look at this baap and beta they come here for sleep..

Anjali: Haan yeh Kunj aisa hi hai.

Malika: change him twinkle.

Twinkle: me change karu issko Yeh mujhe kar diya.. sadu.

Kabir:so true in front of us this Twinke becomes Jhansi ki rani in front of her husband quiet. ?love your respect.

Twinkle:huhu still this sadu is same bhai.

Rohan: koi na.He can’t change.?lets go in garden play a games.

Priyanka:Haan. Rohan smiled while Rahul smirked.They all went in garden.All playing games.Khansa and Aayat playing in grasses hanina in lata arms.Twinkle covered Kunj with thin blanket.Anjali and Malika take twinkle outside they all enjoy after they all sit at poolside.Later Kunj wakes up and see kiyan he smiled.

Kunj:my baby sleeping. Kunj get up.Kiyan open his eyes Kunj take him in his arms. He went in kitchen and made coffee for himself and went in garden he walking with his baby.And enjoying his coffee as well.Twinkle see Kunj and kiyan. Kunj went towards Lata and sit beside her on swing.

Lata:wake up how’s my kiyan haan?

Kunj: happy after sleep?.

Lata:Kya Kunj why you scold twinkle.

Kunj:sunti nahi hai dadi.

Lata: acha I know Kitna sunti hai still.She playfully slap kunj on his cheeks.He giggles.After they all have hot hot snacks.

Kunj busy in book and kiyan making noise.

Kabir:arey Kunj here too you busy in your book.

Kunj:so what I’ll do?

Anjali:we have this snacks na.Anjali snatch book from Kunj hand.

Kunj:ahah diii..

Avantika:see Kunj kiyan watching you.

Kunj:hmm kunj forwarding his hands towards him he look at him and giggles.

Om:here we try to cheer up him and doing so many affects.

Tej:haan he is his papa.Kunj take him.Kunj look at twinkle who making faces he giggles inside his heart.after sometimes later all ladies making briyani together in kitchen.Kunj handling kiyan while Rahul his daughter even Kabir as well. When kiyan get hungry Kunj finding twinkle everywhere he went in kitchen.He find her engrossed in her work.

Kunj:twinkle kiyan roh raha hai..she look at him.

Twinkle: what happened.

Kunj:you feed him and give me back na.

Twinkle:hmm.Twinkle take kiyan and went in room Kunj went outside tej send him to bring something from market.He went. Kiyan teasing twinkle lott somehow she feeds him and come down and finding Kunj.Now where this sadu went. She went to leela.maa see him I have work in kitchen.

Leela: la de.She try to give him but kiyan started crying.

Twinkle:ahah zidhi like his baap huhu. She take him and went in kitchen handling work along with him.Gritting her teeth’s at Kunj.

Anjali:what happened give him to anyone na.

Twinkle:kaha di he didn’t leave him.I’ll handle.She checking kitchen.kiyan bas na baby.Almost all work come they all went in leaving room.Twinkle preparing milk for khansa.Kunj come back and give all sweets to Priyanka he sit.Twinkle come out of the kitchen and look at Kunj. She give feeder to Malika.She sit beside Kunj.

Kunj:sorry I went for work.

Twinkle: whatever only I’ll handle him haan what about you kunj? In low voice.

Kunj: acha sorry bola na.

Twinkle:for what you will sorry haan first you scold me on silly things.

Kunj:everyone is here don’t argue here.

Twinkle:ahah huhu.All look at them.

Bebe:what happened between you husband and wife haan?

Twinkle:kuch nahi bebe.

Usha:fighting again.Kunj get up and went from there in his room.Rohan and Priyanka sitting on swing both laughing together and taking ride of swing. Kunj went in his room.

Kunj:this siyappa queen is too much huhu. He give her voice.

Rudra:bhabhi bhaiya calling you… twinkle rolling her teeth’s and get up went in room.

Twinkle: Kya Hai ab.

Kunj: come to me.

Twinkle: acha. He went near and hold her hands.

Kunj: acha I’m sorry hold his earlobe’s. I was just worried about kiyan nothing else.

Twinkle:so you will scold me even I too care about him he is my son.

Kunj:i know sorry na baby.kissed on her lips,

Twinkle:sadu.. he hugged her kiyan scream.

Kunj:sorry mera baby.He hold his hands and they went in balcony and stand there. Kunj eyes went on Priyanka and rohan.

Twinkle: rohan is so sweet na. Whoever will be his partner she will be really lucky haina Kunj.

Kunj:hmm he look at Priyanka she was so happy with him. Aur what about me.

Twinkle: sadu saduuu??.

Kunj: acha sadu siyappa queen..did you remember last time when we come here. She look at him both remember last time memories how much they enjoyed last time their sweet jealousy..

Twinkle:you was so jealous with rubal,

Kunj: acha what about you Lavanya.

Twinkle: yeah how much we fight because of our Insecurity. Both laughs out,

Kunj:true so mad didn’t understand our love for each other’s our love story is so filmy na. Don’t wanted to marry but end of the day can’t stay without each other’s love each other’s unconditionally.

Twinkle:right Kunj.whenever I thought laughs out lott by the way where is Lavanya and rubal I mean.

Kunj:London na..

Twinkle:hoo.now I feel I should sorry her.

Kunj:hehe.so soon.It’s okay.after sometimes later they all sit for dinner. Ladies served them while babies on fully. Trio giving each other tough competition. Twinkle feeding Aayat with her hands while tej and Avantika handling kiyan and hanina.All smiled to see them.Suddenly khansa said.

Kabir:aww my baby yes papa say again all smiled.

While briyani was so spicy.

Usha:Kunj take something else I know you can’t have.

Kunj:I’m fine Maa. They all enjoy food lott.

Manohar:you remember bhai saab Atul loves spicy food. Kunj lost.

Kunj:and saanvi not at all they always take revenge with each other uncle add Chilli in her food. And she salt..

Tej:haan right we all enjoy lott..

Rahul:last time we went Museum there as well na.Rahul stop and Kunj look at him he leave the food. Closed his eyes.

Avantika:hmm now let’s have food don’t talk anymore.Rahul sitting beside Kunj only hold his hands.

Avni: I never knew mom and dad like Kunj bhai and bhabhi haan?

Avantika:haan they are same to same.

Manohar: you know Avni we all calling Atul bhai saab Sautan..

Twinkle: why?

Usha:because they both always stick together their friendship is so beautiful everyone giving example of their friendship.They both can do anything for each other’s.

Tej:he is not my friend but more than this. Our wives always complain us we give each other’s time more than our wives..

After him I don’t have any friend.in sad voice he said.

Rahul:arey bas don’t get emotional let’s enjoy this tasty biryani?.Choti Maa now everyone give my and Kunj example ?what’s say all smiled. Kunj get up.

Kunj:I’m done he said and went from there.

Twinkle: what happened to him?

Avantika: Leave him.They all having their food after sometimes later all sit and having sweets and enjoying lott Kunj standing alone and looking at sky.

Kunj: I’m really sorry god.he wiped his tears and went to everyone.

Twinkle:kunjj sweet.it’s so tasty twinkle feed him with his hands.They all passing jokes and laughs out.

all were playing drum -sharash..Babies started crying..

Yuvi:chalo ji .ho gaya loudspeaker shuru.chlo apne apne instruments ko smbhalo jo alag alag sound me baj rahe hai..

Rahul:let you time come jija ji then i ‘ll tell you.what will be your instrument?

Yuvi:we will see when time will come firstly make them quiet..All parents were pacifying their babies.All got quiet but kiyan was crying non stop…

Rahul:what yaar tumhara trumpet chup kyn ni ho rha hai..

Kunj:shut up yaar. All take him try to calm him but he crying loudly his face become all red and tears coming out big big..

Twinkle:i m taking him in our room may be he get quiet there.Kunj too went with her…

Twinkle was trying to feed him. but he was having it..Twinkle rubbing his back what happen bacha .why are you crying this much .

Kunj:change his clothes may be he is irritated with them …

Twinkle:: hmm ….

Twinkle took out his clothes and saw red marks on his legs & hands & face as well…

Twinkle:kunj see these red marks..

Kunj:i think mosquitoes bite him .let me apply cream on his body..He applied cream.kiyan slowly slowly got quiet….

Twinkle:he was crying because of these marks only Aww my poor baby.Sorry my bacha i didn’t understand why are crying i m so sorry.She again tried to feed him.and this time.he have it.he was in pain because of this marks and everyone was teasing my baby huh. Twinkle Caressing his hairs.After they both went down and play many games Aayat was with Kunj both brother and sister win back to back. Soumya and Rudra pulling each other’s legs.Rohan busy in Priyanka Rahul taunt him secretly Kunj getting but he didn’t said anything.Khansa and hanina giggling itself.Kiyan was in his swing cot

Playing with his hands.   

Rahul: lets play a game which one now?


Mahi: haan maza aayega.Rahul and Kunj look at each other’s both didn’t said anything tej was in his room. Rest of them started playing cards.. Rahul and Kunj whispering each other’s.

Twinkle:see this two no cheating.

Kunj:acha tune kuch suna.they all shows their cards Rahul and Kunj smirked ?..

Yuvi:good they all playing having fun. Just than tej come there and see them Kunj immediately throw cards and stand up.

Tej:what you all playing.. Rahul too leave and act like his phone coming.


Tej:acha.even you kunjjj.

Kunj:nahiiii wo..

Kabir:again his car stop at woh..

Tej:it’s okay..

Rahul: what you don’t have any problem haan?.

Tej: hmm you can play for fun.. Rahul and Kunj look at each other’s get shocked because when they play last time and tej caught them he punished them..

Rahul:why even punish them as well..?. All laughs out.Kiyan suddenly laughs out loudly.everyone look at him.

Tej:what happened to him.

Avantika:so happy he is.they playing

Again while Rahul and Kunj not at all. They sitting and playing with hanina and talking about here and there.

Rahul:I thought here I’ll enjoy with Anjali see her.

Kunj:hmm even me too see na after kiyan she fully get busy don’t have time in room as well ahha?.

Rahul:acha than why run so fast.

Kunj:same you too..

Rahul:now no romance just baby lori?..


Avni:lets sleep together at terrace.

Om:nice idea.even weather was too cool. Kunj hold his head they all get up and mahi and Omkara or Rudra Soumya Priyanka Rohan Avni yuvi they all went and set matrix’s.. Twinkle went in room Kunj too behind her.

Kunj: kaha..

Twinkle: terrace pe??

Kunj:not at all we will sleep here let them na twinkle even kiyan too. Mosquito bite him again?

Twinkle: don’t worry about that we have net.,

Kunj: ahah you don’t wanted to spend time with me haan.

Twinkle: we will now family time.

Kunj: I’m stern voice sleep here Samji I’ll see how you will go bring kiyan.

Twinkle:Kya Hai kunjjj???you are so bad didn’t leave me alone I wanted to spend time with Maa nor you send me as well.

Kunj:huhu jaaa?fake anger..twinkle went to down and take kiyan about to going,,

Anjali: what happened let’s go.

Twinkle: nahi diii I’ll sleep in room only..

Anjali: why..

Twinkle:you know sadu he didn’t allow.

Avni:acha see badi Maa.

Kabir:Leave your husband for one day you will sleep with us..

Twinkle:but he will get angry..

Tej:acha where is kunjjjj.You go and sleep   At terrace okay beta. Twinkle nodded and went with others. Kunj waiting for twinkle.

Kunj:this twinkle not come so kamini.They all take their respective matrix and lay down under open sky.Kiyan sleep in Avantika embrace while twinkle and mahi cuddles leela tightly.Tej send Aayat to call Kunj she tell him that pa calling Kunj understand and rolled his eyes and went with Aayat.

Kabir:come jija ji.. ?Kunj give him fake smile.

Aayat:bhaiya you sleep with me okay.

Kunj:hmm where we sleep.

Om: come here na.

Kunj:nope you all sleep whole night just eating my ears.Kunj and Aayat went to Avantika and there is a place both sit beside her.He sleep?

Avantika:yup.Kunj rest his head on

Avantika lap she caressing his hairs.

Even Aayat too.Rest of them chit chatting Priyanka and rohan sharing eye locks. Kunj and Aayat both sleep fast Avantika place their head on pillow and covered them fully.z

Leela: now sleep okay.

Twinkle:haa kiyan she get up and went towards Avantika she take kiyan her eyes went on Kunj and she smiled and she take kiyan and sleep. After sometimes later they all sleep..

At midnight slowly slowly rain drops fallings Kunj wake up first and see the weather and understand rain will come badly.

Kunj: ahah let them sleep peacefully take shower in rain woh sleeping one ??. Chal Kunj lets go from there. He get up and look at Aayat. No my baby sister he lift her in his arms and about to go. See twinkle and his eyes went on kiyan. Mera baby Kya karu??.He lift kiyan as well and went from there.Kunj place them on bed carefully and he lay down and waiting for rain after 10 minutes rain started so badly.They all get wet and wakes up with jerked.

Avantika: arey wake up barish ho rahi hai. They all get up. Twinkle looking for kiyan.

Twinkle: mummy ji kiyan ?.

Tej: what.

Twinkle: kiyan nahi haiii.

Om:and kunjj. They all Kunj and Aayat was also not here..

Rahul: ek number Ka kamina.

Yuvi:so smart take his babies and went from there?.They all gritting their teeth’s at him.They all quickly warped up everything and went down. All went in rooms. Twinkle went in her room and see Kunj sleeping peacefully with kiyan and Aayat.

Twinkle:so mean he is take his revenge anyhow. She smiled he think about his baby.he kissed on Kunj cheeks and sleep..

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Aayat wake up first she look at kiyan and Kunj she smile and kissed on kiyan cheeks she get up and went from there.Even kiyan sleep to complete he playing with fan.He get hungry looking at twinkle moving his hands on her face.She open his eyes and look at him. He take him near herself and give him milk.Kunj wakes up he smiles and open his eyes and look at twinkle he giggles.

Kunj:Kya morning hai ?. Twinkle open his eyes and look at Him. Arey twinkle Tum yeha hai??.

Twinkle: don’t laugh too much sadu you come and didn’t wakes up haan..

Kunj:why I’ll bada bhoot chada ta na ?. Lo maze I bring my baby kiyan. Went near twinkle peck at her lips.


Kunj:kiyan. He turned and look at Kunj and again busy in his milk..’

Twinkle:why you disturbing him Haan.. let him na.

Kunj:he snatch you from me see take my place he is closer to you more than me ?.Twinkle giggles and pulled Kunj cheeks.

Twinkle:woh toh hai my baby.again and again kiyan turned and look at Kunj.

Kunj:concentrate on your work kiyan..?. He look at twinkle give her smile.he hold her mangalsutra.Kunj take twinkle hand in her hand Kissed on her hand. I’m hungry too?.

Twinkle:acha ji go in kitchen and have naughty head..

Kunj:same.kiyan leave twinkle and give smile to twinkle and Kunj.Twinkle wiped his face.Full baby pat on his small tummy. Kiyan hold Kunj and twinkle fingers.They both smiled and kissed on his cheeks. You mamma isn’t good.

Twinkle:even your papa as well kiyan he scold me every time.Kiyan just looking at them only. Kunj place kiyan on his chest and look at twinkle she come closer to him and cupped his face both closed their eyes and share slow kiss.after sometimes later they get ready and went downstairs with kiyan others too come all look at Kunj.

Rahul: arey Kunj you come.

Kunj:yes what happened last night you all didn’t sleep well?.Rahul throw apple at him. Kunj catch and have it.


Kunj:you all jumping lott na so I didn’t sleep it’s bad manners dadi teach me?. They all sit and girls served them all having..kiyan didn’t let twinkle have breakfast peacefully. Kya Hua.Give me mera hogyaa..

Twinkle:hmm. Kunj went towards twinkle kiyan hide his face.

Kunj:so smart come he take him and went from there kiyan screaming.all laughs out. Kunj place him in his carrier and moving him in whole garden birds humming after everyone too come there.They all playing basketball. Hanina pulled khansa hairs she cried and complain about her to Kabir. He console her. Aayat sit on bench and twinkle place kiyan in her lap she cuddles him she click her pics.

Soumya and Rudra running behind each other’s.priyanka running behind peacock While Kunj went to poolside he calls Rahul both went in pool and doing swimming.Girls and boys too joint them.They dancing together. Later they have lunch lata and Bebe made with the help of servants all kids enjoy lott.

They all sit Omkara and Rudra show Kunj and Rahul something today is friendship day so they all celebrating. Omkara and Rudra made a video on Rahul and Kunj they used their all pictures and add a song yaara teri yaari ko mene toh khuda Maana..they both smiled and engrossed in video only fully.All smiled their funny pics Rahul pulling Kunj hairs he too.Rohan too there.Than a pics both they trio holding bottles ??.Closed their eyes. Both have tears in their eyes they were together with each other’s since they small and today they become father as well. Video was so beautiful.

Kunj:how you made this Om?

Om:we made me and Rudra how’s?

Kunj:absolutely awesome.

Rahul:yeah mast see tears pagale?. They all smiled.

Rudra:bhaiya and G you both never drink na Rahul chocked.?and look at each other’s.

Om:haan right.

Rohan:extra smart.?they were empty bottles ??.

Rahul:we aren’t like you na.,

Kunj:yup.trio babies sleeping in a line. They all admiring them and feels so good,

Kiyan smile in sleep Kunj click his photo.

Rahul:now Kunj made behind his baby ?

Kunj:kyu any doubt.see my boy looking so hot ?.

Kabir:acha.like his papa sadu.they all laughs out.

Next day they all left for Amritsar back they enjoy lott.again they all busy in their respective works.

Priyanka wanted to go to meet her friend but elders weren’t at home.

Priyanka:mahi bhabhi I’m going to meet with my friend you in formed mummy..

Mahi:okay you go and don’t worry I’ll in formed badi Maa.She said and Priyanka hug her and left.

Twinkle and anjali was in garden with their babies.After sometimes later everyone come back.They all busy in babies and play with them. All have their dinner Priyanka still not come Kunj calling her but she didn’t pick up his call. He get angry at her lott. Priyanka come after sometimes later Kunj was in living room only. She scared.

Kunj: where you are Haan?

Priyanka: woh bhaiya I was?.

Kunj:come in my room.He said and went in his room. Priyanka went behind Kunj in fear. Kunj entered in room. Twinkle shocked to see him. Priyanka come and stand where are you haan till now yeh time hai aane Ka ha.

Priyanka: sorry bhaiya I went to meet with my one of friend get late.

Kunj: which friend?


Kunj: not a single word you went with whom permission?

Priyanka: woh I told mahi bhabhi ki in formed mummy she said okay.

Kunj:acha you take her permission and you went since from you taking her permission haan I need a answer.Kunj take her phone and see so many messages of Ronak he was her friend who was in London he is good.Kunj closed his eyes.Next time you went na Than on one is worse than me okay.don’t miss use of your freedom Priyanka.

Priyanka:sorry bhaiya I’m really very. She said and went while crying.

Kunj: how can mahi give her permission twinkle yaar?

Twinkle: I don’t know kunj and even it’s mahi mistakes na she didn’t in formed mummy ji.

Kunj: you should talk to her next time don’t.

Twinkle:don’t tell me okay I told you already don’t blame me for anything get it. And go and sorry Priyanka.

Kunj:never she should realised her mistakes. Kunj went he too feel bad. He went in Priyanka room she was crying slightly. Kunj went towards her and sit beside Priyanka and pulled her hairs he look at him.

Priyanka: bhaiya??

Kunj: haan me acha sorry don’t cry you know I get worried about you lott Priyanka.

Priyanka: sorry bhaiya I know.He hugged him.

Kunj:if you not in front of my eye sights I stressed out Priyanka fully you are very innocent and this world not like you.He wiped her tears and kissed on her forehead.She smiled cuddles Kunj tightly. Kunj thinking about Rohan.I think I should talk to pa about him I mean he is so good

I’m so confused man.after sometimes later he went in his room. See twinkle and kiyan sleep peacefully Kunj went down and made coffee and sit in poolside Rahul too come there.

Rahul: Kya Hua?

Kunj: nothing I’m thinking about Rohan.

Rahul: why?

Kunj:you know Rahul I saw Priyanka so many pics in rohan phone Rahul become quiet..

Rahul: acha. So?

Kunj: see pa finding a guy for Priyanka and I saw Priyanka and rohan many times together and Priyanka is so happy with him did you see in press conference she become so nervous because or reports and how beautifully he handle her help her lott to give them answer before I never see Priyanka like this.He is not like others boys who make fun of my sister.You know how sensitive Priyanka is?

Rahul:he smiled I know.You going great think more.

Kunj:hmm.after coffee they both went in their respective rooms.,

To be continued..

Next:Rahul and Kunj stuck in fire ?.both fully lost their sense. Giving flashback of something.. ??.


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